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No doubt Uganda was nominated the best travel destination by lonely plannet 2012 and as well national geographic. From having the best sceneries, water bodies, historical sites, wildlife, birdlife and above all a home to half the world’s surviving mountain gorillas. Uganda still undiscovered by tourists is one of a destination kind that will give you an ultimate adventure experience. Whether you need a home away from home, relaxing at the African beaches an experience compared only to the paris of the sort, whether you are a wildlife lover, Uganda has got it all, say you’re a rafter, Uganda gets you rolling and flipping. #uganda is a country that will give you a different activity each new day for a full one month and still yawn for more. With its most friendly people, you just have a real home away from home. Should you be on a self drive adventure you will never get lost in the wild, a request for directions comes with a warm smile. Lets look at the few highlights that make Uganda the IDEAL travel destination.

Tracking the mountain gorillas. This is a genuine once in a lifetime wildlife encounter. These great apes are unique, they have families, support each other just like human beings, play and roll, getting upclose with these great apes that are capable of plucking your arms from their sockets is an exihilating experience. They share 97% DNA with humans, and in their presence, they look like fellow humans interacting with fellow humans, they touch and lick you in the rain forest, this forest as well offers a wide variety of primates and birds that can be spotted on your tracking sessions into this rainforest. Amoment with these great apes gives you the feeling of an ultimate adventure.

Wildlife encounters with spectacular game drives. With over 10 national parks and several game reserves across the country, Uganda with Auto Rental Uganda gives you the wildlife lover a holiday of a lifetime and of its kind. Ranging from the Big 5 (elephants, rhinos, buffalos, lions and leopards) to nocturnal mammals, butterflies, Uganda gets you covered. It is also one of the few places in Africa you can view lions hitching in tree fig and acacia branches. Uganda is a destination with parks that you can do game drives or game views while biking or riding on top of the horses. guided nature walks in the parks. Getting close to these wild animals and have the most spectacular game shoots. Uganda is a wildlife destination ideal  where you easily find animals you may not have seen easily anywhere else in Africa.

The mighty river nile. John Hemmingway speke stood right on the Ugandan grounds when he saw and discovered the source of the longest river in the world 6700kms which takes it 3months to do a round up till Egypt.. The river’s source originates from lake victoria, a lake shared by the three east african countries. The source of the nile is located in the eastern part of Uganda in a small industrial city of Jinja. At this point you physically see how the river bubbles out of this fresh lake. On this river are so many activities done including the grade 5 white water rafting, kayaking the nile, tubbing, boat cruises, and bungy jumping. Whatever your choice of activity is, Uganda with Auto Rental Uganda give you a once in a lifetime adventure.

The Murchsion falls. A 50 meters wide river squeezing its self in a 6m wide gorge and falling 45m down creating a spectacular water spread and rainbow. This is one of the spots worth visiting, this falls is the most spectacular scenario that has ever happened to this longest river in the world, THE RIVER NILE. This also happens also in the biggest park of Uganda murchsion falls national park endowed with wildlife. This is a must visit place for every tourist in Uganda, you miss this place you have missed much of uganda you will say, “I was there”.

The Spectacular scenery. They are rolling hills, terraced lands, lush green vegetation and savannah. The drive through this is relaxing to a traveller, the eye blinks are counted. 

The water bodies. And the second deepest lake in Africa is in Uganda, lake Bunyonyi is much interesting as it snakes itself around its islands with great African historical background, the moment you see this view gets you awing, this places also featured in the lord of rings movie. Countless crater lakes with spectacular views. Some of the parks have channels and rivers that are endowed with more water wildlife, talk of crocodiles, thousands of hippos, fish eagles and so much to offer during your boat cruise. Almost every water body has a lot to offer. Spectacular is never enough word to describe.

Cultural and traditional tours. With over 56 tribes, Uganda is equivalent to offering 56 different cultural and tradition tours, spread around the country. A variety of traditional sites like the kasubi tombs, sezibwa, the matyres shrine and also uganda habours the only ba’hai temple in Africa. Have you tasted the real African dish traditionally and specially cooked, you are a traveller seeking a different travel experience, culture and tradition of the common African human, trust me choosing Uganda with Auto Rental Uganda is just as ideal as you expect it. Words are never enough on describing this.
Mountain Hiking. So you are a mountan hiker, and you love it and it is aprt of your adventure requirements, trust me Uganda with Auto Rental uganda has got it for you. Ugandas mountan rwenzori the key to an enjoyable visit is to be prepared! The central hike circuit takes six nights or seven days and reaches an altitude of  5019m above the sea level. The conditions on the mountain are a challenge to even an experienced hiker. This park also hosts 70 mammals and 217 bird species including 19 Albertine Rift endemics, as well as some of the world’s rarest vegetation, another mountain to hike is the mt.elgon boardering with Kenya.
Truth me no matter how much time you have, you can never have enough of Uganda. We at Auto Rental Uganda, we tailor your safari to your personal preferences not loosing out even with the smallest details.. we direct you to the right direction just so you have value for your money.. Adventure the PEARL OF AFRICA.

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