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Self drive Uganda and Simple Car Maintenance Tips.

Self drive Uganda and Simple Car Maintenance Tips.

Self drive Uganda is one of the most recommendable travel options while on a tour through the beautiful Uganda, nicknamed, the Pearl of Africa. Self drive  kicks off with hiring a car with a reputable Car Rental Uganda Agency  that offers you a car in good condition and many other services likequality camping gear, insightful driver guides, excellent customer care, to mention but a few.  Self Drive Uganda can be very refreshing and exciting but it is quite necessary to prepare and take caution for unexpected occurrences such as accidents and car break downs. Cars, the primary means of a self drive, are machines which are prone to failure and breaking down as we cannot predict what is bound to happen in the future.  However, it is rather wise and important to take precautionary and preventive measures prior travel and on board for a safe and enjoyable safari. Shared below are some hints on how to maintain your rental car while on a self-drive Uganda.

Check it before you rent it.
Before you rent a car with a car rental Uganda agency, it is vital to check the vehicle’s condition with a representative from the agency in order for you to ascertain if the vehicle has an initial fault prior the intended travel. Some establishments can be ignorant of the state in which their rental cars were before your set off and on return there is a likely misunderstanding as the two parties can’t figure out who is responsible for the faults. In the same spirit, make it a point to test drive the car  you intend to use on your travel through the magnificent Pearl of Africa simply to avoid the earlier mentioned unfortunate event of a misunderstanding.

Check when last serviced.
Unless you are a certified mechanic, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to notice every fault with the car.  For you to ensure that the car is in tiptop shape, spare a few minutes at a garage and let a mechanic confirm if it is in condition to travel the distance you intend it to avoid any mishaps once you’ve already set out to adventure and unmask the treasures buried in these beautiful lands of Uganda.

Check fluid levels.
Aboard self drive Uganda, consider it important to check the levels of: brake fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid and transmission fluid frequently to avoid heating up of the car that might result into rather risky car conditions hence putting not only your exciting tour on a halt but also your precious life at stake.

Check tyre pressure.
Tyres are the vehicle’s contact patch with the ground while on a self drive Uganda hence must be maintained in good condition with proper inflation for the safe operation of your vehicle as you travel around the beautiful terrains of the Pearl of Africa. Simple visual inspection on a regular is ideal to avoid any inconveniences midway your exciting trip in one of the perfectly nature moulded soils of Uganda.

Check and flash the air cleaner.
It is absolutely important to ensure that the air cleaner is kept dust and foreign body free since it guarantees a fresh outpour of air throughout your car while on self drive Uganda. This definitely tantamounts to extra comfort as you enjoy a magical travel experience throughout the beautiful lands of Uganda, a home to many of the endangered unique wildlife species like the mountain gorilla.

Keep check of the fuel tank.
While on a self drive Uganda, it is paramount to ensure that your car fuel tank has a reasonable amount of fuel to avoid inconveniences in the game parks or even in the rather deep end of the magical tropics where it might turn out a hard nut to crack to find a fuel station nearby. You don’t want to have fuel worries mess up your would be breathtaking tour in the Pearl of Africa.

All the above quite well thought about and tried out tips will sure guarantee you a peaceful travel with no worries of potential car breakdown hence allowing you a heavenly and extremely rewarding trip on a self drive Uganda safari as you enjoy the warm tropical weather backed up by fresh breezes from the biggest fresh water basin in Africa, Lake Victoria.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Self Drive Safari in Uganda and what you need to Know

