Monday, 22 May 2017

What car should I Rent In Uganda.

When my friends came to Uganda, renting a car was one thing they were sure they would do. With a small group, they wanted to be flexible and comfortable of a car they would as friends so there were four agencies to choose from for road trip through the pearl of Africa and for a minimum of seven days. Their plan was to self drive in Uganda from the capital Kampala to the Murchison Falls along the Nile and from the Nile to Kibale National park and Bwindi National Park but it was impossible since they knew nothing on the routes to the park though it was going to be a tiresome trip but an exciting one.

How they chose what car to use.

Obviously, they needed something big enough to fit all the four and their luggage. An Extended Toyota Land Cruiser was necessary since they had a travel guide who knew well the roadmap from Kampala to Murchison to Kibale and lastly to Bwindi National Park to track the Gorillas 

Without renting this car and the help of the travel guide, they would not have made it back to Kampala since they were first time travelers to the pearl of Africa. They decided to keep calm and follow the guide’s instructions and archived their first itinerary at the falls. In the park, the roads were unpaved. They definitely said it was a bit good to explore the jungles of the park.

It was expensive to import and cause delays though they had their own car at home, They had to collide on one decision of renting a car in Uganda since they were easily accessible through the internet. They checked all the car models that had been displayed by car rental companies on their websites. They decided to use the Extended Toyota Land Cruiser due to its features that could fit them and their luggage. It was familiar to them because my friend Peter had already used it at home. It was such a comfortable car to them that it had the deep freezer inside it. It was really fun and excitement in.

Due to its comfort ability, they persisted to use the same car until the end of their safari in Uganda. It maneuvered to move through the terrain mountainous areas of Bwindi since it was a 4×4 wheel drive

What kind of car should you rent?

If your itinerary sounds a bit like theirs, then you must rent a 4X4 wheel drive to maneuver the slippery and muddy roads during the rainy season. This also includes roads around National parks,un surfaced routes off the main high ways. For the best 4×4 options with the most space, look for a Toyota Prado Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrols.

If you are not coming with many people and do not need a big car, the recommendation is a Toyota Rav4 which is ideal for small families or couples and comfortable to self drive

If you are planning to move around the city and  visit Kampala’s attraction centers as well like the Namugongo shrine, Kasubi Tombs, still a Toyota Rav4,a Toyota Land Cruiser will be fine on a self drive

A customized van is also another choice if your group is large or seniors. It is good for budget travelers. They have the most room and it is recommended to take it for game drive as they do the best in poor road conditions of Uganda however it’s given  with a driver

Get in-depth information about the type of cars available at some of Uganda’s car  rental fleet? Look at pictures of the different cars you can rent in Uganda that you can check out here.

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