Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Finding your way through the pearl of africa is as simple as a twist of the fingure, Taking a tour package from a recognised tour operator or you can as well design your own  itenery. here you choose personally what activity to do and what to leaveout, which direction to take with the help of our proffesional field managers.

On an adventure, taking it budget, you could require hiring a car and guide, pay for that service you get, NO HIDDEN COSTS, take advantage of autorental 24-7 available tour planners, they get you on the road.
Making it easy for travellers to love the pearl of africa, we bring to you budget way to adventure and love Uganda, the pearl of africa.

Visit and inquire with us, tell us how you want it to be, your interests at the best posible rates and you are as good as saying get it done coz we make it easy for you....

Choose from those many attractions in uganda, mention the mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees our closest relatives, monkeys, olive baboons, boatrides, spectacular game drives and to you the bird watchers, you just pressed the right button.

We Direct and take you to the right destination, for the best vaccation

ITS JUST A RENTAL WORTH IT..............................

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