Saturday, 10 January 2015


Though Auto rental Uganda is a Ugandan local owned company, we extend our services across the boarders to the land of athousand hills. Whether you are on a self drive adventure or guided trip, we can as well take you across the boarders. Rwanda is a smaller country compared to Uganda, it’s a country endowed with great scenery amidst rolling hills. Driving in Rwanda is on the right side of the road as opposed to uganda’s left. So u actually need adjust to keeping right wen driving. Its advisable to drive slowly due to the meandering roads. The speed limit is 60kms per hour and there are traffic police at almost every stop and corner. Actually every after 10kms, there are traffic police with a rifle and speed guns. Considering our fleet cars are right handed steerings you will need to be more carefull when overtaking another car. 

Throught the katuna boarder are around 80kms to Kigali and this should take you about 2 hours to get there. The people of Rwanda never mind walking away from the main roads and also never mind giving way to speeding vehicles, this is another point to note. Rwanda is a beautifull country and with a well planned Kigali city. With your rented car from auto rental Uganda, you can visit the Gisozi memorial site where most of the remains and practical information about the genocide. It is free entrance unless you need to to have a guide. It is an audio guide that you press on numbers and listen to all the information the memorial has to offer. Expect to get emmotioanal alittle bit especially when you get to the kids section. There are mass graves and also visited. Flowers on the graves written in Kinyarwanda, “papa uzahoora mumitiima yacu” literary meaning, daddy you will always stay in our hearts forever.. its rilly touching.

There are other memorial sites in nyamata and ntarama, south of Kigali where people that were murdered in a church were left untouched. You cud ascend in the mass graves and witness how unhuman the interahamwe/killers could be. Everything was left untouched as happened, blood splashed on the walls, corpses. Damn, you need see this your self Both churches are located about 30ks out of Kigali. You can decide to visit one or both for your experience.. you can proceed to nyungwe forest, one of the biggest rain forests in Africa. Activities here include a canopy walk and chimpanzee encounters. These seem the main activities done here and seal it with a nature walk. It all feels natural.

Proceeding north of nyungwe is lake kivu, a place you can relax at the shores of the lake. There are boat cruises offered here that take you to Goma in the congo. Decide to stay on the waters or return to relax at the shores. Your rented car is left at the shores in a parking but you can let the security keep a look at it. Of course they will expect a tip from you. Later on onother day, get behind the wheels and drive up to the volcanoes through kibuye. The home for the mountain gorillas. This is north of Rwanda that boarders Uganda and congo. One of the volcanoes, the SABINYO VOLCANOE is the centre of the boarders that separates the countries. Gorilla tracking, Dian fossey hikes, golden monkey trecking, visoke hiking are some of the activities to keep you entertained. You can decide to do all the activities but consider that each activity is done each day, its imposible to do two activities a day. So either you choose the activities and that’s the days you will be in this locality. The roads to the starting points of the hikes are not rilly good. You need to be so carefull when driving due to the stones. You don’t need to load the car much wen heading there in the Rav4 unless if it’s a landcruiser with a high ground clearance.

If you prefer leaving the car in Rwanda and fly out from Rwanda, its absolutely possible to have this car left in Kigali and we can pick it there however consider paying alittle bit extra for the driver guide that will return the car to Uganda offices. What ever your choice is, Auto Rental Uganda is here to meet your expectations.

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