Sunday, 1 February 2015

An Insight into the Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

The Chimpanzee tracking is one of the great wildlife encounters. The chimpanzees are human closest relatives sharing 98.7% DNA. Tracking or trecking these primates can be done whether on your self drive adventure or car rental with Auto rental Uganda and can be done in three different places in Uganda.
The Kibale forest national park is one of the great places not only in Uganda but in all Africa to encounter these great apes. Because it is nature, this rainforest provides a 90% chance to see these apes. The walk in this area is not a difficult one as the forest lies in an almost flat area. 

The kanyancu tourist centre is where you report for briefing and guide rangers assigned to you. The trecking experience is an awesome one that takes you about an hour or two to find them, an hour with them as you relax and take pictures, observing their natural behaviours and another hour getting back to the starting point. You may require to drive some distance before you start trecking. Done twice a day, in the morning starting 8am and the afternoon session that starts 2pm. This awesome experience costs USD $150, park entrance, ranger guide and experience. A pre-booking of permits is required in advance and at receiving full payment. Auto rental Uganda can actually help book and reserve you the pemits on your car hire adventure. All you need is arrive and find everything settled for you to adventure this pearl of Africa.

The habituation experience is another option to see these great primates. This entails you to follow up these apes from as early as 6 am in the morning till 6Pm in the evening. So this requires you to be at the kanyancu tourist centre by 5:30pm. In the forest you will follow these apes from place to place, get  so close to them. You will learn the daily routine of your closest relatives. How they go on with their daily activities. It is rewarding knowing how close these wild creatures behave. Being a one day activity, it costs you USD $220.  If you have a passion for primates, then this experience is worth it.

The Kyambura Gorge on the eastern part of Queen Elizabeth national park is another gift of nature site to track these primates. This “Valley of Apes” area is a steep slope into the forest gorge that doesn’t not only offer you a chance to be with these primates but more wildlife to your disposal. However there is no much guarantee that you will see these primates. This is a good option activity for visitors who want to have a more day at the Queen Elizabeth park. The Kyambura chimpanzze permits cost USD $50 and so a good option for budget travellers. Further you can pay on arrival at the katunguru park headquarters.

The Budongo forest is also another Eco-tourism site to track these primates. Located on the southern part of Murchsion falls national park, this forest has more than chimpanzees to offers. A lot of monkey species and a birders paradise. A nature walk for birdwatching walk could easily treat you with a chimpanzee encounter as well. The trekking is organised by Uganda Lodges - Budongo Eco Logde. Permits can be obtained at Budongo Eco-lodge. Prices are USD $75 during low season  i.e March - May, Oct-Nov and US$ 85 during the high season. This is a budget option and a good for you intending to double it with murchsion falls national park safari