Friday, 25 August 2017


Uganda is blessed with a variety of car rental agencies to help and ease travelers’ movements to and around their preferred destinations. However blessed with these car rental companies, the biggest worry with our travelers is the price tags attached on these car rental services in Uganda. The prices for these services normally rise and drop down during high seasons and low seasons respectively. The rise and fall of these prices should not be a burden for your next travel to Uganda. With combined efforts from these car rental companies in Uganda, they have learn how important to save is, to their clients In order to save on car rental services and both parties benefit (the service provider and the traveler), they are advised to follow the tips listed below.

Car sharing
It does not make sense for each member to pay for his own charges of a car in Uganda once you are to travel as a group.  The difference between a combined car rental groups is cheaper than a single rental group for every member. Sharing the same car in Uganda keeps the traveler together in peace and harmony without being interrupted hence keeping the entertainment high and joyful in the same car. 

Negotiate for the car
Though you have been told of the quoted price, bargain for special offers and discounts for a given car in Uganda whether in the high season or low season. Continuous bargaining will result into price cut down of the original price hence saving on car rental.

Shop at once.
 List all the necessary items that you would use on your trip tour in Uganda and make a budget for them. If you shop around urban centers of Uganda, most of the items will be at a low price but when you continue to the up countries, the prices are always high and the items you want may not be available.

Compare the price with other car rental agencies. Do not stick to one car rental agency since Uganda has a variety of them. Randomly select 3-5 car rental agencies from the internet like Auto rental Uganda, safari drive, Rent a car in Uganda and compare the prices for their services. Always go for a cheaper that you will afford to pay.

Travel to your planned trip
Diverging from the planned trip is more expensive due to the cancellation of already booked items like the car, hotels. Yes, it is normal to cancel out your trip in case the purpose that led the cancellation of the trip needs genuine attention.  In most cases receipts issued for cancelled items not refundable or 50% refund for compensation.

Go for discounted services
Due to increased number, car rental companies in Uganda, offering different services like airport transfers, self drive and rental of camping equipments, prices attached to them are normally discounted depending on the seasons (high and low) and the number of pax booked for a specified service and car to be used.

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