Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Adventuring the Pearl Africa is an awesome trip of of a lifetyme.. Our recent tourists have resorted to Self Drives in Uganda while self adventuring in the pearl Of Africa,. .... Getting lost is common but it can be advantage to you, look at it in this way;, You driving in a new place and get lost, that wild animal saw you in a distance and hid itsself, so you get lost in its direction/hideout, and dhaaaaaaa you bump in it hidding from you, trust me that photo shoot would be amazing...,You take the lead, sit behind the wheels and adventure the direction of your choice, Never mind getting lost in the wild, its same plannet earth your on, trust our 24-7 field managers ready to put you back on track. and thats what we call adventure... with so many wild to see in our spectacular over 10 national parks with many activities to take on Gorilla trecking.
Visiting Bwindi impenetrable forest  during January –march   ,Early june to late September from October to March. Although  weather is famously unpredictable, these are months where you should get some sunshine, although there'll be wind and no doubt a few cloudy/rainy days too., you can self Drive to the destination with our range of cars to choose from.... All we want to hear at the end of your trip is "amazing, Spectacular" trip it was...
Visit us at www.autorentaluganda.com book with us, take that trip and confirm what we are talking about..... we are a rental worth it.....

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