Monday, 19 January 2015


Preparing for a vacation to east Africa takes you an effort. Browsing in so many websites offering almost the same iteneries and packages. It requires time and patience before you finally choose which travel agency to go with. However it is advisable you research on the company you decide to travel with. Yes there are genuine travel agencies so willing to offer you a once in a lifetime vacation and on the same line there are quack companies only interested in making money and not giving you the value for your money, however the respective  governments do a great job in wiping out such quack companies with the help of tourist bodies like the association of tour operators . 

 Most of the companies offer full packaged iteneries where you need pay all amounts that will cater for all the safari requirements, Safari car, Driver guides, Accomodations, fuel, lunches enroute, and all activities to be done and outlined in the  itenery. It is also advisable to note all the activities outlined for you.  Actually have a printout with you when on the safari. Most of these companies are the internationally established and internationally owned. They usually focus on main highlights of the  country like the national game reserves and water bodies. There are also other local travel agencies say in Uganda like our own Auto rental Uganda, a company engeneered by a professional guide and also other companies that are locally owned rilly give you real value for your money. Because they are owned by pioneer tour guides who have worked with many international travel agencies, have interacted with many people from different countries all over the world, these guides who have formed their own travel agencies actually know the on-ground needs of these clients. 

There are things international companies never get hold of, like the cultural norms and practices of the country. “I have come to understand that when tourists from other countries come to Uganda, they actually come to experience and deeply understand what the pearl of Africa is like, not just the nature that the country has to offer”, Guma Alex Tibanyendera  explains. The professional guide and the brains behind Auto rental Uganda. These guides know what is very best for these clients, Uganda has very many tourist activities in each and every destination around the country but not all will be liked by all tourists and that’s why the company never limits you to that particular activity by letting you be as much flexible as possible. 

It is also understandable how some clients need adventure the country on their own on self drives. With this service, clients only pay for what they get. You pay for the car rental only, the car keys handed over to you and you will adventure at your own pace. Also these locally owned companies beat you off the normal tourist routes that many tourists go through and make it a little bit interesting. lets say, visiting local markets, visit the local schools, visit Ugandan humble homes and enjoy a traditional Ugandan dish prepared for you in a humble surrounding, Stay in an african home for a night through home visits in villages where the tourists get a personal one-one feel of our daily life and social setting and the communities will benefit directly from these activities. Dance to the Ugandan traditional dances, be part of the traditional ceremonies like the public male circumsisions, get to know the local person and customs with the community walks and nature walks, yes you will double it with wild life safaris, great scenery, lush green vegetation and have a once in a lifetime wildlife encounter, the Mountain Gorilla tracking. If you need to have a full insight of the country and need a true Ugandan friend, you will just pay for the car rental and the guides allowances of $30 per day. The activities will be decided on your arrival to the specific destination with the help of your guide. However for the Gorilla tracking and chimpanzee tracking or habituation will require you booking in advance for the specified day and paid in full amounts. 
Other activities can be paid on site. So when planning for your holiday vacation or safaris, give athought to the local companies like auto rental Uganda that will give you more than just adventure but will double it with experience. These companies give you the country at the tip of your fingures.

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