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Common Car problems you can fix personally on a self drive in Uganda.

Sometimes during a self drive in Uganda at some point un called for, you could turn your car key and get nothing, or get anything of a an engine life, you might be in for an annoying bad day which could cost you time and scheduled activities. Starting problems can be very frustrating because there are so many things can hinder a car from starting. so much unknown everything can keep the car from starting.  From troubleshooting, the battery, and many other mechanical issues can rilly be nightmare for your adventure. Nonetheless, you need to figure out why the car won't start, where the problems originates from and how to start it go. Before you opt for a mechanic to comein, first ascertain what the problem could be and maybe you could fix it yourself and save you money, time wastage waiting for the mechanic and also consider it positively as part of adventure.
Before you finally decide to take up on a self drive in Uganda, please consider you are ready fo these obstacles and in case it happens, you have to take it positively and go through it. That’s part of adventure. Even the guided tours, these hickups happen and are meant to be solved and still continue with the trip. Many of the car agencies in Uganda import used cars from japan which we call new however they are always in perfect working conditions and well maintained at every end of every trip.

A flat Tyre
On waking up every morning, ensure you check all the tyres of the car before you set off. And every time and then. Should you realise you have one, take it positively. Most of the cars you rent from car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda always provide all necessities to get you out of these hickups. A jeck, wheel spanner, jeck riser and spare tyre will get you starting to get this done.  Open, the crews on the tyres, get a well standing and supporting position lower next to the tyre, use the wheel riser to raise the car. Remove the tyre, put the spare tyre, screw back the nuts and bring the jeck back down. Natural knowledge and love for cars will get you done. You will actually find it interesting. However its advisable to have that tyre you removed fixed at the nearest service station you come across to avoid getting stuck in any case another tyre goes flat.

Fixing head and tail lights.
In most cases the head, break and indicator lights seem an issue for long distance vehicles. However always keep observant at the dashboard for any indication for faulty. Either the lights go loose or are dead and need replacements. This is another small problem that can be fixed easily. Buy from authorised dealers usually in towns, by showing them the car model or remove the dead bulb and show it out to the auto shop attendants. Make sure before you set off for your self drive adventure make sure you have a skul driver with you for opening these bulb protectors. These bulbs are easily twisted to remove and replace, butr this should be gently done. This process should not necesitate you a mechanic.

A Dead Battery.
Sometimes if your car rental vehicle doesnt start or ignite usually in the moprning hours, this could be due to the worn out battery. To understand its a battery issue, you will hear the engine cracking for life. If you are parked in an area with other cars, you can always ask the other parties to jump start you. Usually recomendable to have jump starters with you. And the other parties usually have no problem helping you out on this. If it all needs replacement, to a nearby authorised auto shop, you can buy a new battery and have it fixed. Just make sure you put the barttery in the right position and the terminals put right. Positive on positve terminal, negative on negative terminal. With this you are good to go on with your self drive vaccation.

Faulty spark plugs.
If the plugs are not sparking the combustion in your engine and ifthe spark plugs are all gunked-up or misfiring, the engine won't be running and starting properly. This is where the deep sockets come into play. All you need to do is get into the engine bonet Pop off the covers, unscrew those puppies, and put some new, clean ones in there. Your car rental will get you going. This is something you can easily do and not need a mechanic.

Oil Change.
There are a few things you need to know before changing your oil: thetype of oil and oil fiter you need,  where the oil pan bolt is, where the oil filter is  and how much oil your engine holds, When you've got that down, there are three basic steps to get you changing the oil. Loosen the bolt and drain the old oil, replace the oil filter, and refill the engine with new oil after tightening the bolt back up. Make sure you put a little bit of oil in the filter. This process doesnt require you looking for a mechanic.

Alternator                                                                                                                                                   Should you notice that Your car won't turn over, and the gadgets inside don't even light up, automatically know that the radiator is not functioning anymore. It sounds complicated fixing this but it is simple if you are ready for it. Eletronically, Remove the electrical connections, unbolt the brackets, and use the built-in tension arm to free the serpentine belt. That's it. Put the new one back in the way it came out, reconnect the wires, and boom, fire her up. Always keep an eye at how you removed the old one so you can follow the right procedure replacing a new one. Way you got the old out, same way you put the new one.
The most impoprtant aspect on your self drive safari safari is car safety and check. Check your car every morning before you ignite the car and getting behing the wheels to set off.  A representative from Auto Rental Uganda will always brief you about these car highlights before handing you the car keys for your self drive adventure.

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