Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tips For Family Camping on self drive in Uganda

Adventuring Uganda on a self drive in Uganda does not necesarilly mean sleeping in confortable lodges, 5-star or expensive wilderness. Or else travelling alone and enjoy everything to yourself. A lot of researched camping experiences show that such a trip in Uganda is exciting with family on board. Yes it requires saving a lot for all individuals on board. Considerations that will alter the budget only come in at accomodations only. The rental agencies only consider one price for a car rental no matter the number of people. However to make this a success, you require to know some tips that will get you going till the end on your self drive in uganda.

Sleeping Bags
If you are planning on camping as a family in the Uganda wilderness, pitching a tent as the most common way to wind off the day, consider bringing a sleeping bag. Most of the camping areas in Uganda are warm if not  hot, so a lighter sleeping bag would do you wonders. Tempreatures in the northern parts of the country are warm and it tends to be cold when you go south of the country. It can go down to 7 degrees which we call cold in Uganda. So a lighter sleeping bag in the dry seasons and a heavy sleeping bag in the rainy seasons.

Most of the camping grounds have no security lights, and therefore at some point you require light to take you out the camp. There are always public toilets outside and also a need to cook and eat outside the tent. So the head lights very much needed for all this. Required to keep the light stick on your head all time. This gives you clear lighting in and around the tent.

Leave No Trace.
Remember this camping ground you intend to use is a public place, another group used it and left it just the way you found it clean. This is another place you will call home for a night or two. So if you are camping as afamily, get involved in cleaning up that palce and leave it just the way you found it. Leave no trace on your camping ground.

Clothing. This is a most important aspect on your camping adventure. The right clothing is needed to determine for your camping adventure. Because the temperatures are always warm, required to carry lighter clothing however the climate in Uganda is not reliable. Advisable to carry both heavy and lighter clothing to spice everything up just in case climate changes. Rainy jackets, ponchos, boots are required. Make sure you don’t luck any of these.

Camping Meals. Yes you actually need eat food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You do not need to buy all the necessities or foods and have them packed in the car boot. You can always stop at groceries and markets and buy the foods you actually need. But only what you will need. Consider preparing all your meals before dusk and eating as well. Some car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda offer you all camping equipment to get putting food on the table.

Tent Care. This is also called your moving home. Just like your own room back home, you always want it tidy. You will never like a messy tent. Avoid eating in the tent, stepping in with dirty boots and leaving it open without attention. Always zip it up when not in use.

Animal Safety. Unless you don’t need your life, always keep a look at the animals. Don’t attract animals like the babbons. Keep eatables like bananas away from the sight of the baboons. They will mess you up. Always consider making a camp fire, because it rilly helps scare away animals like the hipos and elephants. Actually most of them will keep a distance.

Keep an eye on each other. Very important to keep an eye on a brother, sister or colleague. Some family members may decide to wonder around and get lost. Keep a look at each other till you leave that particular camping ground.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Camping tips on a self drive in uganda

Family Camping while on a self drive in uganda is one way to adventure and have fun in this pearl of Africa. There are so many camping grounds all around the country that get you going however you need to plan appropriately which one to do. For a price of Just $10 a nigh you can pitch your tent and camp to your best. Wilderness camping is one of the most amazing grouds and well arranged. For just $10 per night, you will camp and use the public washrooms as well. However if you are planning to camp as a family on a self drive, here are tips that will give you a hint for a successful family trip.

Find and create shelter before dusk.
Being the most important camping tip on a self drive in Uganda is carefully finding and creating shelter, say piching a tent before it is dark. Always pitch camp before dark. You'll need to decide on a type of camp housing that suits your fancy, but the most common and appropriate used in Uganda and given by most car rental agencies is the igloo tents and sleeping bags. It is not adventurous for some of you to think that its adventurous to primitively and literally sleep under the stars. This wont be a good idea in Uganda being a developing contry with a little bit of crime rate. Advisably to plan your time reaching as early as 5pm at your camping ground so you have ample time to pitch your tent. 

Apropriate sleeping Bag.
Consider properly Choosing an appropriate sleeping bag for the season. A lightweight sleeping bag will do in warmer months but in the winter you'll need one that's got a lower temperature rating. If your route plan is to go to the northern part of Uganda, consider parking a a lightweight sleeping bag, and if your plans are to travel to the south, consider parking yourself one with lower temperature.  Alittle bit wooly. Tempreatures in the north are so hot both day and night throught the year. The southern parts of the country are much cooler being on a higher altitude.

Most essential necessities for your meal time
Camping involves moving with a home away from home. You cook your own meals respectively. So the moment you decide to go for a camping self drive in Uganda, consider carrying the most important foods that you need. Write them out, purchase them and pack them. The fresh foods can always be bought on the highways in markets along the way. Stock up those dry foods to keep you going. Planning appropriately will bail you out a lot on your self drive in Uganda.

