Tuesday, 9 May 2017

6 Tips and basics for driving in Uganda

Driving through the pearl of Africa is an inspiring lifetime moment for independent travellers that one has ever thought of and out to experience through these beautiful lands. The fact that Uganda was colonized by the Great Britain, it had to adopt some of her styles and languages like driving on the left and using English as it official language. Moving around with a four-wheel drive over the terrain roads across the pot holed murram roads and bumpy surfaced roads that are fully maintained throughout the course of the year. Eager for an inspirational self drive car rental in Uganda, one is able to explore deep through Uganda’s hidden treasures that will leave you wondering in a blink of an eye. The hidden treasures include Uganda’s National game parks and reserves, cultural and traditional norms of the indigenous people like the Batwa, the historical sites and all physical features Uganda is embraced of like the crater lakes, Lakes and rivers. Driving in Uganda has basics to follow which include;

Be sober. An alcohol free driver is a perfect driver. Driving with the normal senses functioning limits one from being involved into accident related activities like car collision, involving into extra expenses arising from being drunk. A sober mind is more respected and givenhonor compared to the drunkard mind. However much you are addicted to the drinking, try as much as possible to reduce your addiction or move with some body skilled and experienced on the road.

Concentrate while on the road. All minds should be focused on driving. Leave whatever you are doing to make sure are on the lane to avoid collision with other road users that may result into extra expenses above your budgeted trip.Yes, we all love our phones and never allow leaving them due to the dot com error that invaded our minds.

Move with a driving permit. It’s said to be a legal  recognized document that allows drivers to  use the roads  in Uganda The permit is classified into different classes that   drives different cars the classes include,A,B,CH, CM, DL, DM, and DH. Failure to move with a permit may lead you to qualify to fines and penalties. However, foreigners are advised to travel with their International Driving permits

Follow the rules on the road. Self driving on the Ugandan roads, does not guarantee drivers to overlook the traffic rules and ethics. They include; do not drink and drive, do not over speed, do not over load and many others that guide you on the road. The normal driving speed along the  high ways is 80km/hr while in the urban centers the speed is at 40km/hr.

Be helpful while driving. Courtesy costs nothing. Remember you are not the only driver using the road, giving way to over taking cars, helping the other drivers in case of mechanical problem in case the car got stuck along the way. A helpful driver is a trusted driver.

Drive defensively. Follow what other drivers are doing once you find yourself in traffic. Reduce the speed to tune on the speed other drivers are driving too. Keep off a distance from the car in front to avoid car contacts.

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