Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Tips for hiring Cars in Uganda.

Moving from one place to another is a continuous process we find in our day today life. Solid or liquid, small or big, animals and people need to be shifted.  When, how and where to be transported is the question. To get rid of all these, is to either use your own car or hire cars from  car rental companies in Uganda .Almost all types of car models in Uganda  can be hired depending on what you wish to use it. Among the cars for hire in Uganda, include the cargo cars that consisting of big trucks and small cargo cars. The safari cars range from budget to luxury travel cars.

On the side of travelers, they are advised to hire cars in Uganda for convenient traveling and opt for a self drive in Uganda or be guided by freelance tour guides in Uganda who know 99% of the country’s best travel destinations that will give you a relaxation mind of a safari trip in Uganda. Whereas a self drive in Uganda is an added advantage to explore Uganda by them, get in touch of the local people, shop at any shopping center in Uganda and make as many stops you want. 

You are planning to hire cars in Uganda, below are the tips to have a good hired car for a specified purpose in a specified period.

Know the luggage you wish to carry.

 Travelers to Uganda or citizens planning to move to a new area are advised to know the amount of luggage ready for transportation. Large amount of luggage will need to hire big trucks and small luggage will need to hire a small medium car for business people dealing in products and raw materials. Travelers visiting Uganda are also advised to park luggage that will not disturb them while on their safari. Too much luggage will require hiring more than a single car that will be expensive on their side including expenses for a driver.

Know the number of people traveling.
Large group of travelers will require hiring a big car for travel whereas a small group will require a small car to hire. When you are a solo traveler, you are advised to hire a car in Uganda that is fit for you and your luggage. A small car like Toyota Rav4 is a recommended car to hire for 1-2 people on a self drive safari in Uganda .For a group of 4-6 pax an Extended Toyota land Cruisers is recommended car. For more than the mentioned groups, normally visit the car rental companies’ websites to see the available cars for hire of your group.

How long do you need to use the hired car? 

Time is not always our friend. Hire a car in Uganda at the time you need it for use so as to economize your costs for travel. When signing the agreement for car hire in Uganda with car rental companies in Uganda, state the period for when to use the car services. Car hire companies in Uganda normally count 24 hours from the time you sign their agreement and accept the terms and conditions: say if you sign at 0800hrs, you will return to the car at the same hour of the next day. This normally happens to travelers and then the business people agree upon finishing the task for hire.

Lastly know the distance you wish to travel. 

Normally business people in Uganda are charged depending on the distance. The shorter the distance, the lower the expenses and the longer distance the higher the expenses. Travelers who use airport taxis are normally charged per kilometer, the shorter the distance the lower the price and the longer the distance the higher the price. When you use rental cars other than the taxis the benefit is big since they charge per day no matter the kilometers.

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