Thursday, 30 October 2014


Kibale national park is one in all the most attractive national parks in Uganda with tropical rainforest, and a multiplicity of animals. Kibale Forest harbors the principal figure of chimpanzees and more than 1,450 are protected inside the park. At Kanyanchu, a community chimpanzee has been habituated for 16 years. This gives tourists a chance to see the great apes in their natural environment at these exclusive Uganda safaris. Threatened red colobus monkeys and the rare I’hoesti monkey are found in the park. At the same time the forest has one of the highest diversity and density of primates in Africa .When in Kibale forest, one carries out a multitude of activities which include;

Nature walks with swamp walks
Bird watching
Primates viewing
Village tours
Plant species
This national park also boasts of several accommodationfacilities that are very appeasing to any traveler and such facilities include.

Ndali lodge
Ndali Lodge is set stunningly amidst the Bunyaruguru Crater Lake region of Western Uganda, 26 kilometers south of Fort Portal lies at the centre of 1000 acres of privately owned fertile farmland still cultivated in a traditional style. A visit to Uganda would not be complete without experiencing the wonders Ndali has to offer. It is totally a luxurious lodge with almost very good services to vie for.

Kyaninga lodge
 Set against a stunning backdrop of Lake Kyaninga and the legendary Mountains of the Moon beyond, Kyaninga Lodge is the spectacular result of one man’s vision and six years of unwavering commitment to creating an experience of Africa’s beauty unlike anything else. When Englishman Steve Williams first saw the lake on his way to visit the gorillas, there was nothing there aside from unspoilt natural beauty and breathtaking vistas. There aren’t many people who could stand on the rim of an ancient crater lake thousands of miles from home, and have the vision to imagine building a luxury lodge entirely out of timber

Primate Lodge Kibale
Primate Lodge in Kibale is an exclusive eco-lodge situated in the heart of Kibale Forest National Park. It is surrounded by a lush tropical forest that is home to 13 different species of primates, including the chimpanzees.

Privately secluded in the rainforest, this safari lodge offers you a truly authentic jungle experience and is the perfect gateway for tracking the primates in Uganda. Whether you wish a high level of comfort, rather stay in a midrange cottage or want to bring your own tent, Primate Lodge Kibale is the ideal place for you!

So forget about rushing for the morning chimp tracking. Instead, wake up with the sounds of the forest, enjoy a delicious breakfast and prepare yourself for an exciting meeting with the chimpanzees.
 Other accommodations worthy mention that are also found in Kibale national park include;
-SafariHotel Bigodi
-KibaleForest Camp
-KibaleSafari Lodge

Auto Rental Uganda aims to provide the best services of Car Hire and Car Rental in Uganda,
We will tailor your safari to your personal preferences, taking into account not to loose of the smallest details, accommodation booked, activities arranged with the best guide for you.
Let’s take you discover Africa and let’s take you places.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Murchison falls national park is perhaps the largest park in Uganda which is named after the Murchison falls where the mighty river Nile bangs through a narrow gorge flowing down to be converted into a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos, water bucks, crocodiles, and buffaloes. The flora and Fauna at Murchison is characterized by Savannah, riverine forest and wood land. Uganda Wildlife Safari at Murchison falls national park includes, elephants, lions, leopard, giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeests, oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees, and many bird species including the rare shoebill. Several activities are carried out in this national park which include the following:

Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest is one amazing activity done at the outskirts of this park.this involves trecking two to three hours to finding these our closest ralatives.. this rainforest also is endowed with different bird species and diffrent types of monkeys
Ferry crossing in the wee hours of the morning and its at this time you get to cross for the morning game drive and spectacular sun rises can be seen..

Hiking the top of the falls, is a spectacular activity done after embarking off the boat cruise as an option to have a spectacular and full view of the falls right from the bottom to the top of the falls. This worth hike distance will leave you awing to this river nile folding itself in 6m gap 45m water fall creating a rainbow view.. you need to be here to prove these words

Bird watching, This Park murchsion falls national park is endowed with alot of birdspecies all over the park and for you the bird lovers, you are just at the right place..

