Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Choosing the best car rental in Uganda

On a greater condition if the car rental is a 4x4. Usually many travellers find it difficult to find and choose the best car rental in Uganda on a reason they forget Uganda is still a developing country and many of the roads are still under construction, some are still gravy and dirt roads. They all assume its just like back at home where everything is perfect and ok for example a self drive.

Uganda being undougtably one of the best destinations for a Uganda self drive or renting a car in Uganda with many companies at disposal to choose from, travellers on a self drive in Uganda of a self drive 4x4car hire in Uganda rilly need to understand a few tips on how to get choosing the best car rental in Uganda and forget the luxury home country. Its completly different here.

One of them is to understand what we call the NEW cars. The second hand cars we purchase from Japan is what is called new here in Uganda. However these cars are in perfect working conditions and generally maintained at each and every end of a trip. So stick it to your mind that the car you receive is not the new car you get from the factory. Most companies use these cars from japan for business related activities like a self drive in Uganda. Actually a few individuals own new cars imported from the factories. so make sure you ask for the latesr models available in the fleet of vehicles.

Considering the number of persons travelling to Uganda and on budget travel, the choice of the car to travel with rilly matters alot. If you are two persons travelling, how about a short 3 –door Rav4 suv car. It is economical with enough space even for the laggage. So you have the flexibility to turn all car. This you can go even for a self drive. You can still go for a 5-door rav4 a full time 4wheel that can manouver through all the rough terrains around the country. Considering you are a group of 4 or 5 persons travelling, why would you get squezzed in a suv rav4. You will actually not love the whole adventure and the car will be a menace to you. Usually a rav4 costs $50per day and a safari confortable super custom will cost you about $100 per day which price includes a driver. All you do is feel confortable sitted and enjoying your adventure. If you divided the amount you realise each person pays $20 each day forthe car rental which is not a bad setting. If you have extra monies and in a group why not enjoy that high end extended landcruiser and feel the confort of adventure.

The rental company to go with matters alot. Many car rental agencies in Uganda almost offer the same rental services however if you need to be critical enough to decide the most best rental agency to hire a car from. The rav4 and prado landcruisers are the most common cars for a self drive in Uganda however the 4x4 tough and utilitalian safri cars are available for car hire in Uganda but offered with a driver. This comes with the complexity of these cars and their value. Car rental agencies prefer not to risk alot. If any traveller can try as much as possible to avoid the international brands, there are chances that you get and exceptional service than what these international brands will offer. Its a competition world and the local car rental agencies do a greater job competing to offer the best car hire services in Uganda. You are just as good as pressing the right button when you choose the local car rental agencies. With the local Uganda car rental agencies expect to get more than just car hire in Uganda.

The accompaniments that come with the car rental. Many car rental agencies in Uganda will hire you the car with a few necessities like the car jack, wheel spanner, jumping cables. spare tyre and thats all. But there are car rental agencies in Uganda like our own Auto Rental Uganda that offer perfect services than the earlier. Talk of free the airport pick and drop off services, talk of Uganda road maps, Gps rentals at affordable rates, talk of comprehensive insured cars. Here you got the right choice for a car rental in Uganda.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Car rental agencies in Uganda

Uganda is undoubtably one of the best destinations to travel and direct yourself on a self drive in Uganda or directly call it car rental in Uganda. But the big question lies in choosing the best car rental agency to travel with.

Being a developing  and third-world country, in the past 6years there were a few car rental agencies and those that were on were more into safaris selling whole packages that include the car rental price in the package which wasn’t known. However of recent many companies have come up in the market offering different services, and products. There are a few companies that specialise in small vehicles like the suv’s while many offer a variety of vehicles from saloon suv’s cars to economy cars to 4x4 tough and utilitarian car rentals. The choice and budget actually determines which car you actually need.

In most cases and companies, the bigger the cars the higher the price and the smaller the car the lower the price quote. The prices quoted for you are usually comprehensive insuarance and third party inclusive. However the with the kind of roads upcountry, bumpy and sometimes slippery, its actually advisable to hire a 4x4 tough and utilitarian vehicle if you plan on going out of the cities. The saloon cars are cheap and are suitable for business trips in Uganda. The least affordable vehicle recommended upcountry can be the full time 4Wheel RAV4 a suv vehicle with good stability on the ground.
On the same line, most of the car rental agencies, offer the cars for a self drive in Uganda, but a few will offer the big cars for a self drive. They will actually rent you the cars with a driver. Reason behind this is the complications with these vehicles. Most of the drivers are well conversant with these vehicles to drive them around. The whole arrangement remains car rental in Uganda but with a few more bucks to cater for the drivers allowances.

