Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How to get to the national park in Uganda

The national parks are the major cause for tourists to come in Uganda. Home to the wild life and in any case, they have to be protected in order to prevent the wild from encroaching on human activities and settlement. For any traveler on a safari trip, the national parks are a point of interest and the reason to hire a car in Uganda thus making the best itinerary of a trip. A point to remember is that Uganda boosts ten magnificent known national parks that harbor some of the endangered animals in the world like the mountain gorillas. The national parks in Uganda are easily accessed if a traveler followed the right criteria.  Below is how one can get to the national parks in Uganda.

The mode of transport. This is very crucial to get to the national parks. The fact that they are Rent a car in Uganda in case you do not own any and enjoy a self drive tour through the lush green jungles on the main high-way roads that link to the national parks of Uganda. It takes an average of 6-7 hours to reach long –distanced game parks from the city Kampala like the Kidepo national park in the north east of Uganda, Mountain Elgon in the East, Bwindi national park in the south-west and Queen Elizabeth national park in the west.
located in the urban centers, road transport is the cheapest mode to access them.

Means of transport. After identifying the mode of transport to use, the next is to find the means to reach the national parks. They are various means of transport but the most preferred one are cars in Uganda or any car from the rest of the world that is legally accepted to be driven on Ugandan roads. Safari cars in Uganda are best recommended to use as travellers plan to get into the national parks. They are well modified and customized for travelers to participate in various activities in the national parks like game drives and photograph taking. Among the customized cars available for use in the parks include Rav4’s, Toyota land cruisers and extended land cruisers.

Intermediaries. Most travelers have ignored the importance of the intermediaries to get to the national parks in Uganda. The intermediaries are the safari companies and car rental companies in Uganda that do most of the part that connect to the national parks of Uganda. Among the works that the middle men are involved include booking of accommodation around the parks, pick up from the airport and drop off  to the airport. Without the intermediaries, getting to the national park could be a hustle or in vain. It is important to use the intermedi
aries because they provide services that help travelers easily reach the game parks. Services like self drive that is fully packed with bradt guidebooks, travelers map or the GPs and chauffer driven with experienced and qualified tour guides in Uganda.

Permission. To get to the national parks in Uganda need permission in advance from the Uganda Wildlife Authority especially if you need to   visit the Bwindi national parks that harbors the mountain gorillas.

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