Avoid wild insects and poisonous plants
The place you plan on adventuring is new and everything is new so try as much as possible to stay away from bugs, insects and poisonous plants. When pitching your tent or setting up another type of shelter, be on the lookout for wasp nests and other insects and bugs. If you're hanging out near vegetation, it's a good idea to wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. It won't hurt to apply insect repellent either. Check yourself frequently for ticks as well.

Don’t Get Lost
Experienced self drive campers know this camping tip, so you as well stick it to your brain: Don't get lost. It's a major mistake self drive campers make, but you can avoid wandering too far away from your campsite by carrying a few simple tools at all times. A compass, map and GPS device can keep you from disappearing into the land of the lost. Of course, none of these tools will do you any good if you don't know how to use them. So, take some time well in advance of your camping trip to learn how to read a map and use your compass and GPS. These can be provided by the car rental agency even if you can’t carry them personally.

Good hygiene.
This same practice also goes for your body, no doubt. But you may be wondering how to maintain hygiene in less than ideal conditions. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket, and always cleanse your hands before eating, drinking or putting your hands near your face. Use rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to freshen up nonsensitive areas of the body. Use a sponge, a bowl of water and biodegradable soap to take bird baths once or twice a day. Brush your teeth using purified water with toothpaste or baking soda, Your feet will get pretty grimy while camping, so take advantage of moments near a stream to take off your shoes and soak your feet in the water for a few minutes. Very much imporntant while camping on a self drive in uganda

Thursday, 19 March 2015

3 steps to hiring a car for self drive in uganda

Driving yourself around uganda is one of the best ways to see this pearl of africa. Getting yourself behind the wheels in the 4WD vehicles is one thing that makes the whole adventure interesting than just sit there in the jip, and keep looking around. Spot, stop and shoot is an amazing way to do this. So being able to explore the many destinations of this pearl of afica at your own leisure, and with a more flexible itinerary. For you to make this a reality and amazing, consider reading some of our tips from Auto Rental Uganda that gets you ready to get behind the wheels.

Typing and finding .The most imporntant factor to your self drive in Uganda is “type and find”. After you decide that you want to do a self drive, renting a car in uganda. take your time, make use of the internet with “uncle” google. Keywords like self drive in Uganda, car rental Uganda, rent a car in Uganda, and car hire in Uganda are common words to get you good results for your search. Companies familialised with google will pop out first and these are well established companies like auto rental Uganda. find the best car rental site that will give you what you need for a car on self drive. It is always advisable to shop around in about 4 companies and narrow it down depending on the replies you get. This will give you confort on confirming your booking. Take note on some quake  companies that offer you extremely low prices. If you intend to hire a rav4 suv, a full time 4Wd, that should cost you between $40-$60 just car rental without fuel and driver

Booking your car is one issue you need to take care of. Now, before you book for a specific, advisable to fillout the contact form available on the home pages and indicate your interests. If you prefer a suv o jip, make sure its what you book. Make sure the car rental outlines the inclusives and exclusive. You actually need to note these for your easy budget planning. Some car rental agencies always have special offers on the site for particular seasons. For example Auto rental Uganda offers upto 25% total discounted rates on the vehicles they hire. Particulary done as marketing strategies to promote the countries mountain gorillas. A 25% discount is not something you will just give up like that. Yes it is unbelievable how they do things but this is done on the their pre-arranged trips. Yes they offer you this opportunity to visit this country and will expect  just a review about their sevices. Seriously Consider these offers as they don’t come just so often. Consider companies other services like booking hotels for you, this will actually reduce on your time spent on hotel booking and could get you a good deal with the accommodation facilities as they have worked with them for a long time.

Enjoying your ride.  Now its time to enjoy what you rilly needed to do. Being behind the wheels on the first days in a foreign country is a tale to tell. You will actually find it more interesting when you visit the more highlights of the country. Yes, getting lost is common but also part of adventure. Getting used to the fact that these little or no sign posts along the road, the crazy driving and getting used to it. Roads taking you deep in the remote areas of the countryside. The spectacular wildlife in the game reserves, the water activities including the Grade 5 rafting, the ultimate gorilla experience, getting closer to your closest relatives the

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ways to save on Gas and money on a self drive in uganda

Nothing makes a self drive in Uganda more memorable than having saved lots of dollars than the expected expenditure. A number of factors matter a lot and determine the successfulness of the said trip. One of them is saving of your car rental and most definetly saving on the gas and money, so you have balance to take back home. There are a gazillion ways to keep fuel consumption down when driving; here are just a few.
1.Only use the grade of fuel you need. If the car you rented does not require premium fuel, don't get it. Ask the for the owner's manual before the next time you fill up, if your car only requires regular fuel, stick to that. The rented car may not consume accurately if filled up with any gas type. You will get better results for gas with this saving you money in return.

