Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tips For a self drive wildlife safari in uganda

Uganda still being undiscovered by many travellers as a hidden treasure of the wilderness. So you that traveller looking for nature, wildlife animals in their natural habitant, but still want to double it with pimate encounters, beach vacation, great scenery, water rafting activities not on any river but at the source of the longest river in the world, the mighty river nile, amazing culture encounters on a self drive in Uganda wildlife safari, then you can never have an excuse for not visiting Uganda, the peal of Africa. With over 10 national wildlife parks and reserves each with its own uniqueness, get ready for a once in a lifetime wildlife encounter. However you need to know some tips just to spice and make your wildlife encounter a one to remember.

Dressing Right: Remember you are heading out to the wild, wild animals, insects, shrubs and anything you call wild is found. Try dressing protective from isectvirous bites, shrubs avoidance. Long and light trousers, long and light sleeved shirts would do you wonders. Considering being Africa and being crossed by the equator line, it is comparatively drie and therefore heavy clothing would turn out a nightmare. Blending in as much as possible to avoid uncalled for attention from insects and wildanimals that could adamantly disrupt your activities. On a guided trip, your guide can always brief on the wear for the day but since on a self drive Uganda safari, this is worth a read for you.

Keeping calm. Not any circumstances should you panic while on a a self drive Uganda safari, the wild animals in the park no matter how close they are to you are harmless unless disrupted. Avoid the necessities of leaving your car and hang out without any ranger guide. When without a guide driver and on a self drive, consider taking a ranger for the game drive or even if on a walking safari. When worse comes to worse under animal attack, the gun shots will save you. Keeping calm also gives you away on the birding safari and photography safari.

Keeping the Right Company. So you are on a self drive? Yeah consider that your car is your company. Stay as much closer to your rented car on the wildlife safari. If you travelled with more than one two persons keep so much close. The aggressive animals tend to attack singular persons. So keeping much closer to your right company beats the fear in you and makes wonders for you on the self drive Uganda safari.

Travelling Light. Stop assuming that other necessities are not there in the camp especially when on walking safari. Avoid carrying a lot of baggage in the name of camping. Stay as much lighter as possible even in the car. A lot of laggage remember increases gas consumption.

Carry Protective Gear: Just like any other wildlife safari in Africa, Uganda is not exceptional whether on a guided safari or wildlife safari to this pearl of Africa. Carrying protective gear is absolutely necessary like Sunscreen, caps, hats, raincoats and a small Swiss army knife can prove very handy out in the wild. The climate can rilly change at any time of the day, so always have raincoats of jackets and say ponchos in that back back. Carry extra protection like medics in anycase you have personal attention like allergies, athma and many more. Carry that backpack everytime you headout for that wildlife selfdrive safari.

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