Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tracking the Rare Mountain Gorillas With Auto Rental Uganda

Tracking mountain gorillas is a genuine once in a lifetime experience, hanging out with these  great apes is one of the most thrilling wildlife encounters in the world and Bwindi impenetrable national park is one of the spectacular destinations to be and see these apes. The mountain gorillas, Uganda and Rwanda still discovered by few tourists, the huge apes are unique, wonderful, they have families, and they have babies and support each other. A moment with them gives you the feeling of an ultimate adventure. Auto Rental Uganda practically knows how to give a touch of adventure to your trip and here we direct you to this one of Africas most acient habitants about 18000years ago.. set over 331sq.kms, steep mountain rainforest of up to 2.5metres of rainfalls there annually and a home to almost half of the worlds rare mountain gorillas.. they include families that are habituated for visiting and also other wild families not for visitation. Apart from the mountain gorillas, this park is endowed with over 120 species of mammals, though sightings are very less compared to other national park simply because of the dense forest, however lucky visitors may see the duikers, forest elephants, bushbucks, chimpanzees and l’hoest monkeys not forgetting the rare forest hogs..for the bird lovers, this impenetrable national park is as good as pressing the right button for your bird watching destinations with over 360 species of birds including 23 of the 24 endemic to the albertine Rift and many endangerd species like the African green broadbill.
Demand for the permits to see these great apes sometimes exceeds supply for most of the year in Bwindi. During the low seasons of Apirl, may, and November the rainy seasons, availability of the permits can be available however booking the permit a week earlier would be a great idea... in the high seasons, i.e the rest of the year, a pre-booking of these permits is mandatory as these park gorilla permits are on high demand..With our commitment at Auto Rental Uganda to offering our clients with this once in a lifetime opportunity, we make sure your permit is available at any time you need it for your travel. Among the Four(4) groups scartered around the park, we  at auto Rental Uganda advice to the best and convenient group depending on your loop of travel and itenery. The Buhoma Group, The Ruhija group, The Nkuringo Group, and Rushanga Group all with families ranging from 8 – 27 are all available for tracking and visitation by the tourist.
Forest walks available in this park as the best option for those that can not afford gorilla tracking permit of $600,this is also a rewarding park to visit just for exploring the rush green rainfrest, a three to four hour guided nature walk for only $10 is worth it, visiting the waterfall trail is one of the amazing trail to take on in this park, with the 33m waterfall on the munyanga river but the most interesting is the magnificient rich forest it passes through.
We at Auto Rental Uganda, will tailor your safari to your personal preferences, taking into account not to loose of the smallest details, accommodation booked, activities arranged with the best guide for you. Give us a try, Book with us at Auto Rental Uganda and believe what they call quality of service….
Its just a rental worth it..

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