Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Lets say you want your Hooneymoon as marvolous as you pronounce It, You could Think about being in the wild, camping and let your neighbours be the wild, they roar come next to your tent, play around as you keep silent inside the tent in that wilderness.."that feeeeling".the sounds of flowing rivers, thinking of the tree house, just raised and built in between the wild, waking up to the sounds of birds, many types of monkeys, baboons and that morning breeze blowing in the thick forest trees, a moment alone in the wilderness just with your better half and only the monkeys will peep... a vacation to reniew and strenghthen your mariage.

The uganda wilderness has all you need  for that amazing vaccation, With the 29islands including the punishment islands just in the middle of the lakes as lake Bunyonyi the second deepest lake, (900m deep) in Africa with the likes of sesse islands where you can as well do spot fishing...

Take an Auto Rental Uganda vaccation Package with either self Drive in uganda, Car rental as well as a guide to take you through and show you all the amazing sceneries you dont wanna miss.. With all choices,, we are alwaiz set to make that vacation holiday of a lifetime, the days to always remember.

The best vehicle, the best camping gear, the best proffesional guide, the best destinations at the best affordable prices is what we can only guarantee you, try www.autorentaluganda.com make that inquiry and booking and "spectacular" is that word we get you say at the end of your trip just as our previous clients have said.......

...................................ITS A RENTAL WORTH IT

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