Monday, 28 August 2017

A sneak into the Murchison falls national park on a self-drive

As soon as you meet the car rental agency from the airport, you are prepared to have your rest at a booked lodge or hotel by your preferred car rental company in Uganda. The Murchison trip is such a tiresome journey to be covered in a day on self -drive (4-5hours) immediately after the flight. The park is located in the northern part of Uganda and within the oil reach areas of Uganda. The area that you cannot miss to see. The park is widely visited by tourist because of its massive waterfalls besides being the biggest national park in Uganda.

The journey begins.
Car rental companies are glad that you are part of their self-drive tour in Uganda. The drive is such a long way to cover from Kampala city but the most important thing is to be caution of the traffic rules and have a safe self-drive-in Uganda.

Hop in your preferred car in Uganda and relax behind the wheels of the car as you enjoy the rough texture surface of Ugandan roads. They are well and maintained though a few still under construction especially the highways of Uganda. The car rental vehicle is designed in a simple form that you are able to use like that you normally drive at home. On a self-drive to the park, you are not left alone to hassle on the road, car rental companies in Uganda do mind a lot about your journey. They make sure that you are given tools to use to arrive safely to the park.  The Brandt guidebook that has simple detailed information about Uganda, the travel’s map that will show you all the major and minor roads of Uganda and the GPS that will show the direction in which the park is located however paid an extra charge besides your car rental charges.

About the car, you are yet drive to the national park, a high ground clearance that will withstand the muddy roads off the surfaced roads. The roads are normally not in good condition during the rainy season of the year. The car is a 4x4 WD that will maneuver through the muddy roads in the park. The car is open roof to enhance clear game drive while standing in your car. 

The good thing is that you drive at your own pace until you reach the national park. You get time to go to the local shops and interact with the local people who are lovely and caring about the foreigners. With car rental in Uganda, you go deep into the un reachable places like homesteads and some historical sites of the people around the area.

Car rental agency in Uganda has not only catered for self-drive travelers but also travelers who need guidance to the park. Tour guides from the car rental agency will be with you to introduce to you further more attractions around the national park. The guides will translate to you from Uganda local language or English to your mother languages like Spanish, Germany, and the choice is yours to decide.
Lastly enjoy your Murchison trip with the best Ugandan car rental agency and experience the cool climate around the Nile River in the North of East of Africa.

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