Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Self drive in Uganda and Common road signs

Wish to travel in Uganda and worried of the way and the road signs to your destination?.  Past and gone were the days when most Ugandan roads were in bad bumpy conditions. Unsurfaced, pot holed and at times robbers on the highways. Its history and yes its safe too with a rented car in Uganda for a self drive through these beautiful lands. From Time since the National Resistance Movement (The current political party regime under Museveni) came to Power, the Roads and Influstructure sector was put to the fore front managed by the Uganda National Roads Authority an Institution responsible for road maintenance with her sister body known as Traffic Police to enforce rules and regulation along the Ugandan roads. Driving on our busy roads is a complex task and impossible to give rules and advise that cover every possible situation you will encounter.  Self drive in Uganda and on the surfaced roads reflect an inspirational and memorable journey however, common sense may be required largely at a personal level. Always give way if it can help to avoid a collision. While on your trip, you will witness an ocean of road signs in different locations on your way. Below are most visualized signs on your way.

Zebra Crossing Signs. Like any other country, you will from time to time marvel at black and white stripes on the road especially when approaching a busy area like a market, school, hospitals. This requires you to reduce speed and give room for pedestrians to cross. In most cases pedestrians also never look left and right before crossing and so is the need for extra carefulness.

Speed limit. Maximum speed in Uganda and on highways is 80km/hr while the minimum is 50kms/hr mainly maintained in villages, towns and centers. These speed limit signs are usually enfacised with speed bumps just after the signs, so always expect speed bumps after the speed limit signs. The speed limit will require you to drive at the speed as allocated on the sign post and always maintain the speed and not beyond the specified speed. Fines are heavy and are totally the driver’s responsibility.

Round abouts. Symbolized with arrows in a circle pointing in left-same directions, Reminds motorists the roundabout ahead so as to slow down their vehicles and avoid rushing into other vehicles that come into the roundabout. Located at junctions especially where four roads meet. The safest place to make a U-turn in case you accidentally found yourself in a one way lane.

Traffic lights. Commonly found in major towns, Traffic lights always guide you when to cross the junction in most busy areas. Always with  three colours Red, Green and Orange, Red-meaning stop, Pedestrians cross the road, orange light mean get ready to move and unless pedestrian are near the crossing line are not supposed to cross and Green light  means to Go and pedestrians stop moving till you see the Red light. Very important to follow these in major towns due to the high rate of reckless driving especially with the Motor Bikes we commonly refer to as the Boda bodas.

Schools and Hospital signs. In common sighting whenever approaching a health centre or hospital are always pictures of students and hospitals  shown on the sign post respectively alerting you of a school or a hospital  a head  and reduce speed  so as children cross easily to the other road side well as patients.

Hairpin curve and combined curve. We call them Danger spots. Normally symbolized in a U-shaped and N shaped curves approaching corners something and spots you should always be careful about. Usually drivers are not supposed to overtake or over speed as this may cause a car loose control on these bent corners which leads to loss of lives of people in the car and third parties.

Dividing center lines. Are usually indicated on newly surfaced roads in yellow colours which mean DO NOT CROSS THE LINE. Preferably and remarkably recommended for self drive car rental independent travelers, always stay on driving lane to avoid collusion of incoming vehicles and especially with the  reckless drivers.

Diversion signs.  Most located in places where maintenance and repair is done. Never neglect the diversion sign because you may rush into a heavy trolling vehicle or tractor and lose your life.

Railway Crossing.  Always a train will be indicated on the sign post to warn other road users that train   passes here. A road barrier will always be put-up if the Train is approaching for crossing something you ought to observe. It also gives awareness that you are not supposed to park along the railway line since the train does not stop.

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