Friday, 6 July 2018

Self Drive Safari in Uganda and what you need to Know

Self drive safari in Uganda is a travel option tour where an independent traveller hires a car through a reputable car rental Uganda agency & drive self around chosen destinations or make use of pre-arranged trips that are completely car rental and accommodations. Self driving can be compared to other forms of travel such as; organized tours, where you are driven to and around popular tourist attractions using public means of transport with other tourists according to a predetermined itinerary; guided safaris, which involves hiring a guide to drive you around and show you around. Each of these types of holiday has its own perks, with self driving leading the pack. In Uganda, self driving is growing in popularity among tourists because Uganda is a country best experienced leisurely on road. Our car rental Team would like to share and enlighten you about everything you need to know about self drive safari in Uganda.
How to hire a car for travel.
For you to have an intriguing self drive safari in Uganda, the first objective is to rent a car with a reputable car rental Uganda agency.  Different agencies offer different rates for different rental fleet so just as you make a flight plan or schedule, you should also make a reservation with your preferred car rental agency to avoid inconveniences that come with last minute or random options that do not allow you enough time to opt for the most appropriate package. While you’re at it, make inquiries through their websites if you are not sure about your options, such that by the time you make a reservation you’re convinced that you made the right choice.
Wide range of services.
Different companies offer different self-drive safari packages depending on the number of people you're traveling with, your destination(off-road or on-road), and the duration of the self-drive safari. Each package is tailored to suit a specific group of people for example if you intend to tour one of Uganda's many game parks and are interested in camping, renting a car with an agency that hires out camping gears will cost you less and make your travel preparations easier since you are getting multiple services from one provider. Therefore, self driving ensures you pay only for what you need hence saving more.
Flexibility and convenience of services.
The underlying beauty of  a self drive safari is the immense flexibility and freedom to enjoy your tour according to your time schedule and plan. Once you have made up your mind to self drive, you do not have to worry about how long you have with the car or a deadline within which to book. With self drive safari you have the freedom to extend your reservation casually in case your holiday goes beyond the pre determined period. Similarly,it is absolutely possible to get a refund if your holiday is cut short due to un avoidable circumstances however much you would have wished to use the vehicle for a longer time.
Utmost privacy and intimacy.
Self drive safari is notably one of the most intimate types of travel where it’s just you and whoever you chose to travel with, be it  your spouse,friend or family. For those that love driving solo, self drives afford you the privacy to enjoy your safari without external interference or supervision where its just you and the car radio. If you are traveling with family,  self drive safari creates an environment in which the family can bond more through games and other forms of entertainment without worrying about inconveniencing other people and the reverse is absolutely true which makes it a better option than public means of transport.Better still, the traveller is free to travel at the pace of his choice and visit as many places as he so wishes.
Expertise Knowledge and Advice.
Car rental Uganda travel consultants provide you with basic information and tips  on how to have a magical and rewarding tour around the beautiful lands of Uganda.While on a self drive safari, you have the opportunity to get connections with the local site guides with the help of the knowledgeable travel consultants  serving with the car rental Uganda community. It is absolutely okay to ask for more tips and advice from your service providers in order to ease your tour and make it memorable and stress free.For example you might be planning to visit the magnificent Elgon caves but are not certain of what to expect, your car provider will be in place to recommend a car that will easily maneuver the rough terrain and possibly provide a map along with any information you might find useful.

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