Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Benefits of self driving in Uganda.

Are you opting for a self drive safari or preferably Guided trips while in Uganda?, This is often a question and unbelievably, a complex issue to which few of us seem to give less attention of thought. Why should we? We all drive, don't we, so how difficult can it be? What is the problem? Most people arrive in Uganda to discover new things like its Mother Nature, local cultures and customs. They want to know the street signs, understand the intricacies of the road rules and even get a handle on the general nature of their fellow road users.
Worse, they are usually jet lagged after a long, sleepless flight and seem to have given little regard to the fact that, in many cases, they will be sitting on the "wrong" side of the car and driving on the "wrong" side of the road. How hard can it be?
How do they handle it? Some decide renting a car will do just fine and let someone else take care of the fine detail and others throw themselves on the mercy of friends and family. Below are the pros for self driving in Uganda on a 4x4 rental car.

Self drive helps travelers to find out their own way
Finding out your own way around the highways of Uganda has its own level of discovery, excitement and satisfaction, especially when that special restaurant, wonderful antique supermarket or take away hotel is discovered away from the well-traveled highway.

 Driving in a left-hand-country
Uganda is among the countries that drive on the left side worldwide. However, you have to remember the three general of forward automotive progress. They include "loose left, tight right" at intersections, enter and exit roundabouts on the right and give way to your left. Yes, car rental has its benefits but it also has its pitfalls, especially when the rental chariot gets up close and way too personal with another one.

 Paid Insurance. You should be glad that rental cars’ insurance is fully paid before signing on their terms and conditions. Extra paid insurance on your travel is for own benefit in case of contingencies like health. This is particularly important in the Uganda, where medical costs are sky-high.

Privacy and freedom.
 While in a rental car in Uganda, personal freedom is enjoyed since it comes at low cost being inclusive of the budget from the minute you drive out of the airport car park to the time you drive back in. Having fun with your beloved ones is the greatest time to remember.

Provide travel guides.
 Some car rental companies in Uganda will give you a list of experienced drivers. In case you opt for self drive car rental in Uganda, they will want any of your family member over a set age, or anyone over a set age to drive and that is 18years and above. It is important to know who  drives your rental car, because if you do not, it could cost you a lot of money, especially if an under-age, and inexperienced driver  takes it off your hands and plants it in front of another car or parks it on a wrong side in  case of a mechanical break down.

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