Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Car Rental Safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park with Auto Rental Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park named after the Queen of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth ii visiting this park in 1956. A pavilion still stands close to the equator a place where the queen stood right when he viewed and named this almost 1978sq.kms park… This parks is fully endowed with what a wild life safari adventure has to offer.. Though the wild in this park are less than the Kenya and Tanzania parks, the different activities and a combination of scenery and a reserves can boost a high bioderversity rating.. this park inhabits 96 species of mammals and over 1012 species of birds, mention healthy numbers of chimps, leopard, elephants, hippos, hynas and lions, among the 1978sq.kms the ishasha sector is one of the few spots in the wild where lions adopted the habbit of climbing trees most refered to as “The tree climbing lions”..  often found lazing in the sprawling branches of Fig trees, if this “one of the Big 5” is part of your list on your adventure, there is a reasonable chance to find them here in this park. All you need is a brief from Auto Rental Uganda staff and professional guide to make your dream a reality.
With our well trained driver guides at auto rental Uganda, we take you to the sights and activities of this queens park..
Auto rental Uganda takes you to the wildlife game drives early in the morning to catch up with the early morning game risers. The north east of this park in kasenyi is endowed with wildlife including most of the Big 4, the rhino being the only unspotted here in this park. Talk of elephants, buffalos, lions and leopards then you are in the right place.. sitatungas, water bucks, millions of kobs, Wathog normally called “PUMBA”, forest hogs. And its most beautifull savannah scenery in the morning resembling candelabra trees.
Auto Rental Uganda guides will take you to the Kazinga channel launch, this channel is a stretch of water body that connects two lakes, common names in the England kingdom, lake albert and lake Edward. This channel is fully endowed with thousands of hippos, crocodiles, pink backed pelicans, fish eagles, buffalos, elephants so close to the boat rambling in the water.. for you the wildlife photographers, you got your self the most genius pictures at this boat cruise. Have you heard about the “TOPI” here you are at the right place to see this antelope with black marks on the behind legs, standing unpropotional… this antelope looks amazing.
The explosion crater drive is an amazing and relaxing drive, the baboon cliffs on that drive route give you the excellent views of the surrounding area. The salt lakes in the kyambura wildlife reserve behind the kyambura gorge usually attract huge numbers of flamingos but only nest at lake masech north of mweya on lake katwe…
Chimpanzee tracking in this park, salt mine tours in an interesting village of katwe on the shores of lake Edward. If you have time to get an added adventure activity,. This salt mining goes back for as early as the 15th century and uptodate, over 3000 people still use this traditional methods practiced mainly by the women, is a worth a visit. Nature walks around this park are spectacular… Depending on the budget and time you have in this park, trust us at Auto Rental Uganda a one travel agency that will tailor your safari to your personal preeferences taking into account not to loose any of the details, accommodation booked and the best professional guides for you…


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