Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Self drive safari to the Eastern uganda

A self drive safari in uganda is a journey of the body and the soul, a venture into the unknown and an opportunity to face some of the undiscovered hidden treasures and the beauty of nature. Uganda is a country endowed with all that an intrepeed traveller desires. Each and every corner of this pearl of Africa. Whether you decide to travel west, south north or east, Uganda is undoubtably the best destination for a self drive safari or guided safari.

There are actually 3 routes in the kampala city that take you out to the beautifull coutry side, whichever direction you decide to take, gives you a trully wonderfull and  beautifull adventure experience. But lets look at a short gate-away roadtrip to the eastern part of this pearl of Africa.

The moment you leave the kampala city centre proceeding east of the country on the jinja high way, nature is all that welcomes you. This drive to the east can take you through many sites to discover.

The namugongo shrine. About 23kms from the city centre is a Christian historical site where the matyres were burnt to ashes by the king of Buganda, kabaka mwanga. A big archtectarial church built in form of firewood and flame. Aplace that many christians from all corners of this world walk/treck for over a month to gather and celebrate the Uganda matyres day a public holiday in Uganda. There are site guides who will take you through this tour and pay about $4 for the tour and a tip will be appreciated by the guide.

The Sezibwa falls. These are some of the few spectacular water falls that we have in Uganda. About 20kms from the namugongo shrine, it takes you about 45mins to get to this site. This is also a traditional and cultural site for the king of Buganda. The king used to come here for traditional and ancestrial practices, it’s a beautifull scenery place as you spectatate at the beautifull waterfalls.

The mabira eco-forest.  This is one of the most beautifull eco-forests we have in Uganda, this forest holds some of the rarest monkey species. The bird species recorded in this forest are unestimated. It is one of the birding destinations in Africa. This is also a perfect destination for the honey mooners. A very quiet place for a couple to have for themselves on the self drive safari in Uganda. More of a no disturbace area.

The jinja Town. Named as the tourism capital of East Africa. The kind of building structures rilly tell what a special town it is. Jinja is the town where the source of the nile, the longest river in the world was discovered. Just 2 kms from the city center is an entrance to the source of the nile. You will see where John speke stood discovered and named the source of the nile. Jinja is one of the few places in Africa where you can do white water rafting, kayak the nile, tubbing, boat cruises. The home for quad biking. You are the water lover, self drive to jinja book with one of the rafting companies like adrift, nile explorers or nalubale rafting. They will make wonders for you on the nile.

The wanale hill. Far in the eatern town overlooks the beatifull wanale hill in mbale town. This hill is part of the mt.elgon national park. It is a hill with hiking expeditions. Arrangements done at the Uganda wildlife authority offices to start the hiking expeditions. Alternatively you can decide to drive along a route through this hill till the top of the hill about 25kms to the top. This gives you a very spectacular view. It is aplace to watch one of the best sunsets in Uganda. If you are lucky enough you could encounter traditional public male circumcision ceremonies. The youth male run smeared in some kind of white mud in preparation to face the knife. They are being transformed into adults. This is one of the traditional practices that make this eastern part Uganda unique on a self drive in Uganda.

The sipi falls.  You haven’t appreciated this country unless you reach the sipi falls. About 60kms north of mbale town are incredible waterfalls. The sipi falls located in kapchorwa district is a lush green hilly area undiscovered treasure of nature. The three waterfalls take you about 5hours to complete all of them. One being in the premises of sipi river lodge is an incredible waterfall that gets you awing the moment you take the hike. The chebonet falls close to the waterfalls is also another spectacular view in this area. Trust me you can never get enough of the water falls. Picnic sight seeing could do you wonders. This hike to all the 3 falls is a guided tour by a local guide who will give you an incredible insight of the area. Its nice climate and you wont need leave this area. Incredible sunsets in this area.

When you plan a 5 to 7 days self drive in Uganda safari to the eastern part, will actually do you wonders. It is a one day drive from the  sipi falls back to kampala. But usually adviced to plan ahead of time.  If you prefer to sit back onto the wheels and let your car rental agency plan this adventure for you, the pre-arranged tours will be of a great idea. You will not just like Uganda but you will fall in love with this pearl of Africa.

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