Self drive safari in Uganda is a travel option tour where an independent traveller hires a car through a reputable car rental Uganda agency & drive self around chosen destinations or make use of pre-arranged trips that are completely car rental and accommodations. Self driving can be compared to other forms of travel such as; organized tours, where you are driven to and around popular tourist attractions using public means of transport with other tourists according to a predetermined itinerary; guided safaris, which involves hiring a guide to drive you around and show you around. Each of these types of holiday has its own perks, with self driving leading the pack. In Uganda, self driving is growing in popularity among tourists because Uganda is a country best experienced leisurely on road. Our car rental Team would like to share and enlighten you about everything you need to know about self drive safari in Uganda.
How to hire a car for travel.
For you to have an intriguing self drive safari in Uganda, the first objective is to rent a car with a reputable car rental Uganda agency.  Different agencies offer different rates for different rental fleet so just as you make a flight plan or schedule, you should also make a reservation with your preferred car rental agency to avoid inconveniences that come with last minute or random options that do not allow you enough time to opt for the most appropriate package. While you’re at it, make inquiries through their websites if you are not sure about your options, such that by the time you make a reservation you’re convinced that you made the right choice.
Wide range of services.
Different companies offer different self-drive safari packages depending on the number of people you're traveling with, your destination(off-road or on-road), and the duration of the self-drive safari. Each package is tailored to suit a specific group of people for example if you intend to tour one of Uganda's many game parks and are interested in camping, renting a car with an agency that hires out camping gears will cost you less and make your travel preparations easier since you are getting multiple services from one provider. Therefore, self driving ensures you pay only for what you need hence saving more.
Flexibility and convenience of services.
The underlying beauty of  a self drive safari is the immense flexibility and freedom to enjoy your tour according to your time schedule and plan. Once you have made up your mind to self drive, you do not have to worry about how long you have with the car or a deadline within which to book. With self drive safari you have the freedom to extend your reservation casually in case your holiday goes beyond the pre determined period. Similarly,it is absolutely possible to get a refund if your holiday is cut short due to un avoidable circumstances however much you would have wished to use the vehicle for a longer time.
Utmost privacy and intimacy.
Self drive safari is notably one of the most intimate types of travel where it’s just you and whoever you chose to travel with, be it  your spouse,friend or family. For those that love driving solo, self drives afford you the privacy to enjoy your safari without external interference or supervision where its just you and the car radio. If you are traveling with family,  self drive safari creates an environment in which the family can bond more through games and other forms of entertainment without worrying about inconveniencing other people and the reverse is absolutely true which makes it a better option than public means of transport.Better still, the traveller is free to travel at the pace of his choice and visit as many places as he so wishes.
Expertise Knowledge and Advice.
Car rental Uganda travel consultants provide you with basic information and tips  on how to have a magical and rewarding tour around the beautiful lands of Uganda.While on a self drive safari, you have the opportunity to get connections with the local site guides with the help of the knowledgeable travel consultants  serving with the car rental Uganda community. It is absolutely okay to ask for more tips and advice from your service providers in order to ease your tour and make it memorable and stress free.For example you might be planning to visit the magnificent Elgon caves but are not certain of what to expect, your car provider will be in place to recommend a car that will easily maneuver the rough terrain and possibly provide a map along with any information you might find useful.

Saturday, 5 May 2018


Self drive car rental Uganda is absolutely a magical option for adventuring and traversing through Uganda and its beautiful lands. Self drive car rental in Uganda is absolutely an upcoming and preferred way on travel through Uganda and yes by independent travelers or sole travelers. However this never comes easy in a foreign country and not even easier hiring a car in a developing country like Uganda for self drive Safaris. This also comes more complicated if you’re a new driver on the African roads and more so on the bumpy Ugandan roads with an automatic car when driving  automatic cars we must know the uses of some gears most especially the N that is not usually used all the time.?
Opting for Self drive car rental in Uganda and knowing some basic rules will come handy not only for the beginners but for seasoned drivers too. These tips will help you stay unscathed on the road for a self drive car rental Uganda option ‘N’ or ‘Neutral’ is a gear in the cars with an automatic gearbox? Have you ever thought about the functions of this neutral gear? Most people have never had a reason to use it while some drivers don’t even know when and how to use it. Well, it has some unique functions and can even save your life too in critical conditions.