Some car rental agencies give you a whole reason to rent a car while other leave the platform open for you to rent the vehicles. Some car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda will entail you with all travel related plans especially adventiure related car rentalin Uganda. You only pay for the car that includes comprehensive insuarance and the advisery all goes to helping you plan well for a self drive safari in Uganda.
In cases of mechanical breakdown, and usually if the problem can be fixed, the agencies have mechanic rescues to help you out fix the problem. These are freelance mechanics called on phone and the nearest mechanic to the location of the car breakdown will be of help to you. They car rental agencies and mechanics all around the country have the arrangement. And if the problem costs you anything below 60,000 ugsh,you could pay and get refunded at the end of the trip. In any cases of serious problems that cost lots of bucks usually the cars are insuared and pay anything above $150 and above. Anything caused due to reckless driving, will be pulled onto you. Accidents, fire and theft should be reported immediately within 24hrs so the insuarance company can be of great help. Anything above the insuarance aggrements, you will need to top up the rest of the costs sometimes.

Car rental time is usually on daylight basis but other car rental companies offer on a 24hr basis. Usually if the rental time has elapsed all you need is inform the rental agency on your intention to extend the rental period and you can pay on car return.

Airport pickups and drop-offs are usually free of charge if you are renting a car with the car hire agency you chose. Always make sure you you ask for if they can do it and don’t just assume. Some do while some don’t.

There are also international brands in the Ugandan market for Uganda car rental and Uganda car hire, however these brands tend to be expensive than the local car rental agencies which provide a reasonable price for the same car you needed from the international brands. But the clients choice on which car to hire or which company to go with is absolutely a choice for the hirer which is also absolutely possible in Uganda.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Gorilla Trecking Experience.

Its been a while since simone and Gadi singer  travelled to Uganda on thier 18 days that we prefer to  call the Uganda experience adventure but the memories never even tend to fade a single bit. It just seems like yesterday. Counting seven months since they left Uganda but seems like i did drop them off at the Entebbe airport yesterday evening.

Refreshing again, after the incredible lake bunyonyi  experience, visiting the traditional acient islands including the re-known punishment island, which any one who has been to this lake has probably visited, we have our lunch at the open restaurant before we pack our bags to head to the bwindi impenetrable national park for the gorilla tracking.

Usually most visitors to Uganda top the Gorilla trecking experience as  top thing to do but most of them get more than what they expected. Uganda beats your expectations when it comes to adventure experience. Usually when you are as much flexible as possible. Here simone and Gadi did it right and were so much clever to go for a car rental in Uganda which she doubled with hiring a guide driver from self drive. This actually worked as they got all the Uganda insights about Uganda. Renting a car in Uganda and hiring a guide driver is one way you will get the best budget safari in Uganda. So her we drive to the bwindi impenetrable national park in the afternoon.

The rolling hills through the landscapes of kabala-kisoro road kept them entertained until we got to the  ruhijja park entrance gate. The nice breath from the untouched trees enveloped us as simone and gadi could not hold it that much but get out the car and take a walk on the drive way as i drove behind them. For over a kilometre they walked and enjoyed the jungle not until i adviced we needed to get to the lodge early enough and if we continued this slow, we would definetly get to the lodge late in the night. So here they had to jump into the car but still needed to enjoy the jungle walk. Its just breathtaking in there.

It was about 6pm when we arrived at Buhoma side of the gorilla treck. Truth is even myself had no idea the lodge we were headed to was a new one and the location as well. Unbelievable how almost the whole lodge staff was eagerly waiting for the first clients to sleep in the new lodge, the haven lodge buhoma. It is a very nice refurbished nice looking lodge on top of a hill overlooking the bwindi thick forest., on the terrace if you had good binoculars you would actually see the southern sector of the park Nkuringo clearly. The sounds of the birds and the scent from the forest give you the feeling of adventure. On checking in, which everyone wanted to help carry the bags the rooms were very nice with a good clear view. The dinner was nice, great food and great chef they heard and then it was a time to sayu goodnyt and get ready for the once in a lifetime wildlife encounter.

