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While you are planning to self drive in Uganda, make sure your car is in good condition and careful examination, observation, scrutiny, probe, investigation of the car to be used before the start off point is referred to as car inspection. Car rental companies in Uganda treasure the life of their clients as an important gift. Besides hiring the car, Inspection and maintenance is mandatory in Uganda under the operation called Thika Salama that is countrywide. We recommend our  un safe conditions before causing an accident or crashes, mechanical problems at their infancy before they lead to extra costs and it helps to keep informed on the service while  on the road to avoid fines and penalties of un serviced car. One may be worried on what to inspect, below are some items that qualify inspection activity to match the standards on the road.

clients thoroughly inspect the vehicles before heading for the trip on a self drive. Not only inspecting and maintenance of the car, the driver should be knowledgeable on what to inspect and maintain. A well inspected car, helps to discover

Exterior View. The outside part of the car consists of the body, number plate, tires, wipers, stickers and the tank cover.

Car body .On inspection, make sure that you clearly observe the body has no scratches that may be brought accidents, or malicious people. The vehicle to hire should be free of crutches and attractive to move.

Tank cover. Make sure that tank cover is well tied and covered to avoid the dangerous items from entering the tank oil

Number plates. It is mandatory that every car on the road should have a number for easy identification for news cars, they are always given a grace period of three days always move with a log book of that car.

Tires .Notice whether the tires are about to wear and tear to avoid un necessary puncture while driving.

Stickers. Normally stickers on the car show the license and the validity period for driving that specific car. It further shows you the ownership of the vehicle to be in safe custody.
Interior view. The interior consists of the seat belts, chairs, brakes, screen washer, sterling fluids, serpentine belts, radiator water, and battery.

Radiator water. This cools the engine in case it is over heated make sure that the water in the radiator is enough to avoid over heating of the vehicle.

Battery. It is the car’s electrical and ignition system. A normal battery lasts 2-3 years. Without the normal functioning of the battery, you will be delayed or get stuck on the way. Below are the indicators that your battery is not functioning as expected. A sluggish engine start, low battery fluid level, engine light being weak, rotten egg smell from your battery, if the battery case has swollen. If all not seen then, your battery is functioning well.
Seat belts. Every car should have a seat belt to secure the occupant from harmful movement that may result from sudden stop or collision of the car. It should be well put on while driving for both the driver and the passengers.

Brakes. The brakes are so important on the car to protect you and your loved ones .The brakes of the hired car are noticed that are not functioning well on a road test and the following will be noticed; take long to stop, brake system warning light flashes, shuddering through your sterling wheel when braking, sloppy soft brake pedal, loss of grip when braking, feeling your car pulling left or right when braking.

Car chairs. The car chairs should be well cleaned together with the seat covers to give the occupant offer first impression of the interior view of the car.

The serpentine belt. A belt on the car engine that that works with the tension and the pulleys inside the car accessories .Provides power for the air conditioner of the car, the alternator, the steeling and sometimes the cooling water system. While inspecting, while inspecting the belt, you will hear squalling voice from front of the vehicle, the car engine over heats after short distance, the air conditioner will not work, and power steeling and Ac fails completely all this is done on the road test of your hired car before going ahead with your trip.

Steeling Fluids. Check whether the sterling fluids of the car leaks. The fluids help the wheel to move softly while turning the vehicle check whether the O-rings and seals are accessible. You may hear a mourn or a whine while trying to turn the vehicle

Emergency Equipment. Before the departure, make sure that you have the following equipment; spare tire, tools, First aid kit, Fire extinguisher, Chain or rope and the lifesavers. They seem to be minor and ignored by most drivers after checking all the necessary parts of the car. However, the above tools are the immediate response help to go ahead with in case you were in the absence of the delayed mechanic.

After all the inspection of the necessary items, then all is set for your budgeted trip to explore the pearl of Africa with all its hidden treasures.

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