Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Choosing the best car rental in Uganda

On a greater condition if the car rental is a 4x4. Usually many travellers find it difficult to find and choose the best car rental in Uganda on a reason they forget Uganda is still a developing country and many of the roads are still under construction, some are still gravy and dirt roads. They all assume its just like back at home where everything is perfect and ok for example a self drive.

Uganda being undougtably one of the best destinations for a Uganda self drive or renting a car in Uganda with many companies at disposal to choose from, travellers on a self drive in Uganda of a self drive 4x4car hire in Uganda rilly need to understand a few tips on how to get choosing the best car rental in Uganda and forget the luxury home country. Its completly different here.

One of them is to understand what we call the NEW cars. The second hand cars we purchase from Japan is what is called new here in Uganda. However these cars are in perfect working conditions and generally maintained at each and every end of a trip. So stick it to your mind that the car you receive is not the new car you get from the factory. Most companies use these cars from japan for business related activities like a self drive in Uganda. Actually a few individuals own new cars imported from the factories. so make sure you ask for the latesr models available in the fleet of vehicles.

Considering the number of persons travelling to Uganda and on budget travel, the choice of the car to travel with rilly matters alot. If you are two persons travelling, how about a short 3 –door Rav4 suv car. It is economical with enough space even for the laggage. So you have the flexibility to turn all car. This you can go even for a self drive. You can still go for a 5-door rav4 a full time 4wheel that can manouver through all the rough terrains around the country. Considering you are a group of 4 or 5 persons travelling, why would you get squezzed in a suv rav4. You will actually not love the whole adventure and the car will be a menace to you. Usually a rav4 costs $50per day and a safari confortable super custom will cost you about $100 per day which price includes a driver. All you do is feel confortable sitted and enjoying your adventure. If you divided the amount you realise each person pays $20 each day forthe car rental which is not a bad setting. If you have extra monies and in a group why not enjoy that high end extended landcruiser and feel the confort of adventure.

The rental company to go with matters alot. Many car rental agencies in Uganda almost offer the same rental services however if you need to be critical enough to decide the most best rental agency to hire a car from. The rav4 and prado landcruisers are the most common cars for a self drive in Uganda however the 4x4 tough and utilitalian safri cars are available for car hire in Uganda but offered with a driver. This comes with the complexity of these cars and their value. Car rental agencies prefer not to risk alot. If any traveller can try as much as possible to avoid the international brands, there are chances that you get and exceptional service than what these international brands will offer. Its a competition world and the local car rental agencies do a greater job competing to offer the best car hire services in Uganda. You are just as good as pressing the right button when you choose the local car rental agencies. With the local Uganda car rental agencies expect to get more than just car hire in Uganda.

The accompaniments that come with the car rental. Many car rental agencies in Uganda will hire you the car with a few necessities like the car jack, wheel spanner, jumping cables. spare tyre and thats all. But there are car rental agencies in Uganda like our own Auto Rental Uganda that offer perfect services than the earlier. Talk of free the airport pick and drop off services, talk of Uganda road maps, Gps rentals at affordable rates, talk of comprehensive insured cars. Here you got the right choice for a car rental in Uganda.

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