Game drive, This biggest park in uganda is a wildlife rich park, talk of wild animals that you may not find anywhere in ugaanda but only here.. the Jacksons heartbeast and giraffe can be found here only...
Boat ride, The boat cruise at this Murchsion falls national park usually done in the afternoon hours is one spectacular chance to do at this river nile.. Schools of hippos, crocodiles, bathing elephants , bushbucks, fish eagles and many more bird species can be seen here..

Delta cruise, This delta cruise is one boat ride that will give you an amazing view of all wildlife to the river.. this takes you towards the delta point a place where the nile joins into the lake albert.. it will give you an amazing boat cruise.
Plant and tree species, For you that needs to know many plant species, then this park is as good as taking nature walks and realising what beaty of Uganda has to offer...

Murchison falls national park has a lot of accommodations that live an appreciation face on to every traveler and such facilities include;

Paraa Safari Lodge
Paraa Safari Lodge is in Murchison Falls National Park. The lodge is located in the north west of Uganda over looking one of nature's best kept secrets, the River Nile, on its journey from its source at Lake Victoria to join Lake Albert – here it is suddenly channeled into a gorge only six meters wide, and cascades 43 meters below.

Paraa Safari Lodge offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure. Each of the rooms is a haven of style and serenity, complete with balcony and private bathroom.

The safari d├ęcor of the lodge still reflects the bygone era of early explorers, enshrined with a modern touch. The luxurious pool overlooks the winding River Nile. Enjoy a variety of excursions and activities; from exhilarating Safari drives to boat trips along the River Nile, ending at the foot of Murchison Falls. For the more adventurous, one can trek up to the top of the falls and marvel at the views through the mist. A variety of ecosystems and an impressive 451 species of birds awaits you here.

Rest Chili Rest Camp
 Red Chilli is superbly located in Murchison falls National Park. This camp offers a variety of services that lead to experience of nature to its guests. All rooms have facilities like in-built modern showers, well maintained toilets,en-suite bathrooms, fans and cooking areas.

Sambiya River Lodge
Sambiya River Lodge is situated only 15 minutes from the top of the magnificent Murchison Falls. It is the perfect location for those who want to experience the tranquility of unspoiled Africa, untouched by mass tourism. Sambiya River Lodge's unique charm is in the atmosphere of intimacy provided to the guests. Guests stay in any of the 26 double rooms designed as individual and family thatched cottages which have en suite bathrooms, fans, screened doors & windows, mosquito nets, and a veranda to relax and enjoy the commanding views of quintessential Africa. Ten basic bandas are also available for guest accommodation. This lodge allows you to relax in luxury whilst experiencing the sights and sounds of Africa.

Chobe Safari Lodge
Due to the fact that it is located in the Murchison Falls National Park, this Five Star lodge is undoubtedly the gem in Uganda's crown of tourism destinations. The breathtaking panoramic views, coupled with the sounds of the River Nile's magnificent rapids, sets the scene for an adventure that will impress even the most discerning of visitors.

Chobe Safari Lodge offers a unique opportunity to sample the wildlife, birds, flora and fauna; all in an area of the park that has yet to be discovered. This area of Murchison Falls National Park is ideal for fishing, and will revive this newly refurbished lodge to become one of the best fishing destinations in Africa. So you better stay here and experience the hidden gem of luxury in and amongst the wildest surroundings.

Murchison River Lodge
Murchison River Lodge sits on the southern bank of the River Nile overlooking Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. In beautiful surroundings Murchison river lodge offers comfortable and relaxing mid-range accommodation to suit all budgets in attractive thatched cottages, thatched safari tents and simple camping tents in our shaded and well positioned campsite.
Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s largest national parks and the location of such a diverse habitat means the wildlife, birdlife and activities available within the area are second to none. Whether you are keen for a safari, a boat trip along the Nile to Murchison Falls, or just time spent unwinding at the lodge with a pair of binoculars and guide book….. the choice is completely yours.

