Monday, 31 July 2017

3 Tips to choose your car rental in Uganda.

Car rental in Uganda has become an immediate response to road trip. Whenever you think of traveling your next destination, think of the means to use during your trip. Let car rental be your companion to solve all your transportation needs. In Uganda, various car rental companies are there to help you tour Uganda in a short period. These car rental companies in Uganda offer various car rental services that would make the traveler feel relaxed and have no worries in Uganda while you are on your trip. Self drive in Uganda is one of the most prestigious services offered by these companies. Other services offered include airport transfers, camping services, car hire for other groups like the conference meeting, process permits to their clients (gorilla and chimpanzees) , book for accommodation so as  you can have enough rest and prepare for the  next day and with fresh minds. If you have not yet decided which car rental company  to take care of your transportation needs, its advisable to consider your major concerns about  a given car rental company in Uganda, the following tips would be among your major concerns of car rental in Uganda.

 The type of car to use. 

Besides Uganda’s cars being imported from Japan, commonly used cars for road trip and self drive include: Toyota Rav4s, Prado land cruisers, Custom vans, Nissan Patrols and for big number of people, the Costa shuttle buses are there to help you move from one conference area to another conference area if they are distanced apart. Most cars being used for safari in Uganda are high ground clearance ready to move in whatever situation in Uganda like the mountainous areas, during the rainy seasons where roads tend to be slippery and impassable. The good news is that they have 4x4WD cars and reserved in case you press an order. They are affordable to all travelers including the budget and luxury travelers.

Location and address. 

The address of the car rental company in Uganda stands a strong feature to direct their clients. Various methods are being used to communicate like direct calling through the phone numbers indicated on their websites or using the email. The location of the rental car gives a firm assurance that the company is fully registered by company’s act in Uganda. Many car rental companies in Uganda have built their fame on websites but not registered as companies in Uganda. So the location and address of a given car rental in Uganda assures the clients that they are dealing with right persons.

Services offered by car rental in Uganda. 

Nothing is hectic to have a car rental in Uganda and the rest of the activities left for you yet you are green about Uganda or know little information. With  well informed and trained tour guides, car rental companies in Uganda are  glad to inform their clients are not left alone to turn their safari into agony instead these  guides make their journey a joyful one and a remembrances. The guides provide each information you would like to know about Uganda. Besides having the services of the guide the rental car companies, they have options of self drive where you discover the new things alone, book for you the accommodation in advance and make your airport transfers easy not forgetting to book for you the permits which allows to see the major attractive animals which are the gorillas in the south western Uganda.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


While you are planning to self drive in Uganda, make sure your car is in good condition and careful examination, observation, scrutiny, probe, investigation of the car to be used before the start off point is referred to as car inspection. Car rental companies in Uganda treasure the life of their clients as an important gift. Besides hiring the car, Inspection and maintenance is mandatory in Uganda under the operation called Thika Salama that is countrywide. We recommend our  un safe conditions before causing an accident or crashes, mechanical problems at their infancy before they lead to extra costs and it helps to keep informed on the service while  on the road to avoid fines and penalties of un serviced car. One may be worried on what to inspect, below are some items that qualify inspection activity to match the standards on the road.

clients thoroughly inspect the vehicles before heading for the trip on a self drive. Not only inspecting and maintenance of the car, the driver should be knowledgeable on what to inspect and maintain. A well inspected car, helps to discover

Exterior View. The outside part of the car consists of the body, number plate, tires, wipers, stickers and the tank cover.

Car body .On inspection, make sure that you clearly observe the body has no scratches that may be brought accidents, or malicious people. The vehicle to hire should be free of crutches and attractive to move.

Tank cover. Make sure that tank cover is well tied and covered to avoid the dangerous items from entering the tank oil

Number plates. It is mandatory that every car on the road should have a number for easy identification for news cars, they are always given a grace period of three days always move with a log book of that car.

Tires .Notice whether the tires are about to wear and tear to avoid un necessary puncture while driving.

Stickers. Normally stickers on the car show the license and the validity period for driving that specific car. It further shows you the ownership of the vehicle to be in safe custody.
Interior view. The interior consists of the seat belts, chairs, brakes, screen washer, sterling fluids, serpentine belts, radiator water, and battery.