Our breakfast was at 7am which was nice and alot. Usually the lodges get you a packed lunch as you are not sure what time you return or how far the gorillas are. At 7;35am we proceed down to the park headquarters which is close by anyway for breefing by the park rangers before you headout to the jungles. We needed a medium distance treck and as the driver guide, i had to secure them the mubare family of gorillas. Off they set off for their gorilla treck. Yes it was in the rainy season, and 2 hours after they had descended into the forest, than it started to rain. Now in the forest is a story for simone and gadi to tell, they actually had the most memorable ultimate wildlife encounter. The rain-in-the jungle trust me make this whole experience incredible.. if simone or Gadi read this, any would actually tell you how it all went. the driver guides usually don’t join the clients they have for the trecking but just make sure everything is right and accomplished. The ranger guides of Uganda wildlife authority take over from there till the end of the trip. The appreciation and excitement of the clients is usually seen by the tip they offer to the rangers and yes these rangers were greatly appreciated. First impression of satisfaction. Form there on for the next two days even on the safari in queen Elizabeth national park, the story was all about the gorilla encounter. And yes simone would not leave the words out everytime she narrated the encounter. ‘Ezii yoffii, uaii, uaii, uaii’ a slogan she used for excitement.

We would have loved to stay at this lodge for another day but everything good comes to an end. Our booking was for one day and then we had to leave vecause alot more excitement and nice things awaited us. Join me net time as i narrate our next journey on a safari to the ishasha and kasenyi, queen Elizabeth national park. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Uganda wildlife reserves

The republic of Uganda is a land locked country which takes its name from the Buganda kingdom. This takes a potion of the south of the country including the capital Kampala. The country is boarded with Kenya in the east, democratic republic of Congo in the west, Sudan in the north Tanzania in the south with Rwanda on the south west. Uganda justifiably sales its self us the best eco destination in Africa. But there is much more to Ugandan eco tourism with 10 national parks and game reserves.

Semuliki national park
 In 1996 this game reserve was turned into a national park, south western Kampala it takes you only 6hrs drive to the flat crater bordered by the rift valley 1500 meters on the eastern side. Ssemulik is on 9000 sq miles and its Habitats include papyrus swamps, lakes, rivers, tropical rain forests and savannah. Semuliki  protects a number of animals like chimpanzees Columbus monkeys ,forest hog , leopard, Uganda cob, lion, elephant ,buffalo ,reedbuck, bush buck ,sitatunga and water buck. One of the few parks where u can take the night game drive. This park can be accessed easily  by road through mubende and fortportal  and can easily be found even on a self drive in Uganda with your car rental in Uganda.

Kibale national park
The handsome l’hoest’s monkey, red Columbus and the black and white Columbus are found in this park, it is situated in the west and it hosts a population of over 1000 chimpanzees. This park is named as the primate capitalof the world. This one rainforest where you can find the  biggest density of primates in the world. Chimpanzee habituation experience is done here is so incredible.

Lake mburo national park
This is the closet park from the central Kampala. It is a savannah land centred in the middle of swamps known for their rich bird life of over 325 species commonly the secretive African fin foot, yellow warbler and more birds. The zebras, warthog, buffalo, impala and various grazers are all Hubbard in the green acacia woodland surrounding the lake. This park has the greatest number of antelope’s. This park has night drives that cost up to 30 dollars, boat rides that give clear views of crocodiles and water birds, horseback safaris and fishing is also available. Lake mburo is the one of the few places to see zebras in the south and can be visited all year around though boat trip reservations are recommended a little earlier.

Mount elgon national park
Its set on the Kenyan border near mbale town, it takes part of the largest base of any volcanic mountain in the word-Elgon where it gets its name. It’s a home of birds and a mosaic afro maintained forest,mooreland and grass land habitats. it is a good place for hiking and other natural history enthusiasts. This park habours the most incredible water fall in Uganda. The sipi falls is a series of 3 water falls originating from the elgon mountains down the slopes and lowlands of kapchorwa. Whether on a self drive in Uganda or guided tour you will absolutely love the elgon region.

