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Ugandan delicacies

As you fly through the coasts of east Africa entering the virgin land Uganda full of the beauty that u can even smell from the shores of Lake Victoria that welcomes you in Entebbe airport. The roads to the peal of Africa takes you from the islands of lake Victoria in the central to the south west known to the home of the eco image of Ugandan gorillas to the snow capped mountains of Ruwenzori and the virunga ranges deep down in the south.

Through the flat crater lands of semuliki national park in the eastern tropical rain forests and savannah and fertile farm lands to the extremes of its borders on the edge of the great rift valley. It’s these waters and the fertility of the lands that create the Uganda delicacies. In Uganda they don’t complain about the food because everything that this mother land produces is a delicacy.
The visitors are sure with what they will sample –whether it is the counties traditional dishes or the western style. Ugandan waters are a home of the Nile patch commonly known as mputa which is served fresh with matooke or bananas, the smaller size of this fish are smoked and prepared in ground nuts and this also served with smoked bananas, rice, yam is the most liked with the biggest number of people being the baganda and the best in cooking thus dish though now it has spread almost in the whole country.

Ugandan dishes all rotate around the matooke that is bananas mostly from the south peeled and wrapped in banana leaves boiled and then smashed with hands served with fish, beef stew and the local chicken  staple in the urban areas , ground nuts beans and different types of vegetables for the vegetarians like mush rooms akatiko, sukumawiki, dodo, nakati, ebbuga all these are usually just boiled with tomatoes and onions which are seasoned with ginger and the local curry powder commonly known as binzaali. All this dishes if at home we eat from down like on the mat and use our hands to eat.

For snacks local people are almost addicted to roasted things like beef and chicken known as muchomo, sweet banana called gonja, cassava maize chapattis and yams. Matooke is commonly used in the central, western and eastern regions. In the south people their take mostly Irish potato sans hard boiled white corn known as posho or the bown posho from millet and cassava akaro.  For something to remember in your whole life are the special delicacies like the grasshoppers locally known as ensenene , white ants enswa actually they are termites. The bagishu from the east have the young bamboo shoots which they call amalewa. These are nicer than what you think if they are offered to you do not let the opportunity pass coz it might never be back.

To wash everything down at the end of the day locally bottled water is available everywhere, bottled or freshly made juice from Uganda. And for the winding up part the locally brewed beer is in abundance and fist class quality. There is the light and lager type with all this there is a national drink called the Uganda waraji a gin made from cassava, banana beer and brown sugar. Sodas, wines tonics the locally made beer known as malwaa taken form a pot with over six people sucking from one pot.
Be adventurous try all the Ugandan delicacies that are truly unique and cannot be found somewhere else which makes us to be the pearl of Africa.

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