Radiator water. This cools the engine in case it is over heated make sure that the water in the radiator is enough to avoid over heating of the vehicle.

Battery. It is the car’s electrical and ignition system. A normal battery lasts 2-3 years. Without the normal functioning of the battery, you will be delayed or get stuck on the way. Below are the indicators that your battery is not functioning as expected. A sluggish engine start, low battery fluid level, engine light being weak, rotten egg smell from your battery, if the battery case has swollen. If all not seen then, your battery is functioning well.
Seat belts. Every car should have a seat belt to secure the occupant from harmful movement that may result from sudden stop or collision of the car. It should be well put on while driving for both the driver and the passengers.

Brakes. The brakes are so important on the car to protect you and your loved ones .The brakes of the hired car are noticed that are not functioning well on a road test and the following will be noticed; take long to stop, brake system warning light flashes, shuddering through your sterling wheel when braking, sloppy soft brake pedal, loss of grip when braking, feeling your car pulling left or right when braking.

Car chairs. The car chairs should be well cleaned together with the seat covers to give the occupant offer first impression of the interior view of the car.

The serpentine belt. A belt on the car engine that that works with the tension and the pulleys inside the car accessories .Provides power for the air conditioner of the car, the alternator, the steeling and sometimes the cooling water system. While inspecting, while inspecting the belt, you will hear squalling voice from front of the vehicle, the car engine over heats after short distance, the air conditioner will not work, and power steeling and Ac fails completely all this is done on the road test of your hired car before going ahead with your trip.

Steeling Fluids. Check whether the sterling fluids of the car leaks. The fluids help the wheel to move softly while turning the vehicle check whether the O-rings and seals are accessible. You may hear a mourn or a whine while trying to turn the vehicle

Emergency Equipment. Before the departure, make sure that you have the following equipment; spare tire, tools, First aid kit, Fire extinguisher, Chain or rope and the lifesavers. They seem to be minor and ignored by most drivers after checking all the necessary parts of the car. However, the above tools are the immediate response help to go ahead with in case you were in the absence of the delayed mechanic.

After all the inspection of the necessary items, then all is set for your budgeted trip to explore the pearl of Africa with all its hidden treasures.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


To rent a car in Uganda has seemly been the commonest thing done nearly by every traveler who desires to safari the pearl of Africa. The easiest way to have Uganda  at your fingertips through exploring  its beautiful physical features by your own .Having your own car  in this country through different car rental companies in Uganda links you to a variety of services  provided by these car rental companies. Among the services is self drive, the most rewarding service that makes everyone furious of the country where you are behind the wheels by your own and in control of the keys of your preferred car in Uganda. Other services include the airport transfers, guided trips and rental of camping equipments. Hiring camping equipments in Uganda helps you not to struggle with a big luggage from all the way home, let the rental car company in Uganda do all the basics for camping and be relaxed at the pearl of Africa. To rent a car in Uganda has guidelines to be followed in order to get the specified car of your choice for specific purpose in Uganda.

Rent a car for a specified function. Uganda has a variety of cars to hire but not all cars are designed for the same functions. Among the functions meant to hire cars, include the luxury traveling, conferences meetings and wedding functions. In case you opt to have a self drive in Uganda, you are required to rent a car that is designed for its purpose.

Rent a car that has enough space. While you plan to come with luggage, think of a car that will accommodate both your luggage and your friends if any. A big car in Uganda with enough space gives you an impression or morale to shop along the way for other contingencies you would have missed to purchase around the main town. Hired cars in Uganda that normally have big space  for both family and luggage are the Extended Toyota Land Cruisers, super custom vans and the Nissan patrols that are high ground clearance ready to maneuver through any situation, that is hilly areas and rainy seasons where roads are slippery. However, most car rental companies in Uganda do not allow these cars for self drive services though a few do give after fulfillment of some specific terms and conditions.

The location and address of the rental car companies plays a big role when renting a car in Uganda. This gives a firm assurance that there will be an immediate response in case you chose to use their car to fulfill your desire in Uganda. The address includes the telephone numbers and the email address to communicate directly and electrify the problem. The location of the rental car company may be got from the websites and telephone numbers may be given to travelers upon visiting the rental car company offices.

