Sunday, 21 June 2015

Car rental agencies in Uganda

Uganda is undoubtably one of the best destinations to travel and direct yourself on a self drive in Uganda or directly call it car rental in Uganda. But the big question lies in choosing the best car rental agency to travel with.

Being a developing  and third-world country, in the past 6years there were a few car rental agencies and those that were on were more into safaris selling whole packages that include the car rental price in the package which wasn’t known. However of recent many companies have come up in the market offering different services, and products. There are a few companies that specialise in small vehicles like the suv’s while many offer a variety of vehicles from saloon suv’s cars to economy cars to 4x4 tough and utilitarian car rentals. The choice and budget actually determines which car you actually need.

In most cases and companies, the bigger the cars the higher the price and the smaller the car the lower the price quote. The prices quoted for you are usually comprehensive insuarance and third party inclusive. However the with the kind of roads upcountry, bumpy and sometimes slippery, its actually advisable to hire a 4x4 tough and utilitarian vehicle if you plan on going out of the cities. The saloon cars are cheap and are suitable for business trips in Uganda. The least affordable vehicle recommended upcountry can be the full time 4Wheel RAV4 a suv vehicle with good stability on the ground.
On the same line, most of the car rental agencies, offer the cars for a self drive in Uganda, but a few will offer the big cars for a self drive. They will actually rent you the cars with a driver. Reason behind this is the complications with these vehicles. Most of the drivers are well conversant with these vehicles to drive them around. The whole arrangement remains car rental in Uganda but with a few more bucks to cater for the drivers allowances.

Some car rental agencies give you a whole reason to rent a car while other leave the platform open for you to rent the vehicles. Some car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda will entail you with all travel related plans especially adventiure related car rentalin Uganda. You only pay for the car that includes comprehensive insuarance and the advisery all goes to helping you plan well for a self drive safari in Uganda.
In cases of mechanical breakdown, and usually if the problem can be fixed, the agencies have mechanic rescues to help you out fix the problem. These are freelance mechanics called on phone and the nearest mechanic to the location of the car breakdown will be of help to you. They car rental agencies and mechanics all around the country have the arrangement. And if the problem costs you anything below 60,000 ugsh,you could pay and get refunded at the end of the trip. In any cases of serious problems that cost lots of bucks usually the cars are insuared and pay anything above $150 and above. Anything caused due to reckless driving, will be pulled onto you. Accidents, fire and theft should be reported immediately within 24hrs so the insuarance company can be of great help. Anything above the insuarance aggrements, you will need to top up the rest of the costs sometimes.

Car rental time is usually on daylight basis but other car rental companies offer on a 24hr basis. Usually if the rental time has elapsed all you need is inform the rental agency on your intention to extend the rental period and you can pay on car return.

Airport pickups and drop-offs are usually free of charge if you are renting a car with the car hire agency you chose. Always make sure you you ask for if they can do it and don’t just assume. Some do while some don’t.

There are also international brands in the Ugandan market for Uganda car rental and Uganda car hire, however these brands tend to be expensive than the local car rental agencies which provide a reasonable price for the same car you needed from the international brands. But the clients choice on which car to hire or which company to go with is absolutely a choice for the hirer which is also absolutely possible in Uganda.

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