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Uganda wild life and conservation

Uganda described by churchhill as the pearl of Africa is a very untouched tourist destination. Its is still undiscovered by many travelers. However Uganda is one of the most richest countries endowed with nature and wildlife. Over 10 national wildlife parks and game reserves still untouched. With this we mean there hasn’t been mass tourism in the Uganda wildlife reserves. Each of the wildlife game reserves  has a unique feature of its own and activities in the areas. Managed by one government body called the Uganda wildlife authority responsible for conservation so there is co-existance between nature and the people of Uganda.
This governing body has in many times tried to develop and maintain a co-existance in the wildlife game reserves so there is no encroachment and destruction of the game reserves. Many procedures have been put in place to enforce this and control measures enforced. Lets look at some of these control measures and how best they have been in control. 

Anti-porching methods. Being one of the most rough enforcement method called in to stop the extinct of the few wildlife in the game reserves. Being a developing country, the locals in the rural areas closer to these wildlife parks still practice the traditional customs and poeching is one of them. The locals love for wild meat and treasure for it has been a problem to the wildlife extinction. The locals have got a tendency of being bribed by the chineese high demand for some of the wildlife products like the elephants tusks and the Rhino horn. Because they are offered much sums of money, they find no problem in hunting down these beautifull animals that could otherwise be of great help for them in the future. Its in this regard that the Uganda wildlife authority trains armed guards 24-7 in the game reserves to patrol the parks day and night. Get rid of the traps and arrest the poechers. Though there are still sturbon poechers in the parks and mainly pushed by the love for the money from foreign demand of the chineese, there has been a great decline in the poeching habits as the locals are being educated and arrested involved in the practice.

Wildlife and conservation institutions. In a measure to cub down the extinction of these natural reserves and maintain it, the government through the  Uganda wildlife authority has set up many wildlife educational centres like the katwe institution to train and educate the locals about the great role of wildlife to the community. More so, these institutions have been a great training to these park rangers and guides. Big priority has been given to the locals around these parks to train and later get employed by the wildlife authority. Many of the previous porchers have trained on now protecting the remaining wildlife and have had employment from what they almost finished off. They have learnt a lot and the importance of the wildlife in Uganda.

Education on the importance of the wildlife. Considering the illetracy levels of the community about the importance of wildlife to them and the community, The wildlife governing body has on several time and routine educated the communities around the parks and involved them in implementing these acts. Example is that it is requirement to have 80% of employees in the lodges and parks from the neighbouring community beginning with the rangers, guides and the lodges around. The lodges only have the top management from outside the park premises. Because the locals have found employment and can support their families, they now understand the clear importance of the national game reserves.

Rules and regulations in the parks.  Let’s say you are a tourist in love of the wildlife and you tend to visit some of the game parks, there are rules governing each park and always apply to all other parks. Hooting is one of the forbidden acts in the parks as that scares away these animals, driving off the designated tracks is strictly forbidden nomater how far the animals are. In the primate tracking it is a rule not to get close to the gorillas and a distance of 7m must be maintained, in the game parks, a distance of 100m must be maintained as well. The vehicle vibrations on the grounds chase away the animals from their natural habitants especially the small animals like the tortoise. Whichever means you are using whether you are on a self drive in Uganda or guided safari game drive in any kind of vehicle, its forbidden to go off track and is heavely fined upto $150. This has helped in conservation of the wildlife in Uganda game reserves.

Construction of fences. In some of the game reserves like the mburo national park south of Uganda about 250kms form kampala, fences have been constructed to avoid the encroachment by the locals and stop wild animals from escaping to the community and get killed. This has also helped the locals encroaching on the park land as well and avoiding animal-human conflict in general.

Protection of endangered species. Endangered species which are easily getting extinct like the Rhinos and gorillas have been given great protection. The rhinos despite being extinct in Uganda with the last black rhino poeched in kidepo valley national park, the ziiwa rhino sanctuary was set up and wellprotected under 24-7 serveilance to cub down the poechers. The rhinos will soon be re-established in the wildlife game reserves. The endangered mountain gorillas of bwindi are heavely protected with rangers and surveillance and research on them. Metres are observed everytime there are visitors to these great apes. 