Do not wait until the last minute to place your order for car rental service in Uganda, book in advance to avoid the inconveniences that may be caused by last minute bookings. As the saying, the early bird catches the warmth. This prepares both the traveler and the car rental company in Uganda to make all necessary documentation in regards to car hire like the driver’s license, terms and condition.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Tips to know before renting a car in Uganda.

If you decided to take a vacation in Uganda and visit different attractive places including the great fauna and flora of the country and be in touch with the people of Uganda, rental car in Uganda that will  turn your exploration  into a fascinating one with a car rental company of your choice. Whether you are going on a self drive in Uganda or a guided trip across the country’s hills and valleys, you will need a vehicle to get you there. Most people find it difficult in planning a schedule of their trip and forget to think about renting a car in Uganda. Nevertheless, before you think of a car rental company, you should do a little research. A little bit of preparation goes a long way in getting the right car for your trip. Below is what you need to know before you opt for a car rental company’s services.
Size of the rental car.
To figure out the size of vehicle you should rent, think about the purpose of your rental, how many passengers or the amount of baggage/cargo you are taking with you. Car rental companies in Uganda use words like “compact”, “economy”, “mid-size”, “luxury”, “minivan” and “cargo van”.

Shop around. 
It is a good idea to visit a few different rental company locations and a few websites to get an idea of pricing options. By shopping around, you are more likely to find the best deal when you rent a car in Uganda.

Driver requirements. 
In Uganda, rental car companies require drivers be at least 18 years old. Drivers below 18 years are said to be immature to sign any contract with any party and contracts made between the under age are said to be void, one should have a cleaning driving record in case you opted for self drive around the country.

Car rental insurance.
 All car rental insurance provides different levels. This insurance may cover minor accidents that might occur during your rental period. It is a good idea to consider these options carefully. You might rest easier knowing that you are covered for any unexpected accidents. You can even check with your credit card company to see if you have any preexisting insurance coverage with them. Plenty of credit cards offer this car rental insurance, but it may be limited. Make the quick call to find out if you have coverage. Since car rental insurance can be pricey, it is worth the extra effort to find out what your options are.

Fill it up. 
Take as many pit stops during your trip as you want. Make a stop to grab a bite or to pick up a coffee. It is up to you, but there is one stop that is necessary before you return the car rental: the gas station. It's usually communicated in your car rental agreement that you will return that vehicle with gas. There is usually a fee associated with not filling up.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Why your family needs to rent a car in Uganda?

A happy family is a family that shares one common goal whenever it comes to decision making. As a family, you would wish to have your holiday vacation in style outside your home country and probably Uganda the pearl of Africa or East Africa as a region. It is up to parents especially the family head that everyone in the family is entertained. Hire a car in Uganda and get all the excitement with your family on a vacation. Renting a car with Ugandan rental car companies is the best option to do due to the wide range of utilitarian vehicles that would maneuver the hilly and slippery roads Uganda has in general. Many questions will come to your mind at the time you decide to have a vacation with your family. Below are the reasons as to why you will have to rent a car in Uganda for your family.

You need to get personalized entertainment

As you are new people in the country, no one to communicate too but only among yourselves renting a car in Uganda will keep you together. While in the rented car of your choice, your family will give you that companion that you would miss in case you traveled alone on the vacation in Uganda. Being together keeps togetherness and unity among the family members.

Reduce on transport costs

Renting a car in Uganda reduces on the cost of transport you would have used on each family member. You will have to use one vehicle as family and get entertained in the vehicle hence reducing the tendency of hanging round and being idle on your Ugandan safari holiday. Together is united in a family, you share one goal and achieve one objective as a family.

You get the right car specified for the family.

On the decision of hiring a car in Uganda for your family, you get time to look for the right vehicle that has space for both your family and their luggage. Not all cars at the rental company’s office are fit for your family but only one single car that has the features you are looking for. This will bind your family and family members will be assured of luggage safety and all their stuff things like playing toys for the kids.

To get frequent stops

Not all rental car services will allow you to stop at your pace but only a self drive vacation in Uganda along with your family. As you travel with kids on a vacation, you need to stop whenever they ask for it especially the kids. This will give them time to straighten their legs, muscles after a long journey and get time to ease themselves.

You need to explore more on adventure

The kids might have heard of the pearl of Africa while at school. This might be the time for them to explore more adventure on behalf of their parents’ decision while on a self drive in Uganda as a family. Rent a car in Uganda for educative purposes of your children.