Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Being alone is one thing I have experienced during my travels. Far away at the heart of East Africa lies, a land locked country Uganda where I counter faced my first solo trip on a self drive in Uganda with one of the car rental companies that I had already booked online. A conducive climate that I felt behind the wheels of my car seeing the lush green vegetation all over the place. Oh, Uganda the pearl of Africa gifted with all kinds of creatures in well-protected national parks and game reserves surrounded with beautiful environment for a picnic. The shores of Lake Bunyonyi and the Gorilla highlands in the southwestern region came to my notice to be nice places for honeymoon due to increasing couples that visited in a single day. A lot of fun  that I enjoyed joining other travelers that had traveled in a group on the Murchison falls  that went ahead to the source of the world’s longest river in Jinja. I came to realize that being in foreign land is to learn, explore, and get new friends when you travel alone. Solo traveling is one way to be free, do your things without being disturbed and do whatever you like at any time however. The tips would be helpful if you wished to be alone in a foreign land.

Wear ordinary clothes.  
While in a foreign land, attractive clothes will easily identify you as a stranger. Being a stranger in a big crowd will put your life to vulnerable mood in the down towns of Kampala Uganda’s capital, that is full of malicious people  who will assume that you have more of expensive luxury attractive items but when smartly dressed like any other ordinary person in the town you will be safe from malicious people.
Trust everyone and no one. 
Yes, it happened to me when I had to gone for short call and left my bag in the passenger’s seat. Only to realize the window seal was not properly closed, the driver was too concentrated on his phone that he had not seen anybody sneaking into the car to take my wallet luckily I had some money in my pockets and left my travel documents at the rental desk.
Be in open public places while at night
The fact that I was new in the area and nobody I knew, I had to be in open public places like hotels where I had booked my night. Uganda is a country to be entertained especially the city nightclubs full of people that dance to the tune of the music lyrics to feel relaxed.
Drink but not excessively
It is not all about being alone but also to forget your problems. When you drink excessively, you become a nonsense person and lose your mind. Your drunkenness will attract thieves to visit you and loose both your personal belonging and to almost life.
Eat in known hotels
Uganda has a vast number of restaurants however the nice meals are prepared in well-known hotels that serve best dishes for your home country which is not the case for the for the down town hotels

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