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A self drive safari experience to the northern Uganda

Just as always mentioned a self drive in Uganda safari experience is a journey of the body and soul, a venture into the unknown and an opportunity to discover the un-discovered hidden treasures of the wilderness. Uganda is one country endowed with a lot any intrepeed traveler desires. To a few tourists who have done this northern Uganda self drive circuit have given a great praise to it. Yes, this area of the north has been affected by the civil war before but this hasn’t taken its pride away. A drive through the dilapidated structures, the refugee camps gives you an idea what a cruel civil war can be. When you travel through this northern Uganda area, expect to meet a lot of NGO vehicles and camps, many white people (we call Muzungu) around, are always on volunteer missions as well. They have done a great job in having this area regain its lost glory. Now you are a tourist trying to discover this part of the pearl of Africa,

Lets take the north east circuit direction and discover the hidden treasures of this untouched area. Whether you are on a self drive in Uganda tour or guided tour consider having a once in a lifetime safari adventure. However, this is a low attitude area and because of the civil war effects, the roads in some places have been destroyed, and being low and some places in a valley there are rains that destroy this areas. So preferably consider using a 4x4 self drive car hire be it on guided tours with high ground clearance. Most of the car rental agencies like Auto rental uganda have these cars with high ground clearance which will however cost you a little more than the common full time 4wheel suv Rav4s. Your self drive in Uganda shouldn’t turn out a nightmare when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, remember your in control of your trip. Lets see,

Rhino tracking, Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa where you can go rhino tracking. Rhinos are huge wild animals that are endangered and have almost been extinguished in the national parks. The last Black rhino being porched in the kidepo valley national park in the 1991. However efforts have been done to re-introduce the rhinocerous existancce in Uganda. The ziwa rhino sanctuary was set up to engulf the rhinos first. About 216km from kampala city centre, this sanctuary is about 7kms from the main road inside. At the reception you will have a guide who will take you in the big sanctuary in search of these beautifull huge wild animals. The introduction of rhinos here was first done with one from Kenya, and another from America. These two had a baby and guess what the name was given to it, OBAMA. It is usually a one hour stay with these rhinos and all information regarding them will be given and narrated. The number has raised to about 16 in total.

The murchsion falls national park. About 60kms from the Ziiwa rhino sanctuary is the entrance to the biggest national game park. This should actually take you about 45mins drive to get there. The entrance fees are paid here, $40 per person per day(24hrs) for foreign residents and $12 for the car entrance paid just once for the whole stay. As you enter the murchsion park, you are welcomed into nature, the budongo forest, an eco friendly site. In this forest lies budongo eco lodge, a home to the chimpanzee, monkey and olive baboon primates, rarest bird species. At this lodge you can book for a chimpanzee tracking experience that takes you through the jungles. Visit your closest relatives, enjoy the nature walk and the birds. Different plant species belong to this eco-friendly forest. About 50kms ahead is a branch off to the top of the falls view point 12kms ahead and yes, this top of the falls is one of the most breathtaking sceneries you can enjoy. You witness how the the river nile 50m wide is being squeezed in this 6m wide gourge water falling on a 45m high. The thunder, the water splash and rainbows will get you awing. It is very incredible here. Its said to be the most incredible something to happen to the nile on its 6700km length right from its source in jinja till the mediterenian sea in Egypt. 

About 24kms from the junction to the top of the falls is the ferry crossing the nile. You actually pay for the ferry crossing with your car to the northern bank of the river nile where a lot of wildlife is concentrated.Now when you talk about wildlife then this area of the park is one of the most spectacular places to see wild life in plenty. The game drive takes you about 5 hours and also there is an afternoon boat cruise to the bottom of the falls and also another boat cruise to the delta point where the river nile empties to the lake albert before it continues up north. You will never be wrong adventuring this park. There are nice lodges around this park that seal up a nice adventure. 

Fort Patiko. A site where slave trade took place back in the centuries. About 28kms north of Gulu town is this dilapidated site to tour. There are site tour guides to take you through this tour. They will take you to the chambers, the kings palaces and the stores. Its worth an adventure on your way to the north as well. Gulu is also one of the towns severely affected by the civil war which is gaining back its lost glory. A visit to the markets and towns will give you a clear view of Africa. It’s a true definition of Uganda.

