Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Renting a Car in Uganda

The land locked country and the pearl of Africa, Uganda is blessed with mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, game parks, hot springs and every type of attraction you would think of. There is a lot to explore, and one of the best ways to do it is with a rental car typically owned by a Ugandan company. Renting a car in Uganda gives you the freedom to stop anywhere you want, when you want especially if you opted for self drive in Uganda. With a rental car in Uganda, your safari trip is literally in the palm of your hands—and you can steer yourself in whatever direction, whichever adventure you feel like in a 4x4 wheel vehicle.

Aim of this Guide

This guide provides travelers who wished to visit Uganda with up-to-date information on what and which car to rent and drive in Uganda. It takes you through reasons for and the renting process, advice you would wish to know specifically about  car rental companies in Uganda.

Why rent a car in Uganda.

Some of the payments of having your own wheels are obvious: you dictate the course of your day, your week or your whole trip, and not be confined to public means and airport taxis. Having your own car in Uganda will allow you to explore un reachable places like the suburbs and witness the life people go through that many travelers miss out

However, driving in Uganda is not easy at all. The roads are narrow, pot holed to some extent and still under construction. Traffic in the city that delays most travelers to reach  on agreed time, road signs are sometimes not clearly seen especially if you are out of the city which may make you get lost while on a self drive once you never moved with a road map. There are other things to consider as well, including traffic laws, the price of fuel, and driving time.

It is usually advisable to rent a car in Uganda especially to first time travelers to avoid the hassle of looking for public means of transport and being stranded at the airport. However, travelers that are adventurous enough or have been to the country before may want to consider renting a car and go for self drive services.

How to rent a car in Uganda.

Booking in advance your rental car from anywhere in Uganda is simple. Just enter your name, address, pick up/drop off dates and times and type of car, choose from the list while on Ugandan rental car websites. You can as well compare the costs for renting them. It is quick and easy. You can also call or email as indicated on the website.

What to Rent. 

 You can rent one of the fleets on the websites depending on what safari you want to make in Uganda. Luckily, most cars for renting are 4WD that are good for mountainous areas and in the rainy seasons, which tend to be slippery and muddy. They include the Toyota Rav4, Customized Van, Extended Prado Land cruisers, Toyota Prado, Nissan Patrols, and Customized Jeeps. There are both compact and full-size SUV options. Compact SUVs are smaller but have high ground clearance like the Toyota Rav4. They fit two to four people and come in both two door and four door options. Full-size SUVs are larger and more powerful. They have better ground clearance, a stronger engine, and more interior room. They are preferable on very poor roads like in the game parks or when traveling in large groups. Most full-size SUVs have four doors and can seat between four and seven people. All rented cars  in Uganda come with basic features, including air conditioning, power steering, power windows/locks, dual airbags, and a CD player/radio. Manual and automatic options are offered in every category in Uganda. Rental cars also include a safety kit for accidents and flat tires, a mobile phone in case of any emergency. It also includes extra emergency equipment like a Jerry can in case fuel used up in the middle of the journey.

In Conclusion

Renting a car in Uganda creates a unique trip experience to travelers. You get to know little-known places, stop when you want, and make your own adventure from scratch. Uganda is a fantastic travel destination no matter what direction you steer your adventure.

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