Friday, 15 September 2017

Car rental experience on a self-drive adventure in Uganda.

Excitement, briefing and laughter are some of the verbs explaining the self-drive adventure experience in Uganda. The trip begins with a warm welcome from one of Uganda’s car rental company agents at the airport introducing the highlights of the adventure before you. Together with the agent, you go through a thoroughly inspection of the car ready to be used on the road. All to wait is to sign a document that contains the terms and conditions for usage of the car and present to the agent your passport book and a photocopy of your driving license, of course accompanied by a deposit fee or the whole sum fee for the car rental service if you had not cleared earlier. Only a short time and patience is needed to go through this simple exercise and begin your awaited self-drive adventure in Uganda.

At this time, you are already behind the wheels of the car heading towards your preferred destination in Uganda. As already said that it is a self-drive trip, you drive at own pace, making different stops at different stages you would wish. All to see is the lush green tropical savanna vegetation around and some hills as you travel ahead of your preferred destination in Uganda. The rules on the road in Uganda are strict as officers enforce the laws, checking for the driving license and other items on the car whether it is in good condition. 

The journey on the road is always hectic if you did not fill enough fuel in the tank. To make it worse you have a tire puncture in the middle of the journey no one to give assistance since you know none in Uganda apart from the relationship with the car rental company in Uganda. The only option is to call the car rental’s telephone number on top of the document you signed while still at the airport or at the office. The response from the office is to wait for long hours up to when the company’s mechanic in the area you got stuck arrives and the journey resumes normally after fixing the problem. This becomes worse in the weird hours of the night, risky and insecure because you did not know the insurance policy of company and you too did not come with your insurance policy.

The whole day spent on the journey with difficulties to fix on the car. Have a rest in a secure known hotel in Uganda that provides basic services to clients like Wi-Fi to communicate to your home people explaining the first experience of self-drive in Uganda on car rental in Uganda. The second day comes with a beautiful sunshine rise in the morning, another day to write in your history of adventure. On the second day of your trip, you a variety of activities to be done where you will accomplish some of missions as to why you had rent a car for self drive in Uganda. Uganda has different attractions to see in some of its national parks. You have to spend the whole day with car experiencing another adventure in Uganda while in the national parks.

Given un limited mileage of kilometers with your car, you continuously do the same things everyday till your period comes to an end experiencing many different adventure on a self drive including the flora and fauna of Uganda. On the last day, you will have to call the rental company through the phone and inform them where to find the car or you enjoy another self-drive as you are driving back to the car rental offices.

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