The kidepo valley national park. Named as the best park by Africa geographic in 2013 with the biggest wildlife populations and named as the hidden treasure of the wilderness. Kidepo valley a remote and still untouched treasure lies extreme north east of Uganda in the corner neigbouring Kenya and south sudan. This park is one of the best wild life destinations you must visit on your self drive in Uganda. It is a park you will find the rarerest animal species that can not be found anywhere else in Uganda like the cheteh, ostrich bat-eared fox, caracal. Doubled with the greatest scenery in this park. The hotel accommodations like the apoka lodge and hostel bandas are located on the best view positions on top of one of the hills. Here you can sit and see down the narus valley with a lot of game at your disposal. Guided nature walks are available where you can see the wild on foot. The lions on top of the rocks are just incredible. You can never have enough of this park. 

The karimojong culture. This culture in this remote area of Uganda is just incredible, the attire, the practices and most especially the traditional dance. This culture has tried as much as possible to maintain their cultural practices. They are cattle keepers and you will get involved in their dance. 

The sipi falls.  The sipi falls is one of the most incredible waterfalls located in the north-eastern part of Uganda in kapchorwa district. This is the most sought biggest waterfall ever. The sipi falls is a series of three waterfalls and the biggest being the last one. You need 5 hours time to take a look at this waterfall. Through the plantantions and coffee plantations. There is also a coffee tour in this area if you like to taste one of the freshest and pure mountain coffee. There is a chance to encounter the public male circumcision ceremonies where the male youth get into preparation for a week to get transformed into manhood. They stand brave as the elders get the for skin of the manhood sliced away. It’s a traditional ceremony done every end of year starting August. So if you seem to be here around that time chances are high that you will encounter this. This is one of the practices that make this culture a unique one. You can double this with jinja white water rafting, kayak the nile just at its source.

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A Self drive safari to the Eastern uganda

A self drive safari in uganda is a journey of the body and the soul, a venture into the unknown and an opportunity to face some of the undiscovered hidden treasures and the beauty of nature. Uganda is a country endowed with all that an intrepeed traveller desires. Each and every corner of this pearl of Africa. Whether you decide to travel west, south north or east, Uganda is undoubtably the best destination for a self drive safari or guided safari.

There are actually 3 routes in the kampala city that take you out to the beautifull coutry side, whichever direction you decide to take, gives you a trully wonderfull and  beautifull adventure experience. But lets look at a short gate-away roadtrip to the eastern part of this pearl of Africa.

The moment you leave the kampala city centre proceeding east of the country on the jinja high way, nature is all that welcomes you. This drive to the east can take you through many sites to discover.

The namugongo shrine. About 23kms from the city centre is a Christian historical site where the matyres were burnt to ashes by the king of Buganda, kabaka mwanga. A big archtectarial church built in form of firewood and flame. Aplace that many christians from all corners of this world walk/treck for over a month to gather and celebrate the Uganda matyres day a public holiday in Uganda. There are site guides who will take you through this tour and pay about $4 for the tour and a tip will be appreciated by the guide.

The Sezibwa falls. These are some of the few spectacular water falls that we have in Uganda. About 20kms from the namugongo shrine, it takes you about 45mins to get to this site. This is also a traditional and cultural site for the king of Buganda. The king used to come here for traditional and ancestrial practices, it’s a beautifull scenery place as you spectatate at the beautifull waterfalls.

The mabira eco-forest.  This is one of the most beautifull eco-forests we have in Uganda, this forest holds some of the rarest monkey species. The bird species recorded in this forest are unestimated. It is one of the birding destinations in Africa. This is also a perfect destination for the honey mooners. A very quiet place for a couple to have for themselves on the self drive safari in Uganda. More of a no disturbace area.

The jinja Town. Named as the tourism capital of East Africa. The kind of building structures rilly tell what a special town it is. Jinja is the town where the source of the nile, the longest river in the world was discovered. Just 2 kms from the city center is an entrance to the source of the nile. You will see where John speke stood discovered and named the source of the nile. Jinja is one of the few places in Africa where you can do white water rafting, kayak the nile, tubbing, boat cruises. The home for quad biking. You are the water lover, self drive to jinja book with one of the rafting companies like adrift, nile explorers or nalubale rafting. They will make wonders for you on the nile.

The wanale hill. Far in the eatern town overlooks the beatifull wanale hill in mbale town. This hill is part of the mt.elgon national park. It is a hill with hiking expeditions. Arrangements done at the Uganda wildlife authority offices to start the hiking expeditions. Alternatively you can decide to drive along a route through this hill till the top of the hill about 25kms to the top. This gives you a very spectacular view. It is aplace to watch one of the best sunsets in Uganda. If you are lucky enough you could encounter traditional public male circumcision ceremonies. The youth male run smeared in some kind of white mud in preparation to face the knife. They are being transformed into adults. This is one of the traditional practices that make this eastern part Uganda unique on a self drive in Uganda.

