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A sneak Look Into Kibale National Park in Uganda

The primate capital of the world and yes the impressive rainforest harboring Humans closest relatives lies west of Uganda standing on  766 sq.kms land south of colonial town Fort portal. As continuously put, the early bird catches the warm and so is the beginning with the handover keys and travel insights from your right choosen Car Rental Agency to the home of primate apes “chimpanzees” also commonly referred to as Humans closest relatives. With all set behind the wheels to the western part of Uganda lies the Kibale National Forest Park, a lush green tropical savanna vegetation throughout the hills of Mubende til the extremely end approaching the tea plantations of Fort portal town.

Where kibale forest National park is located.
Through Fortportal, the gifted town of cool moderate temperatures throughout the year. Also said to be the cleanliest among all the urban centers in the country. A one-stop point at Mpanga Market on a self drive car rental in Uganda allows shopping of all the necessary and forgettable items from Kampala. Get interacted with the local people, all to hear are the interesting stories in the local languages associated to names like Amooti, Atenyi, Abwori, Akiiki, and Adyeri referred to as “Empako” literally meaning the pet names.

How to Get There.
With Public means and common commuter taxis or with a personal rented car from Kampala. Whichever your choice is, there will always be a drive south through the forest for your destination. Well done with the shopping, turn left next to Buhinga hospital road leading to kamwenge to switch on a newly surfaced road that leads to the park. Amidst the forest, you shall hear them before you see deep in the forest an excited hooting, just one voice at first then several rising in tempo to a frenzied unified crescendo before stopping abruptly. The chimpanzees like the gorillas share 98.8% of the human genes. While in your comfort seat, an eruptive crescendo sound amidst the tropical rain forest excites the tourists on their arrival in the park.
An alternative route is through the well-surfaced Masaka-Mbarara road west of Kampala that will leave you tantalized and amused of the fauna along Lake Mburo National Park the whispers of the wild. All to see are the African Zebras, Topi, Buffaloes, and the Impala in your customised rented safari vehicle. Up ahead is the home of milk and honey” Mbarara town” that you will be persuaded to stay because of its hospitable people around however this was not your pre-organized destination, stick to your 4x4 wheel vehicle and feel the rough texture roads north of Mbarara  through Ibanda town further more to Kamwengye District  your  travel destination.

Top Things to do in Kibale forest National park.
Chimpnzee Treking: Top on the list is the remarkable and most sought after Chimpanzee tracking or Chimpanzee Habituation. One being aa 3 to 5 hours walk through the forest spend an hour with humans closest relatives and back. This walk takes between 3-5 hours depending on where the chimpanzees are. Another option for the chimpanzee habituation is scheduled for whole day in the forest from 6am till dawn.  The tracking costs $150 in high season, $100 in the low seasons while habituation experience costs $220  in all seasons.

Bigodi swamp walk: Second best done is the Walk through the swamp of Bigodi, a community based orgarnisation running a huge chunck of swamp where different types of monkeys, endemic birds including the elusive Turraco and plant species can be seen.  Best done in the morning when most wildlife and birds are lively and best spotted. 

Among other activities in this conservation area are the forest walks, bird watching, community walks, crater lake walks and community visits through Bigodi visits. Not only the chimpanzees that are being  habituated at the park also the Black and White Columbus Monkey,Blue Monkey,Grey-cheeked Mangabey known as the  Uganda Mangabey, Red-tailed Monkey, Bushbaby and Potto.Birds have not been left behind to the gifted  Forest park to be  included to the habituation. With a variety of animals and birds, the park arranges different activities indifferent sessions to feel the really fauna of the area. The Chimpanzees trekking, Guided forest walks, and bird viewing to bird lovers are to be in a tourist mind.

Accomodations in kibale Forest National park
Worried of being stranded around the park about the accommodation, oh… this has been all arranged by your travel guide from self drive rental car agency. Kibale Forest Park has one of the best tourist camps that will allow camp fire  to keep  you worm throughout the night .
The Kibale Forest Camp near the Bigodi Sanctuary swamp that serves all sorts of international and local food you would  miss from home.Other hotels include Kibale Primate Lodge, Chimps Nest, and Tinka’s Homestay all make you feel at home.

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