Kidepo valley national park
The remote wild and little visited park in the far north with a lot of exiting featers in the valley provides refuge for country species not found anywhere in the country including the cheetah and greater kudu, bat-eared foxes, caracal, aardwolves. The elephants, lions, jackals, Nile crocodiles and thousands of buffalo’s herds are attracted by the perennial waters especially during the dry season. Most of these animals are seen easily as they graze near the residential in the park. Up to 500 species of birds with only those of Kidepo include the ostrich, Karamoja apalis, secretary bird and the pygmy bustard. The spectacular scenery gives you a chance to visit the Karamoja village in November to January but sure to see lots of animals anytime. This park being in the low altitude areas and in a valley, its always recommended to hire a car in Uganda with a high ground clearance and usually  4x4 self drive car hire in Uganda is right for you.

Murchison falls national park
Murchison falls is the largest protected park along the Nile below the spectacular Murchison water falls for which the park was named. With a dense population of lions, patas monkey, buffalos, elephants, Uganda cobs and the Rothschild’s giraffe, spotted hyena which graze in the palm studded grassland.  A big number of hipos and crocodiles are seen with about 460 birds that can be watched mostly in the evening, these include shoebill stork. Wildlife drives, launch trip to the falls, nature walks, sport fishing, walking trail is good for watching from the boat all year around. And can go through Ziwa Rhino sanctuary back to Kampala. Two roads accese this park, one through the karuma bridge and another through the masindi bridge. All is absolutely possible with your Uganda car rental or preferably self drive in Uganda.

Rwenzori mountains national park
The mist covered legendary mountains are presumed to be the mountains of the moon which was described in 350AD by Ptolemy. This place is full of fertility, beauty and the biodiversity and being the tallest in east Africa UNESCO named it a world heritage site. It has three peaks being margarita at 5109m, Alexandria at 5083m and Albert at 5087m high. The mountain has extra ordinary plants and animals like the Rwenzori climbing mouse and Rwenzori red duiker, bush elephants among the 241 known bird species. The think rain forest on the slops that turns into the afro alpine moorland on higher reaces. Trekking in the wet muddy and slippery trails

Queen Elizabeth national park
This is one of the most popular parks in Uganda with a land scap varying from savannah, bush land, wetlands to lush forests of the western Uganda. In 1987 sq km land 96 species of mammals that include elephants, hippos, lions, leopard as well as hyena and chimpanzees. It has the tree climbing lions in the far southern sector of the park you stand a big chance of finding them in the morning.  The Great Britain is among the 611 bird species and besides the usual wildlife drives the park is worth a visit for boat riding on the kazinga channel and nice walk through the kyambura gorge where you can see a lot of flamingos. It is the only place to see statunga and topis.

Bwindi impenetrable national park
set over 331sq km of improbably steep mountain rainforest, the park is a home to almost half of the worlds surviving mountain gorillas over 360in total. Over 120 mammals are in Bwindi which include the chimpanzees, duiker, bushburk, African golden cats, forest elephants and giant forest hog as well as African broadbill among the 360 bird species 24 of which are endemic to the Albertain rift. Given the thick forests its hard to see the species if you don’t have the best guide, tracking mountain gorillas and forest walks with Twa people is good in December to march and June to September though permits are easier obtained at other times.

Mgahinga gorilla national park

Mgahinga punches well above its weight although is the smallest of the Uganda’s national parks at 34sq km. It is in the south west of the country along the three extinct volcanoes of Muhavura,Sabyinyo,and Gahinga that are shared among Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Down the tropical rain forests the park is a home of gorillas, elephants, buffalos together with 115 species of birds. Mgahinga also serves rewarding treks like volcanic tracking that leads to the crater lake at the summit of mt Muhavura or Sabyinyo, Twa trail to the Twa people who used to live in the forests before they were forcefully evicted witha vist to Garama cave. Permits are booked directly in kisoro UWA offices not more than two weeks.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Ugandan delicacies

As you fly through the coasts of east Africa entering the virgin land Uganda full of the beauty that u can even smell from the shores of Lake Victoria that welcomes you in Entebbe airport. The roads to the peal of Africa takes you from the islands of lake Victoria in the central to the south west known to the home of the eco image of Ugandan gorillas to the snow capped mountains of Ruwenzori and the virunga ranges deep down in the south.

Through the flat crater lands of semuliki national park in the eastern tropical rain forests and savannah and fertile farm lands to the extremes of its borders on the edge of the great rift valley. It’s these waters and the fertility of the lands that create the Uganda delicacies. In Uganda they don’t complain about the food because everything that this mother land produces is a delicacy.
The visitors are sure with what they will sample –whether it is the counties traditional dishes or the western style. Ugandan waters are a home of the Nile patch commonly known as mputa which is served fresh with matooke or bananas, the smaller size of this fish are smoked and prepared in ground nuts and this also served with smoked bananas, rice, yam is the most liked with the biggest number of people being the baganda and the best in cooking thus dish though now it has spread almost in the whole country.