When to Use the Neutral Gear

Stop a car with a stuck throttle, Think of travelling through the highway at a great speed and suddenly discovering that you have a stuck throttle! Scary, right? Pushing the brake might not be enough to stop the vehicle since the speed is high. In that case, the safe bet is to move the gear to Neutral and use the brake to park safely. Switching off the engine is not the safest solution since it will cut the power to the steering, making it impossible to stop the car without any damage
We recommend that driving on a self-drive you should not go very fast however in places where you can please know the function of a neutral gear,


Safe parking during a brake failure, People mostly respond to a brake-fail by killing the engine. It’s a wrong choice since it will leave you with no control over the steering wheel. Besides, it can even lock the wheel mechanism, making the situation more dangerous. Shifting to the neutral gear will help you toggling between the lanes and park somewhere safe, however this needs to be done when you are not scared and slowly because you are moving from a gear to another and a car is moving, changing gears in an automatic car while its moving can be tricky and cause issues.

During towing the car
Shifting to the neutral gear in an automatic transmission will cut off the connection between the engine and the wheels. So, no power will be transmitted to the wheels when you press the pedal. This allows the wheels to rotate freely without drawing much action from the engine, but you will still have some control over the car.

Shifting to the neutral does not do much harm except for putting a bit strain on the brakes when your intention is to stop the vehicle. However, dong it frequently for a long time could damage the torque.

Before you start your self drive adventure please asks your service provider to teach you about the car and all the importance of certain things so that they can be helpful in case of any need.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Food recommendations in Uganda

It is perfectly ok to eat any food you want in Uganda ,Ugandan food is the arguably the best in not only Africa but the whole world, It is only in Uganda that you will find a variety of real food not junk but food up to 50 dishes that can be made from the pearl of Africa.  Given the vast variety of cultures Uganda provides a variety of not only dressing, manners, language and skin color but also dishes are in plenty.

Nearly every tribe or region has a delicacy or specialty. They include yummy banana dishes, stews, pastes and juicy fruits and drinks. The most delicacy is plantain or the bananas (matooke) this is the most expensive and widely liked food across Africa it is planted in large numbers and preserved to the best. Matooke is mostly liked by the big tribe the Baganda, they take time in preparing it from peeling to tying in plantain leaves and steaming it for hours this keeps all the flavors intact. When ready and tender, the matooke is smashed into a soft and golden yellow mash. In Buganda, the food production process revolves around the banana plants. It is served with all stews that can be made however this delicacy is best served with chicken or beef however most Ugandans being middle and low income earners do not take this stew every day, this is served with groundnut paste mixed with gold fish or fish , beans or vegetables.

Leaving alone the delicacy in matooke Uganda has got much more food than the rainbow its self , matooke, cassava, posho (corn bread),  sweet potatoes, yams, irish potatoes, Wild yam(balugu),millet(karo),sorghum not forgetting the famous rolex these dished are served with fish, green vegitables, beans, ground nuts, beef, chicken, peas, ghee(eshabwe), mushrooms, gold fish(mukeene, enkejje)Ugandans have a chance to enjoy different varieties of fish as a supplement of Uganda food varieties.

In western Uganda among the Banyankole , Bakiga and Batooro and most of the north and east like Acholi , Alur, Langi , millet bread is the favored dish  it is sometimes mixed with cassava and then mingled or taking cassava bread or millet brad alone. The best relish to go with it would be smoked meat, chicken or fish for the north most people in the western Uganda do not eat fish with a theory that it can be seeing them in the plate. In western Uganda, equally tasty sauces are scraped out of cow butter and salt to make eshabwe which is best served with millet. This is the most cherished stew in western Uganda.

Surprisingly the Bahima of western Uganda are not a particularly meat-eating tribe like the Karimojong of the northeast - who enjoy it by the chunk - although they keep cows in their thousands. Instead, they prefer a diet of milk, beans, matooke and some millet bread
In the north, smoked beef is skillfully seasoned with a rich sauce of milled sim-sim (sesame) paste and dark green bitter vegetables. In the eastern region, the people of Teso add a light sauce of tamarind fruit which is plenty in those dry areas. A variety of edible sorghum is often used by some tribes in the east and northeast where the climate makes it impossible to afford the luxury of growing millet.

