Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Renting a car in Uganda would be the best idea to choose if you were on your next trip because of the attractive packages involved. They include services like self drive, rental of camping equipments, airport transfers and business trips. Not only attractive packages involved, guide you when and where to save your money and not to be too extravagant of it because you hired a car in Uganda. Saving on car rental in Uganda helps the traveler to plan for other developmental activities scheduled on his/her itinery. It further helps you to have enough leisure time with your friends like taking photographs, visiting leisure places for remembrance of your trip in Uganda. Most people would like to save but lack the idea how to save and what to save on, get through some of the ideas of saving on car rental in Uganda and enjoy your travel in Uganda.
Go for discounted services. Due to increased number, car rental companies in Uganda, offering different services like airport transfers, self drive and rental of camping equipments, prices attached to them are normally discounted depending on the seasons (high and low) and the number of pax booked for a specified service and car to be used.
Avoid the airport. Usually airport taxis are more expensive than booked special hire. They charge according to the kilometers covered however shorter distances cheap for if you used them. However, since the travel destinations is far beyond the airport like the national parks and other interests of travel, rent cars are the best to go with.
Reserve the car for more than you need it. Long term renting is less costly compared to short term renting due to the special features that come with it like discounts and bargaining. It’s like buying wholesale in relation to commodities. Costs for parking are to a less extent eliminated since you park in your vicinity of travel.
Negotiate. Though you have been told the best possible rate, it can be worth swinging by the rental counter to see if you can finagle your way into a better car. You don’t ask, you don’t get,” said Mr. so and so, the rental car consultant. Success with this strategy can depend on everything from the type and number of cars on the lot to the mood of the clerk. Nevertheless, some companies are happy to put you in a bigger, or less popular, vehicle for the cost of a compact — if it is in their interest.
Car sharing. For big number of pax, coordinating and sharing views on how to travel and enjoy fun during the trip is much easier and cheap. Ideas like when to travel, what to eat, what car shall we use, how shall we eat are much healthier to concentrate too while in a group.
Travel to your planned trip. Diverging from the planned trip is more expensive due to the cancellation of already booked items like the car, hotels. Yes, it is normal to cancel out your trip in case the purpose that led the cancellation of the trip needs genuine attention.  In most cases receipts issued for cancelled items not refundable or 50% refund for compensation.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Being alone is one thing I have experienced during my travels. Far away at the heart of East Africa lies, a land locked country Uganda where I counter faced my first solo trip on a self drive in Uganda with one of the car rental companies that I had already booked online. A conducive climate that I felt behind the wheels of my car seeing the lush green vegetation all over the place. Oh, Uganda the pearl of Africa gifted with all kinds of creatures in well-protected national parks and game reserves surrounded with beautiful environment for a picnic. The shores of Lake Bunyonyi and the Gorilla highlands in the southwestern region came to my notice to be nice places for honeymoon due to increasing couples that visited in a single day. A lot of fun  that I enjoyed joining other travelers that had traveled in a group on the Murchison falls  that went ahead to the source of the world’s longest river in Jinja. I came to realize that being in foreign land is to learn, explore, and get new friends when you travel alone. Solo traveling is one way to be free, do your things without being disturbed and do whatever you like at any time however. The tips would be helpful if you wished to be alone in a foreign land.

Wear ordinary clothes.  
While in a foreign land, attractive clothes will easily identify you as a stranger. Being a stranger in a big crowd will put your life to vulnerable mood in the down towns of Kampala Uganda’s capital, that is full of malicious people  who will assume that you have more of expensive luxury attractive items but when smartly dressed like any other ordinary person in the town you will be safe from malicious people.
Trust everyone and no one. 
Yes, it happened to me when I had to gone for short call and left my bag in the passenger’s seat. Only to realize the window seal was not properly closed, the driver was too concentrated on his phone that he had not seen anybody sneaking into the car to take my wallet luckily I had some money in my pockets and left my travel documents at the rental desk.
Be in open public places while at night
The fact that I was new in the area and nobody I knew, I had to be in open public places like hotels where I had booked my night. Uganda is a country to be entertained especially the city nightclubs full of people that dance to the tune of the music lyrics to feel relaxed.
Drink but not excessively
It is not all about being alone but also to forget your problems. When you drink excessively, you become a nonsense person and lose your mind. Your drunkenness will attract thieves to visit you and loose both your personal belonging and to almost life.
Eat in known hotels
Uganda has a vast number of restaurants however the nice meals are prepared in well-known hotels that serve best dishes for your home country which is not the case for the for the down town hotels

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Love it or leave it rental cars in Uganda are the most convenient means to use to travel Uganda and Africa at large. Whenever you think of traveling for your next trip in Africa specifically the pearl think of using car rental services that will give you unlimited and additional travel services in Uganda. Uganda has a variety of car rental companies that will guide you to the next planned vocation in Uganda. Free relaxed  and feel at home on arrival at Uganda’s International airport (Entebbe),the country is free from civil wars and international wars for almost three decades meaning that your security will be guaranteed 24 hours a day till when your Visa expires to leave the country.

As you decide to have a vacation in Uganda the first thing you will think will be how you will move  to different  places of Uganda, mind you like a Chinese saying that a thousand miles begins with a single foot step. Your vocation to Uganda will start by looking at various rental car companies in Uganda through your search for key words like Self drive in Uganda, Budget car rentals in Uganda, Car Hire in Uganda, Rent a car in Uganda and many key words related to cars in Uganda hence guiding you to the right rental car company in Uganda.