Ugandan dishes all rotate around the matooke that is bananas mostly from the south peeled and wrapped in banana leaves boiled and then smashed with hands served with fish, beef stew and the local chicken  staple in the urban areas , ground nuts beans and different types of vegetables for the vegetarians like mush rooms akatiko, sukumawiki, dodo, nakati, ebbuga all these are usually just boiled with tomatoes and onions which are seasoned with ginger and the local curry powder commonly known as binzaali. All this dishes if at home we eat from down like on the mat and use our hands to eat.

For snacks local people are almost addicted to roasted things like beef and chicken known as muchomo, sweet banana called gonja, cassava maize chapattis and yams. Matooke is commonly used in the central, western and eastern regions. In the south people their take mostly Irish potato sans hard boiled white corn known as posho or the bown posho from millet and cassava akaro.  For something to remember in your whole life are the special delicacies like the grasshoppers locally known as ensenene , white ants enswa actually they are termites. The bagishu from the east have the young bamboo shoots which they call amalewa. These are nicer than what you think if they are offered to you do not let the opportunity pass coz it might never be back.

To wash everything down at the end of the day locally bottled water is available everywhere, bottled or freshly made juice from Uganda. And for the winding up part the locally brewed beer is in abundance and fist class quality. There is the light and lager type with all this there is a national drink called the Uganda waraji a gin made from cassava, banana beer and brown sugar. Sodas, wines tonics the locally made beer known as malwaa taken form a pot with over six people sucking from one pot.
Be adventurous try all the Ugandan delicacies that are truly unique and cannot be found somewhere else which makes us to be the pearl of Africa.

Are you that traveller who is in for real African adventure and would like to taste these African delicacies whether on self drive in Uganda or just on a car rental in Uganda arrangement, its absolutely possible to experience this. With Auto rental Uganda arrangement you can obviously have this arranged for you at any point you want to have this during your self drive in Uganda or guided tour. Discovering the pearl of Africa.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

Uganda is delighted to be the home of mans closest relative whom we share 95% of their genes- the gorilla. Uganda has over half of the worlds surviving mountain gorillas that are 700 and above both male and female. In Bwindi impenetrable national park which has almost half of them and the rest in Mugahinga national park in the Virunga ranges that are still shared between Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, making Uganda the largest with the only surviving apes not only in Africa but in the world.

Gorillas are large apes that are native to Africa mostly Uganda. The gorilla is massive, with a short, thick trunk and broad chest and shoulders. Its eyes and ears are dwarfed by its large head and hairless, shiny black muzzle. The arms are longer than the stubby legs. The fully adult male mountain gorilla is twice as large as the female.

They are typically divided into two groups. The mountain gorilla lives in the mountainous regions of bwindi and mgahinga national parks, while the lowland gorilla lives in the flat, dense forests in the same places or other. Though the two types are very similar, they have a few differences. For example, mountain gorillas tend to have longer hair, whereas lowland gorillas have short, soft hair, another difference is size
. Lowland gorillas are 4 to 6 feet tall and weigh 181-200 kilograms. Mountain gorillas are about the same height, though they tend to weigh a bit more. They are 4 to 6 feet tall and weigh 220-500 kg. Animals of this size need a lot of food, and the vegetarian gorilla is no exception. Although they eat a variety of plants, favourites include wild celery, bamboo, thistles, stinging nettles, bedstraw and certain fruit. Given the rich fertile lands of the thick tropical rain forests in Uganda, These plants seem to provide sufficient moisture so that gorillas do not need water.

Gorillas live in groups which can range from two members to those of even up to as many as 50 members. Groups of gorillas are called troops or bands. Though sometimes a band consists of as few as two members, the troops are led by a dominant male, called a silverback, which can often be identified by a gray strip of hair on his back. Gorillas have strong attachments to members of their own group and even when groups meet and mingle and then subsequently part, each animal tends to remain with its respective unit. Gorillas continually wander through their home ranges of 10 to 15 square miles, feeding and resting throughout the day. Because gorillas are nomadic, they build new nests each day at dusk, constructing them of bend branches in a tree or of grasses on the ground.

