Wednesday, 14 June 2017

4 Tips and mistakes to avoid when renting a car in Uganda.

Renting a car in Uganda is generally an issue for nearly every traveler to Uganda, no matter where you are from or where you are going to, you need to rent a car for convenient movement around Uganda. They are the cheapest means to use compared to other means like trains, canoes, and boats. You may decide to walk around the city Kampala especially the central region but when it need s to move Kampala and it attractive centers, rest of Uganda’s beautiful attraction centers, definitely you will need to use car rental services to have  your experience in Uganda. In addition, with that task ahead you need not make mistakes when renting a car in Uganda.Below are the tips and mistakes you need to avoid when renting a car in Uganda.
Read carefully the terms and conditions for renting the car in Uganda.
The greatest mistake that you have been doing is failure to scrutinize the rental car terms and conditions you are given. They are the laws governing the you on how to use the rental car in the absence of the owner the car. Since you know how drive a car and ignore the major things about your contract, you assume that everything is okay immediately after your pay. Anything done out of the terms and conditions given you are always responsible for that loss.

Delaying to return the car rental in time
As you know that time is a crucial factor to almost everyone both the owner of the car and the one who rents it to satisfy his/ her car rental services. Make all the necessary activities you are meant to do with your rental car in Uganda and return it to the company’s offices on time since the car has to serve another client after your usage .The mistake comes when you forget that the car you have hired is for commercial purpose to the owner. Any extra time that is past beyond the agreed time is accounted for a full day for most car rental companies in Uganda. Always use the car rental  for a specific purpose in a specified period to avoid the extra expenses on  your wallet.

Failure to inspect your car before usage

You assume that car rentals are in good conditions and ready to use on the road. Let the assumption end after you have read this article and your ignorance will never be your defender after realizing that the car  you hired had an already existing mechanical problem before you used it. Careful inspection  of the car ready for  usage  including the  road test helps you to incur the costs of repairing the already  existing mechanical problem .It hurts to pay the costs that you never  made because of the mistake you made of not inspecting  the car earlier before.

Not Refilling the Gas Tank Yourself
Most of the car rental companies in Uganda give away their cars for hire when it is ¼ fuel of the gas tank. If you assume that  car rental agency will respond to you in case you are stuck on the way due to failure to refill the gas, the chances will be limited though they will come but in the late hours. Always remember to refill the gas tank on way back to the airport in Uganda

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