Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tips to self drive on Uganda’s roads.

Self drive in Uganda is one of the joyful and exciting car rental services on Ugandan roads. It is through Uganda’s car rental that travelers are welcomed to Uganda’s road network since it is the commonest and cheapest means to use for transport across the country.  Self drive in Uganda begins at the time you are given the keys of your car after signing a binding agreement with the service provider (car Rental Company).  You can decide to have a self drive within city and experience the havoc of going through Kampala’s traffic jam or begin your journey on Uganda’s major roads out of the city; the Gulu highway in the North, the Masaka road to west and the Jinja road to the East. While on these roads, the rules and regulations should be maintained. 

Do not drink and drive.  This means you can drink anything as longer as it is not alcoholic. The excitement should not go high that you are driving a car in Uganda by yourself; you should assign some body to drive you if it is irresistible to stop drinking alcohol or have a rest and start your trip the next day when alcohol is out of your body. Remember Uganda like any other country the traffic rules against driving under the influence of alcohol are strict. Officers dressed in white uniform will stop you at any point of your way to check whether you are under the influence of alcohol.

Do not over speed on your way. The maximum speed required on the high ways is normally 80km/hr. and 50 km/hr. in the major urban centers. Remember when you rent a car in Uganda; it is not a rally car so the speed limits should be maintained as a must. Uganda has no roads designed for rally cars and speed kills in whatever case. Be cautioned that officers on the highways are always alert to detect your driving speed. If found guilty, a penalty will be charged and it will be your expense not the service provider’s expense. Here you are advised to drive with caution not to fall victim of driving speed.

Do not over load your car. If the seating capacity of the car rental in Uganda is 5, it should be
maintained and the luggage should be minimized according to the car size. Travelers’ cars are not exception from being checked by officers in white uniforms on the high ways. A penalty will be charged if found an excess on your car you hired in Uganda.

Avoid talking while on phone. It is really prohibited to drive while telephoning as one may lose focus on the road and end up colliding with another or skip off the road to end up in a trench. Always try as much as possible to avoid destructions while driving like makeups, messaging, talking to the passengers and waving to the outside people. Focus is what is needed on the road.

Common sense is also required when driving. In case of an accident always, stay at scene to prevent further consequences like fines and additional violation. Call the police toll free number 999 to send an officer at the scene

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