The gorilla is shy and retiring rather than ferocious and treacherous. It usually seeks no trouble unless harassed but will valiantly defend its family group if threatened .Gorillas scream, grab foliage and stuff it in their mouths, stand erect on their hind legs, tear up and throw plants, drum on the chest with hands or fists, stamp their feet, strike the ground with the palms of their hands and gallop in a mock attack on all fours. . Gorillas can live around 35 years in the wild and more than 50 years in zoos.

Well there is a lot of exiting thing to know about our close relatives here in Uganda that you will find interesting to know that is if you talk to them in person on a Uganda safari that won’t disappoint you at all. This is worthy because they really need to count on us.

The Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mghahinga national parks lie south of the country Uganda and can be accessed by road on a self drive in Uganda or guided tour in Uganda. You can also access the parks by charterd inbound aeroplanes that start from Entebbe and land in kisoro. You can plan to have your car rental in Uganda down in kisoro or start off the drive right from kampala or Entebbe, all depends on your arrangement with your car rental agency in Uganda. 

Either driving by road on a self drive in Uganda or guided/chauffeur driven, the drive through the rolling hills of kabala will enrich you with real Africa. You got a chance to go through the equator and great scenery awaiting you. Preferably spice up your adventure to the gorilla tracking experience with the best adventure to the pearl of Africa.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

tips on getting around Uganda

Stretched across the equator, a rising out natural environment full of beauty and freshness, Uganda is a hugely rewarding place to travel given the country’s diverse geography that has resulted into a great range of natural habitats. A stunning variety of mammals, birds, forests, lakes and rivers, mountains and the human beings are being sheltered by motherland Uganda.

While its history of migration and firming has brought about a complex social group, which includes Baganda in the city, pastoralists from the west and nomads of the north, very much friendly colourful people and the mountains lend the country  a genuinely exotic image with a magnetic appeal.  

On the Lake Victoria shores 40km from Kampala lies Entebbe international airport that is serviced by several international airlines that ensure easy access to Uganda from anywhere in the word. Chatter flights are also arranged between the domestic tour operators and the attractions. Uganda being a land locked country can be also accessed by land from the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Tanzania congo and or Rwanda.

The most direct option and the cheapest is uganda car hire that does not limit you in any of your movements, getting access is very easy using the internet or recommendations to car rental companies. A car cost 50-70 dollars less than the public transport which is cheap but then if you are to be time conscious it might not favour you given the horrible traffic jam in the tax park. Transport with public means can be with bus, minibus and special hires which can even be got directly from the airport. A hotel transfer is most used by the up market hotels but usually costs more than a car hire. If u have a driving licence it is recommended you bring it, fuel like any other country in the world is volatile with filling and repair stations every where in small towns.

There are is a good system of sealed roads in Uganda as most of the roads are tarmac between the major towns though you have to keep your eyes open outside town when driving because cows’ pedestrians, cyclists and potholes will appear from nowhere. The roads to far places off the main roads will depend on the weather if it is rainy they tend to be sleepily though in the dry season they will be good for the car but you might end up choking because of the dust.

In virtually all instances it’s better to deal with one of the local companies to move you around Kampala as they have good knowledge about the whole country and can take you anywhere with negotiated prices of cars with drivers inclusive or a car alone. Quoted prices for small cars with a driver can range from $50 to $80 depending on the car minus fuel.

In other words getting around in Uganda is not as hard as it may seem as roads are well made most of them tarmac, fully marked with sign posts on the roads to help guide you in the best adventure around Uganda whether on guided adventure or on self drive safari

Should you wish visiting the national game parks for the wildlife safari while on a self drive in Uganda, there are ranger guides at the park entrances that can be hired at $20 for the game drive that lasts about 5 hours, they will show you around the park tracks and give you a full insight about the wildlife in the park.
Some of the roads upcountry north of the country are not passable during rainy seasons as they will be so much flooded, however its always required you tell your destinations to your car rental agency so they can recommend the best cars to take you there. Usually the 4x4 Toyota landcruisers with a high ground clearance provided by some reliable agencies like Auto rental uganda are recommended for that area. The rest of the country’s roads are passable even with the suv rav4s commonly used for a self drive in Uganda.
If finding roads destinations in Uganda is stressfull for you, consider asking the rental agencies to give you a good quote including a GPS at a good price. This will help you get to your destinations so easily. You can discover Uganda behind the wheels on your self drive safari. Discover the pearl of Africa.