Thursday, 19 March 2015

3 steps to hiring a car for self drive in uganda

Driving yourself around uganda is one of the best ways to see this pearl of africa. Getting yourself behind the wheels in the 4WD vehicles is one thing that makes the whole adventure interesting than just sit there in the jip, and keep looking around. Spot, stop and shoot is an amazing way to do this. So being able to explore the many destinations of this pearl of afica at your own leisure, and with a more flexible itinerary. For you to make this a reality and amazing, consider reading some of our tips from Auto Rental Uganda that gets you ready to get behind the wheels.

Typing and finding .The most imporntant factor to your self drive in Uganda is “type and find”. After you decide that you want to do a self drive, renting a car in uganda. take your time, make use of the internet with “uncle” google. Keywords like self drive in Uganda, car rental Uganda, rent a car in Uganda, and car hire in Uganda are common words to get you good results for your search. Companies familialised with google will pop out first and these are well established companies like auto rental Uganda. find the best car rental site that will give you what you need for a car on self drive. It is always advisable to shop around in about 4 companies and narrow it down depending on the replies you get. This will give you confort on confirming your booking. Take note on some quake  companies that offer you extremely low prices. If you intend to hire a rav4 suv, a full time 4Wd, that should cost you between $40-$60 just car rental without fuel and driver

Booking your car is one issue you need to take care of. Now, before you book for a specific, advisable to fillout the contact form available on the home pages and indicate your interests. If you prefer a suv o jip, make sure its what you book. Make sure the car rental outlines the inclusives and exclusive. You actually need to note these for your easy budget planning. Some car rental agencies always have special offers on the site for particular seasons. For example Auto rental Uganda offers upto 25% total discounted rates on the vehicles they hire. Particulary done as marketing strategies to promote the countries mountain gorillas. A 25% discount is not something you will just give up like that. Yes it is unbelievable how they do things but this is done on the their pre-arranged trips. Yes they offer you this opportunity to visit this country and will expect  just a review about their sevices. Seriously Consider these offers as they don’t come just so often. Consider companies other services like booking hotels for you, this will actually reduce on your time spent on hotel booking and could get you a good deal with the accommodation facilities as they have worked with them for a long time.

Enjoying your ride.  Now its time to enjoy what you rilly needed to do. Being behind the wheels on the first days in a foreign country is a tale to tell. You will actually find it more interesting when you visit the more highlights of the country. Yes, getting lost is common but also part of adventure. Getting used to the fact that these little or no sign posts along the road, the crazy driving and getting used to it. Roads taking you deep in the remote areas of the countryside. The spectacular wildlife in the game reserves, the water activities including the Grade 5 rafting, the ultimate gorilla experience, getting closer to your closest relatives the

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