Thursday, 30 April 2015

5 Tips for a self drive vacation in Uganda

Uganda is undoubtable one of the most safest and interesting places to go for a self drive vacation. Most of the Uganda roads have been renovated under the current government and this has facilitated a good road network around the country. Though this has been done successfully, its important to consider that Uganda is a third world developing country and therefore wont lack a few hickups, do not expect it to be like Europe or America. Most car rental companies like Auto rental Uganda provide you with very reliable cars vehicles among the fleet that can manouver the Uganda terrain successfully. There fore before you travel for a self drive vacation to Uganda, here are a few tips to get you adventuring Uganda on a self drive safari.

Consider Driving at 80kms/hr to maximum.
The maximum driving speed in Uganda is 80kms/hr on the main roads and minimumly 50kms/hr in the few centres. Forget the 120+ speed in some of the European countries. This in Uganda would get you in trouble or get fined heavly. There are always traffic police on the Uganda highways with speed guns. As well, the limited speed at less than 60kms/hr will give you the chance to look at the country side, scenery and nature than just speedby seeing and having a green blur tour. Plan your self drive distance for the day appropriately so you don’t rush it, if you rush it, you will definetly miss a lot.

Take it slow on the first day.
Considering your selfdriving in a foreign country with different driving behavours, say, the crazy van drivers, you might need to stay close and slow on the first day so you can adjust to your fellow road users, traffic, and all that matters on the road. Plan appropriately to drive less kms the first day for you to adjust. Yes the city traffic in kampala can be annoying but the slow pace the first day will enrich you with ways to adopt the  rest of your Uganda self drive vacation.

Get off the main road to the unbeated routes.
Yes, you have no idea what awaits you on any of the off  main track. Plan an hour or two between your destinations for you to branch off and discover the undiscovered. However its advisable to stop and turn back if the roads end. Don’t continue a lot if you have no GPS or if the small motorway like roads are not on the map. But use the time to discover that other part of Uganda at your own pace.

Know what towns are head of you.
On most of the highways, there are road signs showing how many kilometeres remaining before you reach this big town ahead of you. You could plan well, for your lunch stop and maybe top up your gas. Maybe you need to buy some stuff in the grocery or supermarket, this will be usefull. Plan to always engage in purchase at the big towns. At the gas stations always step out of the car and watch at the gas machine make sure what you asked for is what is put in. notice that the meteres starts from ZERO (0). Don’t let some of the pump attendant take advantage of you.

Understand Ugandas car insurance policies
When you finally decide to rent a car with any of the car rental agency, please take time to read through the terms and conditions of the car policies. Make sure you understand every clause. Some of the insuarace policies will cover upto a given damage, most likely something above USD $ 150. So many clauses to read and understand. Just to be safe with the car.

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