Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Things You Must Know Before Renting a Car in Uganda.

Nearly everyone rents a car on his/her visit to Uganda .It’s the only way to have freedom to go wherever you want and see the country’s beautiful sceneries quickly if you opted for self drive service in Uganda. Moving in public means is alternative, but is not an ideal solution. As you get excitement to the cheapest rental car in Uganda, look at some things you must know before renting a car in Uganda.

 Rental Car Insurance.

As you are planning to set off your journey from home, get to know whether the car you are about to hire caters for any damages that may happen to it un knowingly like collision with another car. Most of the car rental companies in Uganda do not provide for the third parties like the hirer of the car. In this situation, you are advised to come with your insurance policy that will cater for you in case of any damages.

Initial deposit

Most of the cars in Uganda that are meant for hire range from USD 50 and above. This includes small surfs to big extended cars depending your choice. However its advised to put an initial deposit to the car you wish to rent in Uganda. This deposit is part of the fare of the period you wish to stay the car. It normally applies to long term renting like over 14 days or a month and in case you want to stay with the car, you are supposed to pay 50% of the charges before the start of the journey and the remaining to be paid on your return.

Research Multiple Rental car Companies in Uganda.

Most of the popular car rental companies in Uganda are available around Kampala, and have websites to check prices and make reservations. Remember that the online prices usually do not include the required tax and insurance prices unless they specifically say so.

Book in Advance.

An early bird catches the warmth do not wait until the week or day before you leave to reserve your rental car. The prices vary depending on the season and how many cars they have available for when you want it. Prices are guaranteed to be higher during the high season of tourists and lower prices during the lower season. In Uganda, a higher season begins from mid-June to mid-December and a lower season begins from January to May.


Inspect the car before and after renting it, and take pictures of every bump and scratch to resolve disputes later. They typically do not worry about dings and scratches smaller than a quarter, but pictures are much better than hand waving and trying to explain that the bumper was loose when you picked it up.
Do not forget your passport, drivers’ license, and credit card to pick up your rental car. You can drive with a foreign license for up to 3 months as a tourist, so no need to get an international drivers’ license for a short trip.

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