2. Use your cruise control -- especially on stretches of flat road. This will stop you from unconsciously speeding up and losing fuel. The more you speed up, the more you accerate on flat roads, the more gas you consume. So take a good measure using your cruise control to save you enough gas and money.

3.Ease into a stop. Continuous Slamming on your brakes wastes gas alot. When you see that you need to slow down, ease off the gas and onto the brakes smoothly. The sudden breaking consumes upto 0.2-4units per unit of gas.

4. Use your air-conditioning. It is a popular myth that a car's air-conditioning wastes gas. though at slower speeds or in stop-and-go traffic, this is true. However, having the windows open while driving on the highway will actually increase the drag on your car and force it to use more fuel to compensate. Also recommended that on the stop and go traffic, switch off the airconditioner. This will in turn save you gas.

5. Keep your tires inflated. Letting the air get low will force your car to work harder and use more gas. There is more of retardation and friction between the tyres and the ground. So make sure you balance the tyres at a ratio of 40-35 behind and front respectively.

6. Slowing down. Most cars become less fuel-efficient once you reach speeds higher than 60 miles per hour. The higher the speed the harder the acceration and the higher the fuel consumption. Advisable to slow down and drive averagely. 80kms/hr on a flat highway and 50kms/hr in towns. Don’t be at rush, this will do you a good deal with gas.

7. It has been oberved when searching for parking spaces, people lose the most time and burn up the most fuel by trying too hard to get too close to the entrance of the store, restaurant or hotel they are visiting. Not only that, they found that the harder you tried to park up close, the
longer you waited overall. So accurately you choose a better place to park and switch off the engine. Saves you alots of gas.

The results found that:
·  People who drove to the first obviously available spot and walked, no matter how far from the entrance, tended to get to the entrance first and burn the least fuel.
· People who drove around looking for the best spot, then parked when they found one, tended to get to the entrance next, and burned more fuel.
· People who waited to see someone who was about to pull out of their spot, then sat and waited for them to pull out and pulled into the spot, tended to get to the entrance last, and burned the most fuel.

So park a little further away and save yourself time, burn less fuel and burn more calories.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Saving Gas and money on self drive in uganda

For about 5 years now, prices for gas at fuel stations have shoot up by about ½ a dollar. And this is all because of the dollar increase against the shilling. At many gas stations, prices differ from one to the other however the difference can’t be more than 100 ugx. It is always advisable to findout the fuel prices before you go on your self drive in Uganda. On the same note, if you decide to go on a self drive in Uganda, always full up at the Total and shell gas stations. They are always the best reliable gas. If you never plan for the gas well, you could end up in deficits so no matter what you're paying at the pump, Auto Rental Uganda comes up with a few ways to help you trim your gas expenses.

Empty out your ride. Should you decide to leave or carry a lot of unnecessary stuff you will not use on your trip will add weight to your car and this will add about 2-3 % of fuel consumption. So before  you set off to that long trip, carry that light luggage, and Only few things you need. This will give you a good deal on saving gas and money.

On the Highways; Usually look out for the recommended gas stations like the total and shell. You will actually see many fuel stations along the highway, and if you need to refuel, consider the two. Uganda is still a developing country and so substandard goods including gas at gas stations is not a surprise, so unfamiliar brands may not give you a good deal with gas. You will actually pay Little at the French Giant Total and shell, but the good gas here will take you miles and miles. This will actually save you lots of money in the long run.

Official rest stops. Usually these designated rest stops have good and competitive prices. Consider stopping at thse places an have a good deal with gas and save money.

Renting a Car; When you plan on renting a car, always inquire the consumption of the vehicle. If you are a single traveller and renting a small car like the suv rav4, inquire the cc of the car. But most of the ravs are 2000cc which are full time 4wheels. This will help you plan and save both on gas and money.

Price checkout; The most reliable tactic is to check nearby gas prices on your way out of the airport or the car rental zone just after you pick up the car.  This is when you should be thinking about saving money, not when you are returning the car and are under time pressure to make a flight. Then, when returning the car, consider purchasing your gas some distance from the rental return counter.

Choice; You can even pick the exact station at which you will purchase your gas on the way back in. Most rental companies require only that you fill the tank within 10 miles of the return lot; you will typically find much cheaper gas at this distance out where real people buy gas for daily life. If you do this, get a receipt and take it with you to the counter as proof of purchase. Consider that most Ugandan rental agencies will expect the same amount of fuel that was in at handover. Full tank for a full tank, or the viserverser.

Even before getting in the car; In fact, even before booking the rental , you may want to make the fuel efficiency of your chosen vehicle a priority. You can research fuel efficiency by car class, model, year and. The dollar amounts aren't nothing .