Not all car companies in Uganda will satisfy your eyes upon reaching their site, go deep into their websites one by one, if you have time and see much more what they offer whether they match correctly to your needs for the vocation. Having met your desires for vocation, look at the availability of the vehicles that you using till the end of your safari trip ToyotaRav4 that is small comfortable for either a single pax or two pax. It is the commonly used vehicles for self drive in Uganda. Other vehicles are available for self drive like the Toyota land Cruiser, Nissan patrols. For group vocations in Uganda, Super custom vans, Extended Toyota land cruisers, shuttles are available to accommodate all of you if you wished to travel as group. To get more of the availability of the cars in Uganda you always advised to contact the rental car companies by sending them an email or calling directly through their mobile numbers that are always indicated.
ip. Mind you almost Ugandan vehicles are imported from Japan though a few from America and United Kingdom. Among the vehicles that are ready for hire include the

A self drive in Uganda has been mostly recommended for people who love adventure and exploring Uganda’s heights in both jungle and the urban centers of Uganda. Another option is to hire a car in Uganda and guide in Uganda who knows the corners of Uganda that are full of entertainment, hidden wild in the jungle like the game parks. Nevertheless, on a self drive you do whatever comes to mind as longer as you do not violate the contractual agreement between the car rental company and the hirer. Its all about yourself, make frequent stops, talk to the local community and you can change your trip at any time you wish on a self drive service in Uganda.
For comfort travel in Uganda embark on using car rental services and have your experience behind the wheels of your preferred car in Uganda.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Tips for renting a car for airport transfers in Uganda.

Despite traveling to a foreign land for the first time where who have nobody to  escort and attend you, always worried of how  to get in and where to start from, car rental companies in Uganda are always friendly and available to pick you from and drop you to the airport at any time of the day. Get in touch with these companies on your arrival at the airport in Uganda to accomplish your mission and purpose for coming to Uganda. Be introduced to their additional car rental services other than the airport transfers like self drive, securing gorilla and chimpanzee permits, rental of camping equipments and business rentals. Let your worries be times of joy on arrival at the airport in Uganda by renting one of the rental car companies in Uganda and enjoy their services.
Below are the tips to for renting a car for airport transfers in Uganda.
Location of the rental car.
A rental car company that is near the air airport would be the best choice to select among many car rentals in Uganda. The reason being that it beats up the odds of being caught up in the traffic along the busy streets of Kampala like the Entebbe road that is constant busy the whole day and time is being saved on your pick up and drop off to the airport.

Immediate response to your need.
Rent a car in Uganda that will respond to you in a short time. Normally travelers want to be responded back as soon as they present their question to any given rental car company in Uganda. They want to be responded immediately since their patience cannot wait for too long. A fast responding car Rental Company to the client’s questions through  both through the internet and offline is regarded to be a serious rental car where as a car rental that is delays to responds to its clients is regarded to not serious.
Type of car to rent.
Rent a car in Uganda that is best for your safari trip or business trip. While you set off from your home country have in mind what car to use in Uganda. Most of the cars in Uganda are imported from Japan though they are others from America and the United Kingdom. Having a car that that you are used too is less compared to having a car for the first time and give you difficulties to use. The common cars that are ready to be used for airport transfers in Uganda include the Toyota Rav4 that is best for self drive in Uganda and caries a minimum of 2-3 people, the Toyota Land Cruiser and other sedan cars are available

Additional services other than airport transfers.
Rent a car in Uganda that provides additional services to the client like self drive in Uganda, securing gorilla permits and business rentals. It is better to have all the packages in one package than having different cars for different services. Having many packages in one saves time  and less costly to the client

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

4 Tips and mistakes to avoid when renting a car in Uganda.

Renting a car in Uganda is generally an issue for nearly every traveler to Uganda, no matter where you are from or where you are going to, you need to rent a car for convenient movement around Uganda. They are the cheapest means to use compared to other means like trains, canoes, and boats. You may decide to walk around the city Kampala especially the central region but when it need s to move Kampala and it attractive centers, rest of Uganda’s beautiful attraction centers, definitely you will need to use car rental services to have  your experience in Uganda. In addition, with that task ahead you need not make mistakes when renting a car in Uganda.Below are the tips and mistakes you need to avoid when renting a car in Uganda.
Read carefully the terms and conditions for renting the car in Uganda.
The greatest mistake that you have been doing is failure to scrutinize the rental car terms and conditions you are given. They are the laws governing the you on how to use the rental car in the absence of the owner the car. Since you know how drive a car and ignore the major things about your contract, you assume that everything is okay immediately after your pay. Anything done out of the terms and conditions given you are always responsible for that loss.

Delaying to return the car rental in time
As you know that time is a crucial factor to almost everyone both the owner of the car and the one who rents it to satisfy his/ her car rental services. Make all the necessary activities you are meant to do with your rental car in Uganda and return it to the company’s offices on time since the car has to serve another client after your usage .The mistake comes when you forget that the car you have hired is for commercial purpose to the owner. Any extra time that is past beyond the agreed time is accounted for a full day for most car rental companies in Uganda. Always use the car rental  for a specific purpose in a specified period to avoid the extra expenses on  your wallet.

Failure to inspect your car before usage

You assume that car rentals are in good conditions and ready to use on the road. Let the assumption end after you have read this article and your ignorance will never be your defender after realizing that the car  you hired had an already existing mechanical problem before you used it. Careful inspection  of the car ready for  usage  including the  road test helps you to incur the costs of repairing the already  existing mechanical problem .It hurts to pay the costs that you never  made because of the mistake you made of not inspecting  the car earlier before.

Not Refilling the Gas Tank Yourself
Most of the car rental companies in Uganda give away their cars for hire when it is ¼ fuel of the gas tank. If you assume that  car rental agency will respond to you in case you are stuck on the way due to failure to refill the gas, the chances will be limited though they will come but in the late hours. Always remember to refill the gas tank on way back to the airport in Uganda