Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Renting and self driving in Uganda has been a majorly discussed by many travelers planning to visit Uganda. Self driving on Ugandan roads is an amazing experience to discover due to their terrain texture you feel behind the wheels of your car. It is no longer a hassle to drive on them due to their regular maintenance throughout the year. 4X4 cars with high ground clearance from Uganda’s car rental companies have been proved be the masters of hilly roads that are un-reachable by small cars during the rainy days. Not only the hilly roads, also in the low lands where the roads are un surfaced and slippery.
 Below are the 5 tips for safe self driving in Uganda?
Not only passengers have to observe the external environment of the car also the drivers have to be keen on external environment around especially if he were new in the area for the first time. Driving a new car is a gruesome due to its inbuilt technology that tends to be complex to first time drivers in Uganda. Be the master of the road by observing all the necessary features on the road and putting them in practical use. The features include road signs and road markings. As already tested by police during the process of obtaining a driver’s permit, the visual sense is the mostly applied while driving because all your concentration must be put ahead of the trip.
In your comfortable Ugandan car rental, behind the wheels, identify key major areas for shopping to save on your budget. Identify the location of gas refueling while on your way so as not to run short of fuel on coming back to the rental desk or your hotel. Identify spot areas of traffic police officers in order to reduce on the speed before approaching them. This will help you as driver not be victims of over speeding and other related traffic rules and regulations that will call for fines and penalties on behalf of the budget you had planned. Identifying dangerous spot areas when driving at night, will prevent yourself from falling into ambush of robbers and thieves hence being on a safe drive and securing your life from merciless people.
Having observed the external environment of the car, identifying the spot areas of traffic officers. It is easy to predict when the gas will be used up. Predicting involves fore telling what may result in case you never followed the right procedures of self driving. However, predictions in driving are sometimes referred to outcomes that may result into bad driving. They include loss of lives and property of both the owners and passengers in the car, decrease in your financial status
While driving on the road, your decisions are important. Quick decisions result into good drivers and delayed decisions may result into bad drivers. Be a quick decision taker especially when overtaking other cars to save the lives of other people on the road. Be a defensive driver in decision-making by following other drivers are doing especially urban centers.
After taking quick decisions, it’s now time to put them into action. Follow the rules and regulations on the road and drive defensively in a foreign land.

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