The sipi falls.  You haven’t appreciated this country unless you reach the sipi falls. About 60kms north of mbale town are incredible waterfalls. The sipi falls located in kapchorwa district is a lush green hilly area undiscovered treasure of nature. The three waterfalls take you about 5hours to complete all of them. One being in the premises of sipi river lodge is an incredible waterfall that gets you awing the moment you take the hike. The chebonet falls close to the waterfalls is also another spectacular view in this area. Trust me you can never get enough of the water falls. Picnic sight seeing could do you wonders. This hike to all the 3 falls is a guided tour by a local guide who will give you an incredible insight of the area. Its nice climate and you wont need leave this area. Incredible sunsets in this area.

When you plan a 5 to 7 days self drive in Uganda safari to the eastern part, will actually do you wonders. It is a one day drive from the  sipi falls back to kampala. But usually adviced to plan ahead of time.  If you prefer to sit back onto the wheels and let your car rental agency plan this adventure for you, the pre-arranged tours will be of a great idea. You will not just like Uganda but you will fall in love with this pearl of Africa.

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When you talk of adventure in Africa, many people get a wrong impression that its just wildlife and plains, on the contrary a big NO. when you decide to adventure no matter what your interests are, there are these untouched things you can do or more so combine in your safari just to spice it up. Uganda is a country endowed with a lot of wildlife, primates, great scenery, white water rafting, and above all with the most friendliest people on Africa. You will need to truly understand what Uganda is all about, nature and the local common person. Whether on self drive in Uganda or on guided tours consider the most spectacular adventure of a lifetime, just to say, Uganda has it all. Below is a detailed itenery that speculates all that Uganda has to offer in just two weeks. If you have an extra monies to hire a guide driver, preferably will enhance your trip giving you an insight of Uganda. 

Day 1. Transfer to the home of zebras – lake mburo national park
In the morning after breakfast, meet up for briefing for the safari trip. We can now proceed south of the country to lake mburo national park. Supposed to be 4 hours drive without stops.
·         Stop at the traditional drum makers and see what and how the different drums used to make different traditional sounds are made. The materials used and the process.

·         Stop over at the equator. Stand in between the northern and southern hemispheres. Have snap shots, there is an a 3 phase water-funnel experiment to showing the movement of wind 0n both sides of the eaquator and the middle part.

We will then arrive at the entrance gate of the park in the afternoon and we will head straight to the lakeside. Its beautiful for sight seeing. Activities involved in this park include,
Ø  Game drive around the park. Expect to see waterbucks, bushbucks,  impallas, zebras, buffalos,leopards, ellands,warthogs,kobs, lions, duikers,hippos, fish eagles and so many other mammals that nature will provide

Ø  Guided Nature walk in the park. You can see the animals upclose reaching them in silence without scaring them. This park is home to the zebras.

Ø  Boat cruise on the lake mburo national park. Water animals like the crocodiles, hippos, water buffalos can be seen. It’s a relaxing boat cruise.
Ø  Game bike rides. You can do bikes as you view wildlife on the cycle bikes. This gets you upclose.
Ø  Horse rides. You can as well ride horses and view the wildlife. Sometimes the zebras come close to checkout the new friends in the field the horses. This gets you upclose with them.
Whichever your choice is, you can always decide what to do and what to leaveout. Though we can  not do all of them.
Dinner and overnight at Eagles nest. A lodge positioned at the top a hill and overlooks the park. It’s a budget and nice and eco-friendly lodge.

Day 2. Lake mburo and the African experience.
After a nice breakfast we can headout for a morning game drive or do any of the activities you will want to do.
We can now head out of the park, heading south to lake bunyonyi. Many tourists stop at mbarara town to have lunch, but we can have a truly African traditional meal, prepared by an African woman in an African humble setting. More like a picnic. (this is not just a woman, but a mother we trust with clients) a lot you will learn as your guide narrates this whole experience during our lunch. It’s a dish prepared in a special way. Typically Ugandan. Its all about experience more than just adventure. You have no idea how it seems different with this. This is just to do away with the nomal lunches, we want to show you typical Uganda.
After lunch, we can proceed south to lake bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa after lake Tanganyika.. we will reach in the evening and check in at the lodge on the shore(bunyonyi overland resort) or you prefer at an island on the lake, (byonna amagara) these are both budget accomodations with unique experiences.