All these foods can be made as main dishes, starters, dissert, snacks and stew, fast foods and juice at the same time, while in Uganda do not forget to try out all the delicacies at eat one, however take caution this food is so nice that it will roué you into eating a lot and you forget about a your health, please be mind full of what you eat like the vegans and allergies most foods have gluten while on a guided tripin Uganda ask your driver for more information about the food to avoid sickness.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Budget travel tips to Uganda

Memorial Days kick off the summer travel season, and according to travel booking websites more than three-quarters of people in the world are planning to take a summer/tour vacation. To ensure your hard-earned travel dollars go as far as they can, here are some under the radar money saving tips that will be much more helpful most especially traveling on a self drive in Uganda.
  1. Call before booking online. Making travel arrangements through the Internet may be convenient, but it doesn't always guarantee you the best deal. Calling the agent you’re a going to use and talking one on one may be an added advantage for much more discounts, they will think you’re a serious client who really needs to use their services thus discounts and money saving on your side. Ask to speak to a tour consultant in charge the reception may not be able to cut you this deal but the in charge should be able to give you the best deals.This strategy can work with airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rental and activity bookings. Usually all the things are available if you dig deep into it even if they say they do not availability on line, A call may be another expense but it saves you a lot more than 10 buks for a call. A Call for a booking is a secret deal for your travel.
  1. Go against your traveler type. Another way to save on hotel stays and car rental is to choose properties that are less crowded and thus have an incentive to discount their rooms. Choose hotel that are much crowded in the weekends for weekdays and vice versa. Here you will get good deals , however there are places with not much options because they are the only ones in those places like game parks , in this case use your tour agents to book for you as they get discounts, offer to rent a car from them so that they pass on the discounts for the lodges. They're always looking for clients so they'll offer really good deals. In cases of a car rental move out of your comfort zone and choose something cheaper like the Toyota rav4  instead of a Toyota land cruiser, they all offer the same confront just that the cruiser is big. Traveling during off-season is another way to capitalize on lower hotel and car rental prices thanks to supply and demand.
  1. Ask about re positioning flights or cruises.Airlines use re positioning flights to move aircraft from one airport to another, and the same applies to cruise lines, which typically re position ships twice a year. These flights or cruises tend to be cheaper but provide services similar to traditional offerings,
  2. Follow the disaster. Most tourists think that traveling to places where there was some disaster is risky, yes this may be risky depending on the type of disaster that happened there, however this may be the best place for you to travel cheaply because of the disaster they had they want to move back on track thus offering cheap facilities as good as at the original price. Government subsidized the trips to encourage tourism for example for years gorilla permits in Uganda were at 450 dollars in the low season if someone used this opportunity this would reduce your coast of permits by 150 dollars. People take Africa to be much more back ward and violent precisely Uganda where a lot has been said about it given to our history however this is not true and we have a lot to offer you cheaply.
  3. Consider alternate airports.Instead of defaulting to the closest – or biggest – airport, consider others nearby. Flying to different destinations straight may be expensive but if you go through other it may e cheaper given the fact that you will have stop over’s in different countries.
Moving on a self-drive or guided trips to Uganda may be very cheap if you follow some of the tips above, this is as cheap as 600 dollars per person for 7 days.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Self Drive in uganda

Self Drive  in uganda tours are the perfect way to see visit the highlights of uganda at your own pace in a limited amount of time.  Fly from each major destination to Entebbe, then tour their local sightseeing attractions by driving a rental car.
Some Ugandan destinations that are perfect for local road trips are along the famous Road in uganda.

Self-drive holidays are a satisfying way to travel around uganda. Travel as you please, plan your own itinerary and explore as far as you want. uganda has a good network of well-maintained roads and highways and, for the more intrepid, quite a few dusty tracks to take you into the wilderness jungles of Bwindi, Isasha and the must dusty and dry roads of kidepo.

Driving laws

Ugandan drive on the left hand side of the road. The maximum speed limit in cities and towns is from 30 km/h (32mph) and 80-100 km/h (62mph) on country roads and highways, unless signs indicate otherwise.  Speed limits are strictly enforced.   Strict drink-driving laws apply and it is compulsory for drivers and passengers to wear seat belts at all times.

