Friday, 9 June 2017

5 top tips to consinder when driving on Ugandan roads

Are you a self independent traveler and wish to explore Uganda or East Africa? Hey it’s an opportunity to tour the pearl of Africa on a self drive safari and experience the wheels texture on Ugandan roads. However not every traveler willing to self drive has the skills to drive in a four wheel vehicle is eligible. Like other countries, you have to comply with the laws governing the road in Uganda.Uganda is among the least developed country but ever since the National Resistance Movement came to power Infrastructure development has been on the fore front especially the roads sector so as to boost the economy.
Self drive in Uganda on our roads that are well tarmacked and maintained to your preferred destinations, like the Murchison falls, the source of the Nile, the impenetrable forests and roads towards ishasha for the tree climbing lions and all attractions that comes to your mind. It’s no more a burden and now history, drive through the game parks and feel the Mother Nature of lush green tropical savanna vegetation. The availability of rental car agencies in Uganda leave you with abundant choices to choose from their well mechanized 4x4wheel vehicles to maneuver bumpy roads across the country.

Having a driving license is not an automatic password to sit behind the wheels in a country of opportunities. An international driving permit should be your companion in a foreign land to avoid the hassle of queuing at the Face Technology, Uganda’s Institution body responsible for issuing permits both citizens and foreigners. Share with us some conditions or Tips for driving a rental car in Uganda.

Willing to drive with less duress. One to drive in Uganda must be freely willing to sit behind the wheels in order to enjoy the comfort drive .On the other hand one under duress may cause an accident since he is under instructions order.

Must be sober.It’s healthy to have fun with friends and relatives during a self drive trip but not a good idea if you are that person addicted to alcohol or drugs. Before the fun, always have a thought of mind on how to return. If your addiction is irresistible then request for chauffeur services from your trusted  car rental agency, sit back and enjoy the beauty of Uganda

Rental agency should be insured.As important as your life. Never know what’s ahead of you. Does the rental insurance’s policy protect me, how am I overcoming the risk? This reminds me to travel with my insurance policy that covers all the risks in a foreign country. Most of the Uganda car rental agency policies differ from one another. One being collision with another car neglecting other damages incurred. An international insurance policy is advantageous to the third party.

Should be eligible to age compliance. Unlike other countries, age is just a number. According to the constitution of Uganda, 18 years and above qualifies to serious decision making on behalf of the parents. Not only below age but also inexperienced behind the wheels.

Well-versed with the traffic rules. Officers at work smartly dressed in white uniform attires along the high ways and around the streets on your departure from the Airport are visualized. Inspection before your departure of your programmed safari is taken note of.

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