Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Tips to know before renting a car in Uganda.

If you decided to take a vacation in Uganda and visit different attractive places including the great fauna and flora of the country and be in touch with the people of Uganda, rental car in Uganda that will  turn your exploration  into a fascinating one with a car rental company of your choice. Whether you are going on a self drive in Uganda or a guided trip across the country’s hills and valleys, you will need a vehicle to get you there. Most people find it difficult in planning a schedule of their trip and forget to think about renting a car in Uganda. Nevertheless, before you think of a car rental company, you should do a little research. A little bit of preparation goes a long way in getting the right car for your trip. Below is what you need to know before you opt for a car rental company’s services.
Size of the rental car.
To figure out the size of vehicle you should rent, think about the purpose of your rental, how many passengers or the amount of baggage/cargo you are taking with you. Car rental companies in Uganda use words like “compact”, “economy”, “mid-size”, “luxury”, “minivan” and “cargo van”.

Shop around. 
It is a good idea to visit a few different rental company locations and a few websites to get an idea of pricing options. By shopping around, you are more likely to find the best deal when you rent a car in Uganda.

Driver requirements. 
In Uganda, rental car companies require drivers be at least 18 years old. Drivers below 18 years are said to be immature to sign any contract with any party and contracts made between the under age are said to be void, one should have a cleaning driving record in case you opted for self drive around the country.

Car rental insurance.
 All car rental insurance provides different levels. This insurance may cover minor accidents that might occur during your rental period. It is a good idea to consider these options carefully. You might rest easier knowing that you are covered for any unexpected accidents. You can even check with your credit card company to see if you have any preexisting insurance coverage with them. Plenty of credit cards offer this car rental insurance, but it may be limited. Make the quick call to find out if you have coverage. Since car rental insurance can be pricey, it is worth the extra effort to find out what your options are.

Fill it up. 
Take as many pit stops during your trip as you want. Make a stop to grab a bite or to pick up a coffee. It is up to you, but there is one stop that is necessary before you return the car rental: the gas station. It's usually communicated in your car rental agreement that you will return that vehicle with gas. There is usually a fee associated with not filling up.

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