Thursday, 4 June 2015

tips on getting around Uganda

Stretched across the equator, a rising out natural environment full of beauty and freshness, Uganda is a hugely rewarding place to travel given the country’s diverse geography that has resulted into a great range of natural habitats. A stunning variety of mammals, birds, forests, lakes and rivers, mountains and the human beings are being sheltered by motherland Uganda.

While its history of migration and firming has brought about a complex social group, which includes Baganda in the city, pastoralists from the west and nomads of the north, very much friendly colourful people and the mountains lend the country  a genuinely exotic image with a magnetic appeal.  

On the Lake Victoria shores 40km from Kampala lies Entebbe international airport that is serviced by several international airlines that ensure easy access to Uganda from anywhere in the word. Chatter flights are also arranged between the domestic tour operators and the attractions. Uganda being a land locked country can be also accessed by land from the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Tanzania congo and or Rwanda.

The most direct option and the cheapest is uganda car hire that does not limit you in any of your movements, getting access is very easy using the internet or recommendations to car rental companies. A car cost 50-70 dollars less than the public transport which is cheap but then if you are to be time conscious it might not favour you given the horrible traffic jam in the tax park. Transport with public means can be with bus, minibus and special hires which can even be got directly from the airport. A hotel transfer is most used by the up market hotels but usually costs more than a car hire. If u have a driving licence it is recommended you bring it, fuel like any other country in the world is volatile with filling and repair stations every where in small towns.

There are is a good system of sealed roads in Uganda as most of the roads are tarmac between the major towns though you have to keep your eyes open outside town when driving because cows’ pedestrians, cyclists and potholes will appear from nowhere. The roads to far places off the main roads will depend on the weather if it is rainy they tend to be sleepily though in the dry season they will be good for the car but you might end up choking because of the dust.

In virtually all instances it’s better to deal with one of the local companies to move you around Kampala as they have good knowledge about the whole country and can take you anywhere with negotiated prices of cars with drivers inclusive or a car alone. Quoted prices for small cars with a driver can range from $50 to $80 depending on the car minus fuel.

In other words getting around in Uganda is not as hard as it may seem as roads are well made most of them tarmac, fully marked with sign posts on the roads to help guide you in the best adventure around Uganda whether on guided adventure or on self drive safari

Should you wish visiting the national game parks for the wildlife safari while on a self drive in Uganda, there are ranger guides at the park entrances that can be hired at $20 for the game drive that lasts about 5 hours, they will show you around the park tracks and give you a full insight about the wildlife in the park.
Some of the roads upcountry north of the country are not passable during rainy seasons as they will be so much flooded, however its always required you tell your destinations to your car rental agency so they can recommend the best cars to take you there. Usually the 4x4 Toyota landcruisers with a high ground clearance provided by some reliable agencies like Auto rental uganda are recommended for that area. The rest of the country’s roads are passable even with the suv rav4s commonly used for a self drive in Uganda.
If finding roads destinations in Uganda is stressfull for you, consider asking the rental agencies to give you a good quote including a GPS at a good price. This will help you get to your destinations so easily. You can discover Uganda behind the wheels on your self drive safari. Discover the pearl of Africa.

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