Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tips For Family Camping on self drive in Uganda

Adventuring Uganda on a self drive in Uganda does not necesarilly mean sleeping in confortable lodges, 5-star or expensive wilderness. Or else travelling alone and enjoy everything to yourself. A lot of researched camping experiences show that such a trip in Uganda is exciting with family on board. Yes it requires saving a lot for all individuals on board. Considerations that will alter the budget only come in at accomodations only. The rental agencies only consider one price for a car rental no matter the number of people. However to make this a success, you require to know some tips that will get you going till the end on your self drive in uganda.

Sleeping Bags
If you are planning on camping as a family in the Uganda wilderness, pitching a tent as the most common way to wind off the day, consider bringing a sleeping bag. Most of the camping areas in Uganda are warm if not  hot, so a lighter sleeping bag would do you wonders. Tempreatures in the northern parts of the country are warm and it tends to be cold when you go south of the country. It can go down to 7 degrees which we call cold in Uganda. So a lighter sleeping bag in the dry seasons and a heavy sleeping bag in the rainy seasons.

Most of the camping grounds have no security lights, and therefore at some point you require light to take you out the camp. There are always public toilets outside and also a need to cook and eat outside the tent. So the head lights very much needed for all this. Required to keep the light stick on your head all time. This gives you clear lighting in and around the tent.

Leave No Trace.
Remember this camping ground you intend to use is a public place, another group used it and left it just the way you found it clean. This is another place you will call home for a night or two. So if you are camping as afamily, get involved in cleaning up that palce and leave it just the way you found it. Leave no trace on your camping ground.

Clothing. This is a most important aspect on your camping adventure. The right clothing is needed to determine for your camping adventure. Because the temperatures are always warm, required to carry lighter clothing however the climate in Uganda is not reliable. Advisable to carry both heavy and lighter clothing to spice everything up just in case climate changes. Rainy jackets, ponchos, boots are required. Make sure you don’t luck any of these.

Camping Meals. Yes you actually need eat food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You do not need to buy all the necessities or foods and have them packed in the car boot. You can always stop at groceries and markets and buy the foods you actually need. But only what you will need. Consider preparing all your meals before dusk and eating as well. Some car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda offer you all camping equipment to get putting food on the table.

Tent Care. This is also called your moving home. Just like your own room back home, you always want it tidy. You will never like a messy tent. Avoid eating in the tent, stepping in with dirty boots and leaving it open without attention. Always zip it up when not in use.

Animal Safety. Unless you don’t need your life, always keep a look at the animals. Don’t attract animals like the babbons. Keep eatables like bananas away from the sight of the baboons. They will mess you up. Always consider making a camp fire, because it rilly helps scare away animals like the hipos and elephants. Actually most of them will keep a distance.

Keep an eye on each other. Very important to keep an eye on a brother, sister or colleague. Some family members may decide to wonder around and get lost. Keep a look at each other till you leave that particular camping ground.

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