Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Saving Gas during your self drive adventures with Auto Rental Uganda

Self Drive in Uganda is quite amazing and easy only for those that are convisant with car driving, if you are a starter in car driving and still acant beat the fear in you, its advisable you get a driver to help you navigate through Uganda because it may turn out to be a nightmare for you. Self drive with Auto Rental Uganda is spectacular because with the travel advice you get, you are as good as on the road giving you all details on Ugandan driving and ways to save on gas and money:
1.      Do away with aggressive driving. speeding, rapid acceleration and braking, wastes gas. It can lower your gas mileage by 28% at highway speeds and by 3% around town. Yes breaking is necessary but it takes away the kinetic energy of a car and regaining it requires more acceration and that’s more fuel consumption. So this calls for unnecessary breaking. with Sensible driving you save and is also safer for you and others, so you may save more gas and money and safety as well.

2.      Planning and combining trips, in any case your budget is small and wish to go on a self drive adventure, think about having a second party join you so as you share these fuel costs. Combining a trip with a friend/collegue is not only gas saving but also interesting. Share ideas as well. When you get the fuel budgets shared, the budden of the gas reduces and in any case save for any other amazing activity.

3.      Do away with rack cargo. Carrying heavy cargo on your roof rack increases wind resistance and gravity pressure which in turn lowers fuel economy. A large roof-top cargo box, for example, can reduce fuel economy by around 3% to 7% in city driving, 9% to 19% on the highway, and 9% to 25% at Interstate speeds (50k mph to 80kmph).  If you need to use an external cargo container,  removing it when not in use will save fuel and money, or leaving it out and using the boot space will also save you a good percentage of gas for your car rental self drive trip from Auto Rental Uganda

4.      Use overdrive gears. Using overdrive gearing, your car rental engine speed goes down. This in turn saves gas and reduces engine wear. 

5.      Observing the speed. The more the speed above 50kmph the less the fuel consumption. The less the speed, the less the gears involved and these come with high fuel consumption. On most Uganda roads, there are always posts indicating the speed limits, highways advice 80kmph while in centres and towns it advices 50kmph, a good observation of these posts will render you an average speed that saves your fuel consumption with your car rental vehical.

6.      Doing away with idling. This is simply said “switch off the engine wen not moving”. Leaving your car rental vehicle engine on while not in motion, say at fuel stations or while viewing at something important like game viewing consumes more fuel like 0.5% per hour, this is also influenced with using a lot of AC. Air conditioning is good but it also adds a percentage on gas mileage. The more AC is on the more power to the engine and that results to more gas usage. It is advisable to put off the Ac in areas it is not necessary like the clean and natural highways or natural places with natural air like in game parks or forests. This will save you a big deal of gas mileage with your car rental.

7.      Do Away with Excess weight. Trying as much as possible to do without alot of lagguage. A lot of unnecessary lagguage will increase the weight of your self drive car rental vehicle and this will obviously increase the gas consumption of your self drive car rental.

8.      Using Overdrive gears. Using overdrive gearing, your car rental for self drive engine speed goes down on any terrain in the country, This saves gas and reduces engine wear. Its advisable to always leave your self drive vehicle in overdrive gears.

9.      Choosing a more efficient car. This is always the first step to saving your self drive car rental gas mileage. Auto Rental Uganda, fleet of Rav4s, are more efficient for your best self drive adventures in Uganda. This [RAV] Recreational Active Vehicle 4WD crossover SUV is an easy and economical car that can handle all Uganda terrain almost throughout the year. It is a full time 4WD which makes it convenient given the mountainous terrain of Uganda and gas friendly. You gat a good deal with such type of car.

10.  Car check before driving. Just like any responsible driver always check the car engine before you start driving. Oil, service, hydloric, radiator and resoivour coolant and others that may need to make sure your self drive car rental is in good shape. If everything is in good condition, as well your gas mileage is in good consumption..

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