Day 3.  The “small Switzerland of Uganda” and batwa experience
After a relaxed morning breakfast, you can decide to do a canoe trip to visit most of the islands on this estimated 900m deep lake. Islands with traditional beliefs which the canoe guide will narrate to you. Some include the punishment island, upside-down island, epilepsy island and so many. You can as well canoe or boat to the extreme end of the lake, embark from the boat and hike a little bit to visit the batwa community. These are ancestors of the forest. (bwindi impenetrable national park) and were taken away from the forest since it was made a national park. They still practice very acient culture and still live in shark houses. They will dance the traditional songs and you will also join them in the dance. Dance to the traditional dance. The views of the lake here are incredible as you hike and as you descend back.
We can now head back to the lodge, have lunch and later proceed south to kisoro region. Great scenery awaits us as we head to this area. Check in at the travellers inn kisoro for dinner and overnight.

Day 4. Coffee tour, dugout canoe on a walking safari.
After having a nice breakfast, we will proceed for a walking safari, first for a coffee tour. The coffee tour starts from the farms and ends in an African home. Look, this is one of the best places with the best soils for the best coffee products. You will understand how it is done on the farm, you will harvest alittle, you will peel the beans, you will pound them in an African motor, you will sieve them, you will roast the beans in a local African ktchen,(gives you an idea how we cook food as well) you will grind the beans, get coffee, you will have an African setting table, you will taste the coffee accompanied by African bananas and peanuts. Look you will have beans sealed, packed for you to take back home. It’s a different experience on its own. So you will want to do something different than just sit in the car be driven, get on this lake, canoe around the islands, get on these islands and get to know the real African person. Visit these homes on the islands, get personal with the locals, have a great view
A very beautifull lake with many islands. The lake and cultivated shoreline are home to many common birds including Hadada Ibis, Crested Cranes and Black headed herons. The land area is dotted with small homesteads where villagers are to be seen cultivating their fields and attending to livestock. Potato cultivation is prolific in the dark volcanic soils, where cabbages, green beans and peas are all also to be seen farmed on what appears to be impossibly steep gradients. The Kigezi and Kisoro districts of Uganda despite being heavily populated contribute substantially to the countries overall food production. You will embark from the boat and visit these islands. Explore the real African life. Mingle with the locals and yesss don’t forget ugandans are the most friendliest people in Africa. Dinner and overnight at Nkuringo Gorilla camp.

Day 5. The ultimate wildlife encounter. Gorilla tracking.
Now this is the day for the once in a lifetime ultimate wildlife encounter, the Gorilla tracking experience. After breakfast, you will head to the park headquarters for a briefing before you headout to the jungles. “I will talk about this, I will leave it for you to experience”. After the tracking and time is friendly, we will visit the top of the world view point just next to the lodge and you can get a clear view of the virungas, the rwenzoris, the bwindi, the plais and you can actually throw a stone in the democratic republic of congo. Its that close. We can return through the local village and have a local beer(if you do take) in a local bar, play village pool and mingle abit.  Dinner and overnight at nkuringo Gorilla lodge.

Day 6. Transfer and search for the tree climbing lions of ishasha.
This is actually a long days drive. After a nice breakfast, we can proceed through the bwindi driving around through buhoma side of the park. If you are nature walk lovers you can take a nature walk through the bwindi forest and I can randavous with the car around and meet you at acertain point in buhoma and we proceed through the ishasha plains, we can look for the tree climbing lions of ishasha, look at the wildlife and proceed upnorth to the queen Elizabeth national park. We will reach in the evening and checkin at the Bush lodge. A budget wilderness lodge that will give you a feeling of adventure located just at the kazinga channel that connects two lakes, lake Edward and lake George.
Day 7. The queen Elizabeth national park.
After a morning breakfast, we can now headout to the kasenyi sector, a place known for the cats. A lot of wildlife to see on this part of the sector. Lions and leopards are seen in this area plus so many animals and birds. We can proceed back to the lodge for lunch and later proceed to the mweya peninsular for the  afternoon lunch cruise. Encounter elephants, buffalos, bucks, large schools of hippos, crocodiles, African fish eagles, pelicans and so much. Its worth a cruise.
\we can now get back to the lodge for dinner and overnight. Bush lodge.

