Monday, 7 August 2017

Tips to choose car rental services in Uganda.

Despite the fruits enjoyed from car rental companies in Uganda, finding a reputable car rental company in Uganda can be an uphill task. This is because Uganda has many car rental companies, which offer different car rental services. Among the services offered include self drive Uganda, chauffeur services, airport transfers, hotel booking and permit booking(gorilla and chimpanzees). But  before settling down, you have to consider things, such as type of car to hire, type of hire( short term or long term hire), the right service to go for, and many other factors. It is, therefore, advisable to do your due diligence to ensure you land the right company with the best car rental services in Uganda.

Inquire from various service providers (car rental companies). Since Uganda has many service providers like Auto rental Uganda, Safari drive Uganda, Travel 256, Prime safaris, a random selection of 4-5 service providers is enough to get the right car rental service provider with the best car rental services. Be in touch with these service providers through different platforms either through the internet or phone-to-phone discussion with the car rental company. Among the things to be interviewed include the types of services offered, how conveniently can they be accessed, when the services are administered to their clients. Through this one on one discussion, will be able decide whether to take the offers or not.

Find out the type of rental car. There are majorly two types of car rental provided by these car rental companies to their clients–short term, long car rental .The short term normally ranges from 3 days to two weeks, and the long term is normally a month. The client decides whether to choose self drive or guided drive, in self drive one gets behind the wheels of the car himself or herself given the required requirements like travel maps, guided books (Brandt book) with current information about Uganda. While guided drive the client will require the services of the travel guide who is well versed with the day today current information about this country.
Visit car rental websites. From your random selection of car rental companies in Uganda above, the major issue is not checking and looking at information presented, but checking the reviews and comments from other clients who have already used car services before you. Ensure the company you are considering is positively rated by past clients. A company with the greatest number of positive comments from past clients is highly preferable.

Existence of the car rental company in Uganda. Like a saying, “old brooms are better than new brooms” It has come to my notice that a service provider with much experience in the field of travel serves better compared to newcomers. Mostly, big companies have huge fleets of cars for hire in Uganda. Also, note that established car rental firms have a good reputation in the industry because their services are top-notch. Avoid going for companies that are new in the market since they may not be able to meet your needs. How would you now that so and such company is less experienced in the field, they will   be delayed response to some of your questions.

Lastly choosing a car rental company in Uganda for service delivery, consider going to pick the car. Take your time to inspect the car before leaving the pick-up station. Inspect the car closely to see if there are any body damages. Make sure the lights and signals are working properly. Do not forget to check the mileage of the car. You have to be well conversant with the vehicle before driving away. Report to the relevant agency any defects you notice while inspecting the car.

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