We at Auto Rental Uganda  are passionate about Uganda, the pearl of Africa and Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills. We will tailor your safari to your personal preferences, taking into account not to loose of the smallest details, accommodation booked, activities arranged with the best guide for you.
Let’s take you discover Africa and let’s take you places.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tracking the Rare Mountain Gorillas With Auto Rental Uganda

Tracking mountain gorillas is a genuine once in a lifetime experience, hanging out with these  great apes is one of the most thrilling wildlife encounters in the world and Bwindi impenetrable national park is one of the spectacular destinations to be and see these apes. The mountain gorillas, Uganda and Rwanda still discovered by few tourists, the huge apes are unique, wonderful, they have families, and they have babies and support each other. A moment with them gives you the feeling of an ultimate adventure. Auto Rental Uganda practically knows how to give a touch of adventure to your trip and here we direct you to this one of Africas most acient habitants about 18000years ago.. set over 331sq.kms, steep mountain rainforest of up to 2.5metres of rainfalls there annually and a home to almost half of the worlds rare mountain gorillas.. they include families that are habituated for visiting and also other wild families not for visitation. Apart from the mountain gorillas, this park is endowed with over 120 species of mammals, though sightings are very less compared to other national park simply because of the dense forest, however lucky visitors may see the duikers, forest elephants, bushbucks, chimpanzees and l’hoest monkeys not forgetting the rare forest hogs..for the bird lovers, this impenetrable national park is as good as pressing the right button for your bird watching destinations with over 360 species of birds including 23 of the 24 endemic to the albertine Rift and many endangerd species like the African green broadbill.
Demand for the permits to see these great apes sometimes exceeds supply for most of the year in Bwindi. During the low seasons of Apirl, may, and November the rainy seasons, availability of the permits can be available however booking the permit a week earlier would be a great idea... in the high seasons, i.e the rest of the year, a pre-booking of these permits is mandatory as these park gorilla permits are on high demand..With our commitment at Auto Rental Uganda to offering our clients with this once in a lifetime opportunity, we make sure your permit is available at any time you need it for your travel. Among the Four(4) groups scartered around the park, we  at auto Rental Uganda advice to the best and convenient group depending on your loop of travel and itenery. The Buhoma Group, The Ruhija group, The Nkuringo Group, and Rushanga Group all with families ranging from 8 – 27 are all available for tracking and visitation by the tourist.
Forest walks available in this park as the best option for those that can not afford gorilla tracking permit of $600,this is also a rewarding park to visit just for exploring the rush green rainfrest, a three to four hour guided nature walk for only $10 is worth it, visiting the waterfall trail is one of the amazing trail to take on in this park, with the 33m waterfall on the munyanga river but the most interesting is the magnificient rich forest it passes through.
We at Auto Rental Uganda, will tailor your safari to your personal preferences, taking into account not to loose of the smallest details, accommodation booked, activities arranged with the best guide for you. Give us a try, Book with us at Auto Rental Uganda and believe what they call quality of service….
Its just a rental worth it..