Driving licenses

A vigilant  tourist may drive in uganda on a valid drivers license for the same class of vehicle. Licenses must be carried when driving, in addition to a valid passport. If the drivers license is not in the English language, the visitor must carry a translation with the permit. An International Drivers Permit is not sufficient by itself and must be accompanied by a valid drivers permit and a passport.

Tourism police

The Uganda tourism Authority is affiliated with motoring organizations in most countries of the world. This entitles visitors to  roadside emergency breakdown service, travel guides, route maps, information books and touring information. For information and assistance contact the uganda tourism police or the police directly in case of anything the police may be near you and of help as first as possible.

Petrol (gas)

Petrol in uganda comes in leaded and unleaded grades and is sold by the  a liter. Petrol costs between $1 - 2 per liter. LPG gas and diesel is also available. Petrol stations are very many and can be found in most of the major cities and they work 24/7. Most will  not accept major international credit cards will prefer uganda shilling and some may take dollars though this is the smallest number.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


A lot of tourists who visit Uganda usually desire to visit at least one of the numerous game parks in the country, mostly to get a glimpse of Africa's big five. The African big five are the lion, buffalo, white rhino, elephant and leopard. Although most people fear they will miss seeing the animals while they drive, the thrill of driving ones self in a game park teeming with wildlife is unparalleled.  Uganda is one of the countries you can freely rent a car to drive yourself within and around the country wwhich includes inside the game parks with abundant wildlife. Game parks and wild life reserves however, are not conventional places to self drive through and hence demand caution and special protocol to be followed, especially if you are to see and observe the wildlife. Below are some tips and pointers you will find helpful when self driving through wildlife.

Time of the-day

Different animals are active at different times of the day so it is useful to know what animals you want to see and what time they are most active. Some animals like lions hunt in the night time so it is advisable to wake up at dawn if you're to catch sight of them finalizing their hunt. Night time game drives are recommended because animals such as hippos, leopards are active then. Afternoon game drives provide incredible opportunity to see and photograph animals such as elephants and giraffes.
Drive slow and be-alert

If you are on holiday and casually on safari in Uganda, drive slow to get the most out of your time in the park. Not only will the animals be less intimidated to run away if you drive slow, but also your chances of spotting wildlife is increased. As much as you are driving slow, you should also stay alert to increase your chances of seeing any movements because the wildlife in the park has evolved to camouflage in its habitat making it harder to spot them.

Carry a decent pair of binoculars

Savanna grass with scattered trees is the most dominant vegetation covering the panoramic plains of Uganda's game parks and reserves. The topography and open space in the game parks accommodates and favors the use of binoculars to comfortably see wildlife which is far away without having to drive further and aimlessly. The most suitable binoculars for seeing game in the parks are 35, 8×32 and10×42.

Switch off your lights and engine

If you happen to see an animal or a herd and do manage to get closer without startling it, switch off your engine and radio. Mechanical sounds for example engine revs and radi
tend to attract the animals attention if not scare them. Scared animals usually feel threatened and can attack you to defend themselves so its advisable to switch off your engine while you’re at a sighting and preferably use your binoculars instead of driving closer to the animals. Nocturnal animals are adapted to see excellently at night time and flashing lights at them can be distracting and scare them away.

Try the watering hole

In case you have had a not-so-successful self drive through the park, you can always go to the watering hole and wait for the animals there. In the dry season, most of the animals share water sources and it is at this location that you not only see the animals but also get to witness how the different species in the parks relate to each other. The watering hole also provides opportunity for some excellent photography.

Camping opportunity

It is barely possible to exhaustively enjoy all that Ugandan national game parks have to offer within a day of self driving. One way you can even be more thrilled is if you set up a bush camp with a bonfire. As much as you can camp in the game park, you have to use your own camping gear. Nevertheless, if you did not carry camping gear you could simply rent a car with fantastic camping gear to use while on your safari. This way, you can sit around a bonfire with friends or family listening to the sounds of nature while enjoying the ambiance of the game park. Once you've made the choice to camp in the game park, be advised  to  carry  enough  food  and  drinks  although  you  shouldn't  leave  any  leftovers outside your camp as they could attract scavenger animals.