Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Saving Gas and money on self drive in uganda

For about 5 years now, prices for gas at fuel stations have shoot up by about ½ a dollar. And this is all because of the dollar increase against the shilling. At many gas stations, prices differ from one to the other however the difference can’t be more than 100 ugx. It is always advisable to findout the fuel prices before you go on your self drive in Uganda. On the same note, if you decide to go on a self drive in Uganda, always full up at the Total and shell gas stations. They are always the best reliable gas. If you never plan for the gas well, you could end up in deficits so no matter what you're paying at the pump, Auto Rental Uganda comes up with a few ways to help you trim your gas expenses.

Empty out your ride. Should you decide to leave or carry a lot of unnecessary stuff you will not use on your trip will add weight to your car and this will add about 2-3 % of fuel consumption. So before  you set off to that long trip, carry that light luggage, and Only few things you need. This will give you a good deal on saving gas and money.

On the Highways; Usually look out for the recommended gas stations like the total and shell. You will actually see many fuel stations along the highway, and if you need to refuel, consider the two. Uganda is still a developing country and so substandard goods including gas at gas stations is not a surprise, so unfamiliar brands may not give you a good deal with gas. You will actually pay Little at the French Giant Total and shell, but the good gas here will take you miles and miles. This will actually save you lots of money in the long run.

Official rest stops. Usually these designated rest stops have good and competitive prices. Consider stopping at thse places an have a good deal with gas and save money.

Renting a Car; When you plan on renting a car, always inquire the consumption of the vehicle. If you are a single traveller and renting a small car like the suv rav4, inquire the cc of the car. But most of the ravs are 2000cc which are full time 4wheels. This will help you plan and save both on gas and money.

Price checkout; The most reliable tactic is to check nearby gas prices on your way out of the airport or the car rental zone just after you pick up the car.  This is when you should be thinking about saving money, not when you are returning the car and are under time pressure to make a flight. Then, when returning the car, consider purchasing your gas some distance from the rental return counter.

Choice; You can even pick the exact station at which you will purchase your gas on the way back in. Most rental companies require only that you fill the tank within 10 miles of the return lot; you will typically find much cheaper gas at this distance out where real people buy gas for daily life. If you do this, get a receipt and take it with you to the counter as proof of purchase. Consider that most Ugandan rental agencies will expect the same amount of fuel that was in at handover. Full tank for a full tank, or the viserverser.

Even before getting in the car; In fact, even before booking the rental , you may want to make the fuel efficiency of your chosen vehicle a priority. You can research fuel efficiency by car class, model, year and. The dollar amounts aren't nothing .

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