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Car Rental Safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park with Auto Rental Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park named after the Queen of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth ii visiting this park in 1956. A pavilion still stands close to the equator a place where the queen stood right when he viewed and named this almost 1978sq.kms park… This parks is fully endowed with what a wild life safari adventure has to offer.. Though the wild in this park are less than the Kenya and Tanzania parks, the different activities and a combination of scenery and a reserves can boost a high bioderversity rating.. this park inhabits 96 species of mammals and over 1012 species of birds, mention healthy numbers of chimps, leopard, elephants, hippos, hynas and lions, among the 1978sq.kms the ishasha sector is one of the few spots in the wild where lions adopted the habbit of climbing trees most refered to as “The tree climbing lions”..  often found lazing in the sprawling branches of Fig trees, if this “one of the Big 5” is part of your list on your adventure, there is a reasonable chance to find them here in this park. All you need is a brief from Auto Rental Uganda staff and professional guide to make your dream a reality.
With our well trained driver guides at auto rental Uganda, we take you to the sights and activities of this queens park..
Auto rental Uganda takes you to the wildlife game drives early in the morning to catch up with the early morning game risers. The north east of this park in kasenyi is endowed with wildlife including most of the Big 4, the rhino being the only unspotted here in this park. Talk of elephants, buffalos, lions and leopards then you are in the right place.. sitatungas, water bucks, millions of kobs, Wathog normally called “PUMBA”, forest hogs. And its most beautifull savannah scenery in the morning resembling candelabra trees.
Auto Rental Uganda guides will take you to the Kazinga channel launch, this channel is a stretch of water body that connects two lakes, common names in the England kingdom, lake albert and lake Edward. This channel is fully endowed with thousands of hippos, crocodiles, pink backed pelicans, fish eagles, buffalos, elephants so close to the boat rambling in the water.. for you the wildlife photographers, you got your self the most genius pictures at this boat cruise. Have you heard about the “TOPI” here you are at the right place to see this antelope with black marks on the behind legs, standing unpropotional… this antelope looks amazing.
The explosion crater drive is an amazing and relaxing drive, the baboon cliffs on that drive route give you the excellent views of the surrounding area. The salt lakes in the kyambura wildlife reserve behind the kyambura gorge usually attract huge numbers of flamingos but only nest at lake masech north of mweya on lake katwe…
Chimpanzee tracking in this park, salt mine tours in an interesting village of katwe on the shores of lake Edward. If you have time to get an added adventure activity,. This salt mining goes back for as early as the 15th century and uptodate, over 3000 people still use this traditional methods practiced mainly by the women, is a worth a visit. Nature walks around this park are spectacular… Depending on the budget and time you have in this park, trust us at Auto Rental Uganda a one travel agency that will tailor your safari to your personal preeferences taking into account not to loose any of the details, accommodation booked and the best professional guides for you…

Monday, 20 October 2014

Self Drive tour to Kibale National Park with Auto Rental Uganda

Kibale forest national park is a tropical rainforest believed to have the highest density of primates in Africa. This park is home to 13 primate species.. so if your interest is primate safaris, then this spot in Uganda with Auto Rental Uganda is a must visit place., in appreciation with nature, the rare red Columbus monkeys and L’hoest monkeys are in abundant in this park. The stars of this park are the chimpanzes which 3 groups are trecked or habituated.. The sitatunga, forest elephants, bushbuck, leopard, buffalos and abundant bird life which makes this spot a place for the bird watchers.. you can decide to do all activities or choose the most perfect for you depending on your budget. Being approximately 320kms from kampala, Auto rental Uganda provides to you the best carrentals, car hire or self drive in uganda options that fit your needs. Activities in this park can be chimpanzee tracking or habituation, nature works at the bigodi wetland sanctuary, hiking to the top of the world that has a spectacular view with good scenery…
We at AutoRental Uganda with our self drive services will hand over the car keys to you, we don’t just stop at that, we will design with you your itenery, and advive on the best spot to visit, further we don’t stop at that with our car rental services come with a detailed map to simply direct you, the car rental comes with a mobile phone that helps you call our 24-7 available field managers to help you or direct you incase of breakdown…
Kibale forest national park has well to do constructed lodges that can give you an absolute taste of adventure.. At Auto Rental Uganda we as well do advice and booking you the best lodge to fit your budget if you need us to…..
Self Driving in uganda is one of those activities you will love when you just sit behind the wheels and engage the first gear, the crazy drivers along the way, many humps with no worries after our briefing on handing you the car keys combined with the amazing activities awaiting you in the park  will leave you yawning for more… Kibale is as well a spot to connect to other national parks like semliki, murchsion and queen Elizabeth national park.
We at Auto Rental Uganda are passionate about Uganda, the pearl of Africa and Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills. We will tailor your self drive safari to your personal preferences, taking into account not to loose of the smallest details, accommodation booked, activities arranged with the best proffesional driver guide for you if you so wish to take one with you.
Give us a try, Book with us and believe what they call quality of service….