Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Five Packing Tips for a Ugandan safari

Uganda is a small country compared to some of its neighbouring states like Kenya and Tanzania. Coming third and estimated at 236,040 km²  with over 56 tribes and an estimated population of 36 million poeple uganda is one of the most undiscovered treasures of this world. A lot of adventure it has to offer for the most memorable adventure  experience. Talk of being the primate capital of the world, harbouring half of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas, the chimpanzees, with over 10 national parks and game reserves, water bodies with the source of the longest river in the world where white water rafting and kayaking is done. The lush green vegetation, spectacular scenery not forgetting being the most friendly country with the most friendly people in the world. 

However it is very much advisable that before you headout to this pearl of Africa, nomatta how accommodating it can be, consider packing a few most esscencials to give you a good start. Whether your on a self drive in Uganda or guided safari.

1. Clothes: Looking the part in uganda makes the experience of a Safari that much more exciting. Think neutral colored clothes, light and airy fabrics but also layers depending the time of year. long sleeves button up shirt to cover up in the hot sun but to also keep you warm for the early mornings and late evenings before and after the sun is up when it can be a bit colder out. The climates in Uganda are so much unpredictable, expect it to rain at anytime of the day and shine at the same time any any time of the day. So any particular to match the weather will do you a great deal.

2. Boots/Field Shoes: Usually your safari can include bush walks where you will walk with your ranger and tracker by foot looking for animals and learning about the smaller things on Safari like the plants and insects, boots are a must for this. I doubt you would want to find a snake on your bush walk wearing just flip flops or sneakers, or rather sliperly grounds with the flip flops. The gorilla tracking experience requires you to wear boots, long pants and long stocks. Tucked in to avoid the safari ants. There is more than just siiting confortable in your 4WD from car rental agency like Auto Rental Uganda, more experience involves walking into those bushes. Most imporntant on your Ugandan safari.

3. Bug spray: On Safari you usually don’t have much of a problem with bugs when the sun is up but once the sun is down they are always everywhere. You can never be bitten if you carefully apply your bug spray and I’m sure depending on the season you go on safari to Uganda, they could be worse or not so bad so always be prepared. In the chance you do get bit by something look into also bringing an after bite type medicine with you to remove the itch so you don’t spend the rest of your trip constantly scratching the hell out of you. Mosquitoes are a common insect bite but most are non malarial tramsimital. They just suck the blood out of you. It leaves your body itching.

4. Camera: You obviously need to keep memories of your safari. The camera is one item you shouldn’t forget. Expect to take photos and videos left, right, and center while on safari. If you are trying to make the decision to upgrade to a fancier camera than a normal point and shoot, definitely make that decision before going on a Safari. If it means borrowing or renting, do whatever it takes to have the awaited memories captured. Pictures say a lot, same pictures will inspire you for your next move. You have what vto show friends and families back home.

5. Binoculars: For first adventures, strong and still very healthy, looking at taking binoculars on safari will look like a budden but in some cases you will need them. Animals don’t sit there and wait for you to come see them just right there. What you have to understand is its nature and these animals wonder everwhere in the park. I don’t think you would want to miss seeing a lion hunting in a distance. Most of the parks/infact all parks don’t allow going off track and it is a penalty of $150 for off tracking. So the binoculars or else the zoom lens will give you that opportunity to mingle the sighting. There are good sizable binoculars pocket friendly. They will do you a great deal on your safari in Uganda. Also surprisingly there are some amazing birds that you will see on safari like the papyrus gonolek and you are going to want some binoculars to get a closer view of them. Trust me, on Safari everything in uganda you see is exciting, even the birds, you will wish you had binoculars with you too.

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