Day 8. The rwenzori scenery, craters and the chimpanzee tracking.
After a hefty breakfast, we will then drive through the mountain ranges of rwenzori. Its good scenery and this is where we cross the equator back to the north. We will make a little stopovers to the local markets. Get to know how they do it here. Through the crater lakes, we will also drive thru the kibale forest for the chimpanzee tracking experience. Our closest relatives. ( I leave the experience for you to encounter)
Dinner and overnight at the chimpanzee forest guest house. 

Day 9. Swamp walk, community walk or top of the world view point- transfer to hoima
In the morning ofcourse after breakfast, we will have a morning to engage in some activities around the park. And some are,
·         Bigodi swamp walk. This is a loop around an eco friendly swamp. There are different types of monkeys to see here, plant species, and many birds including the beautifull Great Blue Turraco. This walk is an engagement with nature.
·         Community walk. This walk takes you through the surrounding community. You will visit local schools, markets, traditional healers and they will do their thing for you, homesteads and much more encounters.
·         Hiking to the top of the world view point. This treck takes you from the lodge and hike a little bit till the top view point of the region. You will be able to see crater lakes, tea plantations and the plains around this area. Its breathtaking and nice. A fruit picnic would actually make wonders.(but leave that for me)…
We can now drive through fortportal to hoima district. This is a drive just through the local villages and homesteads. And this we shorten the distance. Dinner and overnight at Hoima resort hotel.

Day 10. The murchsion falls national park where the longest river in the world passes
Ofcourse after breakfast we will head out for the murchsion falls national park. The biggest national game reserve in Uganda and a most scenic place. In between as we enter the park, there is a natural forest nice for nature walk, birds and there are chimpanzees as well. Its absolutely possible to do this. We can vist the top of the murchsion falls and proceed up for the afternoon boat cruise on the mighty river nile. There is a lot of wildlife to see on this cruise. Here you can decide to embark off the boat and hike till the top of the falls. I will pick you up with the car at the top of the falls and we head to the Fort murchsion lodge for dinner and overnight. This involves the ferry crossing with our car and us. A different experience on its own.

Day 11. Game drive and Rhino tracking
We wouldn’t have visited this park if we haven’t done a game drive. After breakfast, we can now head for the game drive on the northern bank of the park. Its just incredible wildlife to see here. Giraffes, elephants, kobs, jacksons heartbeasts, oribis, duikers, lions, leopards so much to see here.
We will then proceed south to the ziiwa Rhino sanctuary. In the afternoon after lunch, you will track the rhinos on foot with rangers and enjoy the walk. Dinner and overnight at amuka lodge.
Day 12.  Transfer to sippi falls./kapchorwa
An early breakfast and then drive through kampala, jinja and head straight to mbale destination as the sippi. Incredible scenery awaits you here. The view of the sippi falls is amazing and will get you aww’ing. You can hike the three falls, through the coffee and banana plantations, homesteads, view the chebonet falls as well. Dinner and overnight at mbale resort

Day 13. Traditional encounters
In the morning either in the wanale hill drive or up the kapchorwa didtrict, there is a possibility of encountering the public malecircumcision ceremonies. Youth boys at the age of !5 and above a re subjected to facing a sharp knife transforming into adulthood. You want to witness this you could be lucky to see this live. Its and interesting ceremony as all people of the village escort, dance, drink, hike mountains to this cerebrations. It’s a unique culture in Uganda with this practice done betwwen August till December. Dinner and overnigh at Sipi river lodge.

Day 14. Transfer to the tourism capital of east Africa.
After a nice breakfast, we can now drive back to jinja town. There are so many things to do in jinja including white water rafting, tubbing, cruises, visiting the source of the river nile and the john speke monurment. Its absolutely possible with anything on this day except the rafting starts in the morning. Jinja was names the tourism capital of east Africa. Dinner and overnight at the heavens, and yes and amazing place to be.

Day 15. Transfer to Entebbe/mabamba swamp tour.
After breakfast and depending on the choice of activities, there is also the mabamba swamp looking for the famous shoebill stockand other interesting water birds.This morning can also be a relaxed day before we start heading back to Entebbe next to the “big bus that flies in the air to take you back home”

Welcome to Uganda, welcome to Africa welcome to the peal of Africa. The reason why we are called the pearl of Africa.